Basic Granny Square Pattern

As promised, here is my pattern for the Basic Granny Square. I didn’t invent this pattern in the slightest, (obviously) but I’m going to show you step by step how to make the basic granny square. When I started to learn I couldn’t find a pattern that I could understand easily and so I hope to change that by doing one with lots of pictures :-) This is the pattern I used to make the squares for the Granny Alice blanket (above).

For this pattern, you will need to know how to chain stitch, and how to make a UK treble (TR) stitch. This is equivalent to the US double (DC) stitch but I will be using the UK terminology for this pattern.

If you don’t know how to make a TR stitch, have a look HERE. You can also refer back there for more instructions on adding your next colour etc.

I am using Rowan Handknit Cotton DK (and a 4mm hook) to write this pattern as I think it’s easier to see the stitches with cotton than wool.

Basic Granny Square Pattern.

1. Chain 4 stitches

2. Join to make a ring

3. Chain 3 stitches – this counts as your first treble (tr) stitch

4. Make two TRs into the centre of the ring, and then chain 2. (The 3chain and the two TRs make up a cluster, and the 2chain is to separate it from the next cluster. The 2chain makes the corners for the square.)

5. Make 3 TRs into the ring, and chain 2. This is your 2nd cluster.

6. Make two more clusters separated by 2 chains. After you have made your fourth cluster you need to chain 2.

7. Join your chain 2 to the last stitch of the initial chain you made. You remember – the very first chain 3 that you made which equals the first TR of your first cluster? Yep, that one :) Join it with a slip stitch, and tie off your yarn, leaving a tail. Congratulations – you have completed round one!

8. Join your next colour by tying it as tightly and as close to the knot as you can. Then, pull the yarn through to the front and chain 3.

9.  Make 2 TR stitches into the same space as your chain 3. This is your first cluster of this round. All of your clusters will be made in the chain spaces, rather than out of the stitches like we did in the Solid Granny Square pattern.

10. Chain one (the chain spaces are what you will be working out of in the following rounds.) and then make 3 TR stitches into the next corner space.

11. Chain 2, and make another cluster of 3 TR stitches into the same corner space. This makes your corner. You will notice that corners are separated by chaining 2, but the sides have a chain 1 space. Some people prefer to make 3 chains in their corners – it is up to personal preference really.

12. Chain 1, and then make another corner into the corner of the first round. (a cluster of 3 TR stitches, chain 2, another cluster of 3 TR stitches in the same space.)

13. Continue around the square in this manner, remembering that the corners have chain 2 in them, and then the sides have a chain 1 space. When you get to the start, make a cluster of 3 TRs into the corner space where you started, chain 2, and join it to the last chain of the initial chain 3. Like usual :-)

14. Tie off your yarn, join your next colour, bring it through to the front and then chain 3.

15. Make your first cluster (you know the drill by now I’m sure :-) )

16. Then, chain 1 to make a space, and make one TR cluster into the next space, and then chain 1. Now it is time to make a corner … I know you know how to do this by now :-)

17. Repeat this process all the way around the square. So, to make a corner you have 2 clusters in the same space, separated by chain 2. You are now making sides as well as corners from now on, so you need to make one cluster in each non-corner space. These are separated by chaining 1.

18. When you get back to the beginning, make one TR cluster in the corner space where you started, chain 2, and then join it to the last chain of the initial chain 3 of the first cluster.

19. That’s 3 rounds completed! Well done :) It’s easy when you know how isn’t it? Now, you can either stop there and weave in your ends or you can keep going and make your granny square a big as you like. You just need to remember that you will be making more side clusters each time, but the number of corners will always be the same.

You may wish to block your squares. As I mentioned before, I’m lazy and so haven’t done. hehe.

I hope this pattern is of some help to you anyway :)


147 thoughts on “Basic Granny Square Pattern

  1. Hi, Just wanted to say I really liked your tutorial on the granny square. Pictures made it easy to understand, and I don’t even need to refer to a pattern constantly to make one now! You made it so simple! Thanks for your knowledge. Much appreciated. Roxane

  2. Thank you so much for this. I am a beginner and was struggling to understand this from my book yet you have made it clear and easy to follow. Brilliant, and much appreciated :)

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this tutorial. Your pictures and instructions were so clear and easy to follow, even for this crochet newbie. Your finished blanket is just gorgeous too.

