Joining Granny Squares

 I prefer to make my granny squares with three chains in the corner rather than two, I thought I would show you how I do the corner joining. Please read through Lucy’s tutorial first to see how to crochet together with the back loops only. You can read it HERE.

This photo shows the crossroads if you like of four granny squares. I have already joined the vertical seam and I am now joining the horizontal seam.

When you have 3 chains in the corner, you only join two of them for the vertical seam, and two of them for the horizontal seam. This means that the middle chain (chain 2) gets joined twice. This makes the corners very neat and avoids any gaps afterwards.

So, in the photo above you can see that there are two loops left to join. This is shown more clearly in the below photos where I have marked it with my needle:

This is the first chain of the 3 corner chains. I have put my needle through the back loops only of both stitches (to demonstrate the placing) and to join them I will put my crochet hook through both stitches and then slip stitch the yarn through.

It is important to be careful with your tension. Keep it as loose as, or even slightly looser, than how you would work your normal stitches or else you end up with problems like this.


This photo shows the needle through the 2nd chain of the corner chains. (Chain one remains unjoined in this photo). As the 2nd chain gets joined on the vertical and the horizontal seam, you may need to wiggle your hook slightly to fish the loops out.

 This photo shows Chain 1 joined, and my needle through the unjoined Chain 2.

This photo shows Chain 1 and Chain 2 joined. (Chain 3 was already joined as part of the Vertical seam, you do not need to worry about it for the Horizontal seam.)

To show it better, this is the photo from the other side before any of the horizontal seam has been joined. I’ve labelled the same photo so that you can see what I mean when I say Chain 1, Chain 2 etc.

Ok, so with that in mind we will continue with our joining.

Now we are joining the next two squares together. You don’t need to chain over the seam or anything, just be a bit loose with your stitch and you will be fine. You can see that in this photo, I am highlighting the next two loops that you need to join together. These are Chain 2.

When you have joined the back loops of the Chain 2, you need to join the back loops of the Chain 1 stitches as shown with my needle.

Then after that, continue joining all of the back loops as per Lucy’s tutorial until you have no more squares to join together.

When you have finished joining, it will look like this on the front:

 Neatly joined without any holes on the corner and without distorting your corner chains.

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