More Blankets

Today I bring you many, many blankets.Well, five┬áblankets. Lots of my friends were due to have babies this year and I was sad that I wouldn’t have time to make blankets for them all because of the imminent arrival of my own baby. Then one day in January I just thought, you know what, I bet I can whip up a granny stripe blanket in not too much time if I really work at it. I find granny stripe blankets quickest to make as the space you work from for each cluster is bigger than if you’re working out of the tops of the stitches so you don’t have to be so accurate with your hook. And stripes are always faster than making squares … and if I did wide stripes of colour with few changes then there’s not so many ends to do or stopping and starting to join new colours.

This granny stripe blanket took me a couple of days to make. There was steam coming off my hook! I was amazed at how quickly I made it and it made me think I could actually make blankets for every expectant friend. The colours in this one are: Cloud Blue, Lipstick, Denim, Aspen, Spice and Turquoise, with a Petrol border. This one doesn’t actually have a home yet as I went on to make another blanket that suited my friend better. The starting chain was 105 stitches and each block of colour is 12 rows.

This one was made to the same dimensions, 105 stitches and 12 rows per colour, so 72 rows in total. The colours are: Petrol, Turquoise, Lime, Saffron, Spice and Lipstick, with a Denim border. I like that it’s almost a rainbow but without any pinks and purples – it was made for a boy but it’s just bright and unisex really.


I love rainbow stripes and I was so pleased with the way this worked out. This blanket is very special to me. It’s Magenta, Violet, Turquoise, Lime, Saffron, Spice and Lipstick. It’s exciting working with the newer Stylecraft colours and seeing how they fit in with the existing range. I wasn’t convinced for a while about Lime but I think it was the dodgy lighting in our local yarn shop as it does work brilliantly with a lot of the range. But very definitely not others! As this blanket has 7 colours, each block is 10 rows totalling 70 rows and is marginally shorter than the other blankets I made.

Another blanket that I was really pleased with is this one. So pleased that I was very eager to give it to my friend and didn’t remember to take a “finished item” photograph. The only one I have it this “in progress” photo from my phone – can you see all the ends that I’ve not sewn in? Why yes of course you can! Here, each colour block is 10 rows and each cream block is 4 rows, totalling 80 rows. The colours are Lime, Spice, Lipstick, Petrol, Turquoise, Aspen and Cream. I was unsure when I was working on the first three colours if it was going to work because it looked like something from the seventies but I’m pleased with the way it turned out in the end.

Ahh the rainbow colours again! Lovely lovely. This is for my friend Vic who is due to have a baby boy in June and is doing his bedroom in grey & rainbow colours. It’s 84 rows long, 4 for each coloured block, 6 for the grey block in the middle and 12 for the grey blocks at the end. Again the colours are, Magenta, Violet, Turquoise, Lime, Saffron, Spice, Lipstick and Grey, with a Petrol border.

There we go … five blankets. They were a total joy to make and tremendously satisfying as well. The urge to make blankets was even stronger than my urge to do nesting things and I just worked on them all the time. Happy times :-)

Fresh Air


Lately, we have been inside a LOT. New baby, c section recovery and just plain bad weather have kept us at home more than I’d like. Last week we were very happy to see sunshine and blue sky and jumped at the chance to go for a walk. It was still very cold but that’s ok, we have coats! We walked the path under the castle and along the lane to see the chickens and the two big porky pigs basking in the sunshine. Andy walked with TTB and I pushed TTG in her pram, making the most of the chance to use my SLR. I’m trying to use it as much as I can so that I don’t forget the things I learnt last year. I really enjoy noticing things when we are out and about: a Grey Wagtail hopping about on the rocks, a submerged tree trunk that looks like a crocodile, the first blossom (blackthorn?) a twisty creeper growing around a tree trunk. TTB is a noticer as well and it makes me beam with happiness listening to his joyful chatter when we go for walks. How privileged I am to hear about all of the things that he sees.

Blankets for Tiny Tin Girl

Right! Blanket photos as promised. I made about 23552984 blankets in January and February (ok, slight exaggeration it was more like 9 or 10) and I feel slightly twitchy about not posting them in the order that I made them but I’m just happy to be posting them at all! Shouty baby has been very shouty the last couple of evenings which has not been conducive to blogging. Well, that and because we’ve been using my laptop to watch Grand Designs on. I love Grand Designs!

As usual, this is Stylecraft Special dk and I’ve used a 4mm hook. It’s a granny stripe blanket and I used Attic24’s instructions which you can find here. I used: Saffron, Spring Green, Pomegranate, Sherbet, Turquoise, Aspen, Fondant and Magenta for the main blanket body, and then I used Meadow and Pomegranate for the border.

I did a starting chain of 105 stitches and the blanket is 72 rows long. I’ve been experimenting with wide stripes and colour blocking because it works up SO quickly and I only had to plan out one set of colours and just work through them, rather than having to choose 35 or so colours if I was doing 2 stripes per colour. Each colour block here is 8 rows. I did have measurements for the blanket somewhere but I can’t remember where I put them and TTG has just started to cry. Bear with me! I’ll edit them in if I can find them. Aha ok, it’s about 72 x 56cm. Just right for a pram or carseat and general snuggling.

The second blanket I made for TTG is bigger, I did a 120 starting chain and it’s 25 stripes long. Each stripe is made up of 3 rows of TR stitches. Proportionally I think it’s a bit too narrow for how long it is, but I miscounted my colours: I thought I had 20 colours but I had 25 so instead of being 80 stripes long it’s 100. It doesn’t matter though, I use it all the time to bundle TTG up for sleeping.

The idea for this blanket came when I was making yarn pegs of all the yarn colours I had. At that time I had all my usual bright colours as well as a whole lot left over from the Cottage Squares blanket. They are two quite distinct palettes that don’t sit completely harmoniously with each other but the more I looked at my yarn pegs the more I just wanted to go for it and make a stripy blanket with every colour that I had. I think it would look great as tiny squares too, an every colour blanket of tiny squares. That would be ace.

I was unsure for a while about adding a border but in the end I went with a simple pomegranate one – just two rounds of HTR (half trebles) and I think it finishes it off really nicely.

Let’s talk about the colours then! I like to think of this as a kind of rainbow gradient, but I started and ended with blues because I had the most of those and it looked more balanced to bookend the blanket with them rather than have it effectively half blues and half everything else.

From left to right: denim, aster, sherbet, cloud blue, lavender, wisteria, violet, grape, plum, magenta, raspberry, pale rose, fondant, pomegranate, spice, saffron, camel, parchment, mocha, lime, meadow, spring green, aspen, turquoise and petrol.

I hope this post is coherent, I wrote half of it last night and half of it just now and then when I tried to publish it, wordpress just deleted the half I’ve just written and I had to write it again, pausing to settle Grumpy “I want to sleep” Baby and I just hope I haven’t missed anything! Quick summary: I made two stripy blankets, one with lots of colours that don’t quite go but they kind of do. And I like stripes. But I think you knew that already.