Bright Rainbow Blanket – Finished!

Don’t be fooled into thinking that this is just a pile of balls of yarn, it is in fact a pile of seeds from which a blanket can be grown.

I’ve worked hard on this for the past couple of months and I am so thrilled to share it with you now that it is complete.

It’s just so bright and stripy! Getting a photo of the whole blanket that conveyed the colours and textures was hard, so here are a whole host of other photos to really give you a feel of this blanket. I’m as delighted with the photos as I am the blanket!

I deliberately didn’t add a border to this blanket, as is my preference for corner to corner blankets. I love being about to see all of the stripes when its folded or rolled up, it makes the stripes look endless and I think the wonderful stripes are my favourite bit of this blanket design. Of course, you’re free to add a border to your blanket if you want to – it’s your blanket, you can do it how you want to!

The blanket measures 103cm by 168cm and sits nicely on top of a single sized bed. I was cautious when I made it because I didn’t want to run out of yarn, but there is enough yarn leftover that you could comfortably make it a few stripes wider if you wanted to do so.

TTG has done some tests for me and it seems to have passed them.

Now then, lets do the details.

There are 16 colours of Stylecraft Special DK, and they’re available in a pack from Wool Warehouse (I get commission if you buy through this link). The colours are Violet, Magenta, Fuchsia Purple, Pomegranate, Tomato, Spice, Sunshine, Saffron, Lime, Pistachio, Aspen, Sherbet, Cloud Blue, Empire, Turquoise and Aster. You’ll get free delivery on the pack as well which is always nice.

I used a 4mm hook, the same Pony one I’ve had for about 7 years which isn’t fancy or pretty but it does the job just fine. If you have looser or tighter tension you may want go down or up a hook size.

This post has lots of useful information about the colour order that the blanket was made in.

Here’s the link to the video tutorial. I HAD photographed a tutorial for this, BUT, I need to do it again because the photos really aren’t good enough. I was rushing and it shows. So for the meantime, please use the Bellacoco youtube tutorial which is the one I learnt from, and I’ll work some more on my photo tutorial. I want to cover things like making it rectangular, changing colours, and sewing in ends.

I hope you like the blanket, I really like it but I am biased! Thank you for being supportive of my yarn pack, it’s been quite an experience and it’s been lovely having your positive comments about it.







O Christmas Tree

Four seems to be a very good age for Christmas. TTB is excited for Christmas this year in a way that he hasn’t been before and it’s very enjoyable. On Friday we put the Christmas tree up – growing up we always put the tree up on Christmas Eve and deviating from that makes me feel a bit naughty, but actually, we would like to enjoy it for a couple of weeks and so this was just right. TTG was napping and we made the most of being able to decorate it without her interference. I did the lights and the tinsel and then TTB hung most of the decorations on there. Each one he took out of the tin he said “oh wow look at this one!” and decided where it would go.

At some point in the proceedings he donned a Father Christmas hat, which was just adorable. We had such a lovely time doing the tree and it was genuinely such a happy time. Often he wants to do things exactly his own way, or he gets silly, or does something to make things a bit difficult, and so it was really just so lovely that we had a good afternoon and I loved sharing this with him.



Last year we had the tree up on that red box that you can just see behind it, to keep it out of the way of TTG. This year I thought it would be best if it was on the floor so that if she does pull it over, it won’t fall from such a height. I had to stash duplo all around the house to make space for it and now that I’ve moved it I sort of don’t want it back in the lounge! It looks much more grown up and much less playroom without all the duplo. So far she’s been pretty good with the tree, she was fairly awestruck when I brought her down from her nap and she took a few of the lower down decorations off. We deliberately put TTG-proof ones at the bottom and I showed her how to put them back on the branches, much to her delight. Now I’ll hear the jingle of a bell and she goes “Oh no! Bell!” as she takes it off, and then a pause and “ahh, therego!” as she puts it back on again.


After we had finished we used a long exposure on my camera to do some light painting with the tree lights. When we’ve done this kind of thing before, we’ve kept the camera still and moved the light source, but this time we moved the camera around and the tree lights stayed still. They’re really fun to do and the images are so pretty. I think they look like strands of energy. TTB had a go at making some too and he was really pleased with how his ones turned out.


TTB made this one.