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  5. Thank you so much, have been trying for ages, and think I have finally got it. Did make one mistake as I misread your instructions. I now understand corners and clusters. Can knit but found crochet hard to follow pattern but your instructions were great. I am so excited, will do a few more squares and sure the pattern will sink into my brain.

  6. thank you so much have been trying to make granny squares for a while now without much look but after following your instructions have now got the hang of it ,so will get on with the squares thanks again.

  7. Thanks, Laura for these very clear instructions on how to crochet a granny square. I haven’t done any crochet since my grandma’s friend taught me when I was about 14 (I’m 61 now!) but it’s amazing how it all comes flooding back!

    Gill x

  8. Thanks for this straight forward tutorial! I have been trying to learn from other sites and videos, but they weren’t very good for teaching!
    Marick from Oregon :)

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  10. Do you have the pattern for the blanket my daughter in law loves this and the colors. How many colors did you use?

  11. thank you for your very helpful tutorial. so much easier to follow than
    a video – I can go at my own pace. (aged 86 so I need to take my

  12. Heather you rock. Whenever I am looking for a certain pattern I can always count on you and Lucy to have exactly what I need. I definately will be making this granny square afghan! I wanted a granny but wanted huge squares. Thank you so much for sharing your talent and your wonderful patterns with all of the hooky world.
    Love from across the pond in the States:

  13. Hello thank you so much for the amazing tutorials I have tried many but yours are the ones that have finally taught me how to crochet! Could you tell me please the colours in Rowan Handknit cotton you used please for the granny squares blanket I’d like to make it for a special gift and its stunning. Thank you Julia .

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  15. Hi,
    Just want to say thanks, I’ve been watching videos all day trying to master a granny square to make a blanket for my niece.The end result was terrible, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve undone it. I was just about to give up and then found you page, the pics are great, and made it so much clearer with simple instructions.


  16. Thank you for a great tutorial. The best I have found that’s makes such sense. Do you have other patterns as I am new to crochet and am so enjoying this craft. Well done . From another Yorkshire Lady. X

  17. Thank you for a great tutorial. The best I have found that\’s makes such sense. Do you have other patterns as I am new to crochet and am so enjoying this craft. Well done . From another Yorkshire Lady. X

  18. Thank you for this easy to follow tutorial, I echo the comments above that similarly have been admiring them for a long time but previous attempts have been unsuccessful up til now! 4 granny squares later I’m confident with corners and clusters and now want to embark on a cushion or blanket, thank you so much for sharing!

  19. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Such a great idea with the different colors. I tried for over a month trying to make the granny square and then I found your instructions and bingo that was all I needed. My best and thank you for sharing, Frances

  20. You have made it easy. I’ve tried so many others.. Wish I could print your tuturiol, I like to continually look at your pics..

  21. I would just like to thank you very much for this easy to follow crochet granny square pattern. My friend tried to show me but I couldn’t do it. This is so much easier and bigger to follow. I have always wanted to do this so hopefully this will get me going.

    Thank you again

  22. Thank you so much, I have tried to make granny squares before, this is the first time I have made a square that I feel look right, no stopping me now. A Big Thank You :) will
    use your other tutorial to learn more techniques.

  23. Thank you. So clear and switching colors makes it easier to see the stitches and understand. I’ve tried this before, but never got it until now.

  24. I’ve just learnt to crochet and I followed this today. Thank you, I’m very much a visual learner and this was perfect.

  25. I\’ve just learnt to crochet and I followed this today. Thank you, I\’m very much a visual learner and this was perfect.

  26. I\\\’ve just learnt to crochet and I followed this today. Thank you, I\\\’m very much a visual learner and this was perfect.

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  28. Like Jo i always wanted to crochet and got the basic but could never get it to go into a square kept going in a circle but scrolling down the pictures i think i know where i went wrong so i am going to have another go. Many thanks

  29. So nice to good photos and printed information. Better than videos with too much hand movement and a voice twittering away.

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  31. Hi Heather,
    I love your pictures – they are so clear. I will be teaching some students to crochet over the summer – we will hopefully be making some granny square blankets for the on-site daycare and I was wondering if I could have your permission to use your tutorial? Ideally, I would like to put it up on our smart board and take them through it step by step. It would be easier than trying to stop, rewind and forward a youtube video.
    Many thanks for sharing your ideas!

  32. Thanks so much for your really easy tutorial !!! I\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ve been to workshops and still couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t crochet Ive knitted for years but couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t master crochet until I found you , I am now on my second blanket !! Once again thankyou

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