Barden Fell in Early September

Things I Want to Remember 

How TTB remembered where we were, despite having only been here once before, and how he grabbed Andy’s hand and chattered at him urgently and excitedly, dragging him to the little track we walked on and wanting him to see.

Andy’s reaction upon reaching the brow of the hill and seeing the view.

How blown away by the view I felt even though I’ve seen it before.

The pink of the heather, the chuffling of the grouse and the squeals of the small birds looping the loop in the sky above.

The clouds and the way they lined up along the horizon, and how the closer ones cast big shadows over the landscape.

How TTB knew what the clouds were, and the shadows were, and that the clouds were causing the shadows. How he wanted us to know that he knew!

All the bees on the heather.

The utter quiet stillness that comes from an absence of people and traffic.

Seeing a small plane drone overhead and how excited this made TTB.

All of the stones he found. He had to stop and put them down every couple of minutes so that he could pick up new ones.

The muddier-than-expected patches and despite our efforts, TTB waded in (delighted) in his new shoes.

TTB spotting the reservoir and shouting “Lake! Over there! BOP!” and thinking that Bop was in there. I love his imagination. (Or maybe belief that all bodies of water contain Bop?)

TTB wanting to walk in the “hole” (a narrow trench along some of the pathway).

TTB finding a feather and sitting down to do a bit of drawing with it in the mud.

How happy we all felt to be up there.

The golden light.

Taking a photo of us all together.

Feeling so small in relation to the landscape.

The dog that rushed past TTB as he was doodling in the mud with a feather, taking him by surprise but I’m sure featured highly on his list of “best things” that day.

Seeing TTB running free, and how happy he was.

The pub lunch afterwards :-)

Let’s talk about knitting.

Do you mind if we have a brief chat about knitting tonight? No? Oh good, I was hoping you’d say that. Knitting has always been something I’ve wanted to do. I really want to be good at it, and make beautiful things. I see things on Pinterest and blogs and I just wish so much that I could make them to. I think if I spent as much time learning to knit as I did learning to crochet I could probably crack it. If I put down my hooks for a while and stopped making blankets for everyone else then maybe my knitting would improve!

Last year I bought some delightfully squooshy Drops Big Merino, which is a 100% wool aran weight yarn. I declared at the time that I intended to knit a blanket from it! Big words indeed. And, over a year later I have finally made a start! Knitting the actual squares is fine, in fact more than fine it’s really relaxing and enjoyable but the calculations for actually making them took me a bit more effort! To start with I wasn’t sure whether my cast on method (long tail cast on) was suitable and I was worried that it was a kind of beginner’s cast on, and that other ones were better. My knitting friends reassured me that long tail cast on was absolutely fine for squares and whatnot so away I went. The next thing I had to work out was how many stitches to cast on and how many rows to knit to end up with an even square shape. Hmm. I started with 30 stitches and knit 60 rows and that made a really nice big square, but then that didn’t give me enough yarn to make two squares from one 50g ball. Argh! I frogged back both of my squares and started again with 25 stitches. Phew, 25 stitches and 50 rows seems to do the job.

The colours above are, left to right, 11, 10, and 07.

I don’t know if I’m working all of this out right, or telling you the right things about knitting as I’m only really beginning myself, but I find the best way to learn is to just try it for myself and see where I get, so that’s what I’m doing. Hopefully I’ll end up with a really nice blanket at the end of it!


Bits and Bobs

Last week marked the 5th anniversary of our wedding so to celebrate we went out for breakfast at the Ice Cream Diner. I wanted to write “5″ on my pancakes with maple syrup but I hadn’t realised how runny it was and I failed miserably. They tasted good though!

From there we went to Bolton Abbey for a walk. I’ve wanted to go for ages (it’s one of my favourite places and if I could drive I would go there at least twice a week!) but it was a bit spur of the moment and we didn’t have the pushchair with us. TTB walked really well but we didn’t really get very far before turning around. I have to judge not on how far he can walk but how far I can manage to carry him back should he give up!

The Bolton Abbey ducks are very bold and keen to come and see you (probably in the hope that you have a picnic they can steal!).

On Sunday morning I did some crochet tinkering to see if I could make a straight start to a ripple blanket rather than adding the straight part afterwards. This is because I messed up my last ripple border despite having done at least five successful ripple straightening/border operations. Three attempts and it mostly works which is pleasing.

How did you spend your Bank Holiday Monday? A drizzly, mizzly mist hung around all day but that did not stop TTB from wanting to go for walks. Andy took him on a long walk in the morning and then …

… I spent my afternoon wandering the streets (and backstreets) with him while he collected sycamore seeds, leaves, sticks, stones, and exclaimed with delight each time he saw a cat. I eventually persuaded him to come home by making a big deal about going in through the back gate rather than the front door (OoooOOOOoOoohhhh) but after his initial excitement about the gate he was mightly pissed off that he was just back in the yard again and I was showing no signs of continuing walking with him!

Toddler exercise is the key priority at the moment, he’s like a dog and he really needs to go out walking in the morning and the afternoons as well. I’m doing my best but boy it’s hard to motivate myself to do it sometimes! Anyway yesterday morning I had to walk up to the post office depot to collect my Homemakery parcel (wonderful service, I highly recommend) which means the pushchair as it’s far too far for him to walk, so we stopped at the park on the way back.

This is what my view of him in the park mainly looks like these days. He runs up the hill, down the hill, looks at the big rock, runs back up the hill … and all the while carrying sticks and leaves and things that just seem to appear in his hands as if by magic. I half heartedly follow up and down with the pushchair but really there’s not much he can do wrong like this. He did get really really close to a crow though! I expected it to fly off but it just watched him. He got about 5 yards away before it flew, I am not sure who was more surprised about how close he got, TTB or the crow!

Ah yes, park treasures. I have persuaded him that they have to stay in the park rather than come home with us … I’ll see how long he agrees to this.

Oh and sad news, the tree that I thought was all autumnal the other week is actually dead. It’s had the bark stripped off it all the way around and it’s a layer in the bark that allows nutrients and water to be transferred from the roots to the rest of the tree. If the bark it cut all the way around then this can’t happen and the tree dies. How very sad. I feel a bit bad for accusing it of being ahead of the game seasonally now!

Ah this is my Homemakery parcel … Rico Baby Classic dk in Ice Blue, Pale Blue, Vanilla, Cream and Blue. Beautiful yarn and really good service and pretty packaging too. My cousin’s wife is having a baby so I thought I’d do a little blanket.

And of course, because TTB needs a walk in the afternoon too we went out again! It was lovely and sunny but still windy and cold. Pretty clouds though :)

He walked a good long way, too!

Tell you what, I don’t half enjoy my naptimes when I can sit down!