Glaring Omissions from the Bright Rainbow Post

When I posted the Bright Rainbow Blanket update the other day, a lot of you (quite rightly!) commented asking for information that I had unthinkingly left out. I’m sorry for not including the pattern, the number of stripes I did before decreasing on one side or the number of stripes I did before decreasing on both sides. No excuse other than I just didn’t think about it.

The pattern is the Corner to Corner crochet pattern and I don’t know who created it or claims ownership of it, but the tutorial I used was Bellacoco’s video tutorial on Youtube. I had not intended to write up a tutorial as I can’t claim ownership of the pattern, but then again I have granny square tutorials on my blog and I in no way invented the granny square so maybe I wouldn’t be breaking any laws if I did photo instructions for my corner to corner blanket.

A few weeks ago I posted a video I made on my Instagram account, talking about decreasing the corner to corner blanket. In the past, I’ve been really confused as to why the final stripe on my blanket is one row narrower than all the rest of the stripes and recently I discovered a fix for it, quite by chance. Here’s the video:

I know the colours of stripes 19 and 20 are quite similar and it’s a little hard to see, sorry. You need to increase the first row of your first decreasing stripe.The video explains this more clearly. I have done 4 rows per stripe here, you can see that there are four clusters per stripe along the bottom of the blanket. Then, for stripe number 20, there is just one cluster along the bottom. This is because I have increased just this one row of that stripe. After that, I decreased the remaining three rows of stripe 20 on that side.

This will mean that the final stripe at the top right corner of the blanket will be the same width as all of the other stripes. It’s not the end of the world if you don’t increase that one row, but it will mean that your final stripe will have 3 rows instead of 4.

Guest appearance from TTB’s feet


I hope you can see this clearly, if not it should let you click on it to enlarge the image.

Stripe number 1 (Violet) is the first stripe I did. I did 19 stripes where I increased on both sides. The 20th stripe (Pomegranate) was the first one where I decreased on one side and increased on the other.

Stripe 32 (Aster) is the first stripe where I decreased on both sides.

Stripes 1-19 increasing on both sides.

Stripe 20 increase on both sides for one row, and for the remaining 3 rows increase on one side and decrease on one side.

Stripes 21 – 31 increase on one side and decrease on the other.

Stripes 32 onwards decrease on both sides.

Colour Order

I have used a repeating colour order:

1. Violet

2. Magenta

3. Fuchsia Purple

4. Pomegranate

5. Tomato

6. Spice

7. Sunshine

8. Saffron

9. Lime

10. Pistachio

11. Aspen

12. Sherbet

13. Cloud Blue

14. Empire

15. Turquoise

16. Aster

and then back to violet again. Repeat this colour order until the end of the blanket.

The colour pack of Stylecraft Special dk is available from Wool Warehouse; please follow this link as it’s my affiliate link and I will receive commission from the purchase.

I hope that covers everything for now, but please do let me know if I have missed anything else!

Bright Rainbow Update

**** EDIT: Please see this post for the pattern, colour order, and general making info. ****

There are few things I like more than a scrumpled up blanket like this. It looks cosy and inviting, and I enjoy seeing all the colours jumbled up next to each other.

I’ve been working hard since my last post to get this blanket made; I am really looking forward to having it completed so I can show you all! I’ve finished the long section in the middle to make it rectangular, this bit always feels like a bit of a drag as the rows are really long and I can’t always complete a whole stripe in one evening these days. BUT I have now started the decreases and I am on the home straight. I thought it would be a good idea to show you some progress photos and luckily there was a small opportunity of good light and co-operative child. As a side note, it’s so satisfying using my Canon SLR to take these photos as it means I can get the colours looking bright and true to life. Much more so than when I was using my old Olympus SLR or my point and shoot.

This fiery section is my mum’s favourite part of the blanket and I can see why, it’s full of heat and drama (can I say “drama” about a blanket?”.

The blanket is single bed sized, at least, it’s how *I* like a single bed blanket to be, so it goes over each side (in this photo it’s more over the outside edge of the bed than the other though), and comes up to the top of the duvet. My son likes to have a blanket on the bed but for it not to come up above the duvet when he’s in there, so that’s how I tend to make them.

I tell you what, I am really rather pleased with this. When I work on it in the evenings I don’t really see the whole blanket, just the part that I’m working on and so spreading it all out like this made me happy.

I really do love stripes.

This is how it will look at the top of the bed when it’s completed.


Not bad! TTG seems to approve of it! This blanket will be for her despite being on her brother’s bed at the moment. His bed is next to the window and is better for photographs. I want to make him one as well in a different colour way.

If you’d like to make your own colourful blanket like this, you can buy the colourpack at Wool Warehouse. (this is an affiliate link, I receive a commission when you use this link.) Please do show me photos of what you’re working on with the colour pack by tagging me on Instagram @littletinbird or posting them on my Facebook page. I’d love to see!