Things I had forgotten

This post is brought to you by finally having a few hours sleep in a row, and several cups of tea.

Yes, that old thing. Sleep! We were doing ok, in fact I was hugely impressed by Tiny Tin Girl’s sleeping especially in comparison to her older brother, who never slept as a baby and wasn’t that fond of it until recently. That was until she hit four months: HELLO, SLEEP REGRESSION. It’s just as unfun as I remember from last time. In fact I think I had blocked it from my memory before! Instead of going to bed and sleeping for 4 or 5 hours, her legs conspire against her and flip her over, which makes her furious and also very awake. That is, if I can get her down in the cot in the first place! Yes, she’s realised that when I put her down that I am no longer holding her. Clever little thing. Combine that with the early, sunny mornings causing TTB to think that it’s time to get up … well let’s just say that 3-4 broken hours a night isn’t the best.

It made me start thinking about the other things about having a baby that I’d forgotten about. I’ve had quite a lot of time in the night to do thinking ;-)

1. Hair loss. While this is a normal thing to happen after having a baby, I do not remember having it so badly last time. It’s like we have a pet yeti that’s moulting. Hideous. Hopefully I won’t become bald but hey I could always start a new line of crocheted wigs, right? There’s an upside to everything … kind of …

2. Dribbling and teething. Yep we’ve started that. How can someone so small make so much dribble?

3. Enormous smiles. You know when you lift them up and they see your face, or you smile at them when you’re changing their nappy, and they just beam at you as if you have made their day? And that they can’t make their smile any wider? Yes, that. It’s just wonderful! It’s such a treat after being in quite a long no-cuddles phase from my two year old.

4. Using wriggling as an aggressive form of moving around. Ok I hadn’t really forgotten about this, TTB used to roll around and cover the whole room pretty quickly. I was unprepared for TTG to do this so soon though! I left her on a blanket in their bedroom while I nipped to the bathroom and when I came back she had travelled 90 degrees and over a metre and was wedged up against her brother’s leg trying to join in his game of duplo!

5. Food stealing. She’s 18 weeks today and already getting angry at mealtimes. How dare we be eating and she not? Last Wednesday she took matters into her own hands: I was holding her and eating a nectarine. I stopped eating to say something and she launched herself forwards and grabbed hold of the nectarine in her mouth and started slurping away, making noises of delight and disbelief. She held onto my hand and the nectarine to prevent me taking it away and when I did she was most unhappy. I’ve ordered a highchair, hopefully sitting her up at the table and giving her a spoon to play with will help keep her going for a few more weeks until she’s nearer to 6 months. (I’m quite excited about weaning this time, I think she will enjoy it. Remind me again in a few weeks when I tell you that I’d forgotten about how messy it is!)

That’s just a sample of things really. Most of it came back to me pretty naturally but some of the things I had found difficult with TTB I had blocked from my mind a bit. I’m crossing my fingers really tightly and hoping that she’s a better sleeper. And I’m trying the Gro Clock again with TTB, hopefully I can teach him when it’s a good time to get up.

Massive thank you to everyone who gave to Patch’s Kilimanjaro climb, thank you for your generosity. He’s promised to do a guest post when he returns. Hopefully with lots of photos!

Our Yarden










There are only six pots in our “yarden”, but they’re making me very happy. We added a fuchsia and an osteopurmum today; it was quite exciting going to the market and choosing a couple of plants. We’ve just been out there now, after the children went to bed, to water them and tidy up a bit. I took some photos with my SLR, I love using this camera and I have to say that after trying to take photos of TTB, it is very nice to have a subject that stays still and that I don’t have to try and convince to look my way. I’d like to add some more plants this week, perhaps some marguerites or geraniums. We’re thinking of building a long wooden planter along the wall so that we can fit more in. I’d like a big planter for herbs as well. And I wonder if we could make enough space to sustain a nice, fragrant rose? That’d be rather good. Maybe somewhere to plant bulbs as well. Isn’t it nice to dream?