Bright Stripes Corner to Corner Blanket

This is a very special blanket. A special blanket for my wonderful friends and their wonderful baby boy. I wanted to make the most brilliant, brightest, strongest and vibrant rainbow blanket for my friend Ellen and every stitch is full of love and hope.

Annoyingly it took me so long to get my camera to photograph the colours accurately that I didn’t actually take a photo of the whole blanket (I am a dreadful blogger, sorry) but you get the idea (I hope!) from these photos.

Here’s an “in progress” photo that I snapped on my phone a while ago though so you can see the colour order: Magenta, Fondant, Pomegranate, Spice, Saffron, Sunshine, Empire, Teal, Kelly Green, Grass Green, Aspen, Turquoise, Bluebell, Violet. Stylecraft Special Dk on a 4mm hook. (Corner to Corner pattern from here.)

I can’t begin to express just how happy and relieved I am to be able to give this blanket to its tiny new owner. My heart is singing and I haven’t stopped smiling all week!

As much as I would love to be able to claim credit for these beautiful handmade clothes, they are the work of my talented friend Laura (you can follow her on instagram at “Made By Mama Brewster“). I was as giddy as a kipper to deliver these the other day!

I found the perfect card too, from SimonsNest on Etsy. Buying things from small retailers is nice and I’m going to make the effort to do that more.

I’m so happy! xxx









Simply Stripes Blanket

Having blanket posts to show you always makes me happy. I don’t think I’m doing too badly so far for this year, I’ve made the Joyful Blanket and the Little Geometric Blanket (with the dolly blanket too). I have two more to show you this week! Today, please meet my Simply Stripes Blanket.

I started this just about New Year time, and it was deliciously fast to work on.

I used the newer shades of Stylecraft Special dk: Sage, Stone, Storm Blue, Mustard, Tomato, and my new favourite, Pistachio. I always had these in my head as “Kirsty colours” and worked on it with her baby in mind. Making baby gifts makes me happy!

I don’t often work with so few colours; I prefer to have lots and then colour order doesn’t matter quite so much. But with a limited palette you have to be careful: if you want to do it in a repeating pattern that’s easy peasy, but if you don’t want that you have to make it deliberately “random” (for want of a better word) otherwise it looks like you’ve just got the pattern repeat a bit wrong. I found that the tomato red was the colour that stood out to me the most and I was careful to make the spaces between those stripes irregular.

I added a simple border of HTR stitches using stone. I am not good at doing more complex borders!

There we are: Simply Stripes. I thoroughly enjoyed making this blanket. I do love stripes. Kirsty, I’m glad you love this blanket too :-)

Pop back tomorrow for the next blanket post!