Ugly Biscuits





This week we decided that its the process of baking that we enjoy, and not the look of the finished item. And that next time we bake Smarties cookies, we will use Morrisons own brand smarties rather than the brand name ones, or put the smarties onto the hot biscuits when they come out of the oven instead of baking them. Hopefully that wat they will be shiny and bright instead of looking like faded sad clown biscuits!

They still tasted pretty good though, so all was not lost :-)














Spring this year has been rather on the chilly side, but here and there we’ve had just a handful of days of warm, beautiful weather. Weather that’s made me panic about finding sunhats and suncream and worry about having no summer clothes that fit post baby, but that has been gorgeous and perfect for taking photos and going for walks. Tiny Tin Bird has been requesting an adventure, so last week we got out of the house and did just that.

We walked through town and bought pasties for lunch and then headed off up the hill behind the church. We climbed all the way to the top and then stopped to eat our lunch, and admire the views. You can see so far! Then we climbed over the wall and headed onwards, feeling as though we were escaping the town and were free, free, free. How satisfying it was to let TTB roam on his own without the need to hold is hand or his reins.

Over the next stile, say hello to the lambs and then into the woods. No not that way, let’s go on a bit further. Through the trees, down the slope to the water. Along the water’s edge and over the bridge, stopping to listen to the way it rushes over the rocks. Cajole TTB to walk a bit more, offer bribes of ice cream. Continue walking. Delight in seeing hidden things … a mallard duck making herself a nest on the rocky river edge, completely covered in leaves and only her head and beak visible, the way the clear water trickles down from a muddy bank, making the mud wash away, seeing the gravity defying trees growing over the path, and the crystal clear reflections in the now quiet water.

Onwards: pausing to sit on the tree trunk benches. Encourage TTB to keep walking (as you both know you can’t carry him home), visit the big waterfall and feel awed by the power. Over the bridge, stomping in the mud. See tiny fish fry in the still water beyond the bridge and allow TTB to paddle and wash his muddy boots. See the wild garlic leaves carpeting the banks of the wood in lush green and smell the first whiffs of their garlicky scent, looking forward to their flowers. Down the slope, over the little bridge and through the gate. Ah! Tiny Tin Girl is awake and attempting to climb out of the moby wrap. She’s hungry and angry. No other choice: sit and feed her on the steps of the holiday cottage. Then catch up with Andy and TTB.

We make it as far as the pigs and chickens … look! Chicks! Remind TTB once more of the promised ice cream and he consents to walk further. Back down the hill and into the town, rammed full of bustling people. Battle through the crowds and find an ice cream van. Mmmmmm. Then, finally, home. Three and a half hours of walking, about 4.5km. TTB walked the whole way, what a good boy. He was so tired afterwards! Long baths for Tiny Tin Children and cups of tea for me and Andy.

A wonderful day, an adventure for all of us. Taking the time to see the world through TTB’s eyes and indulge him in the things he wants to stop and do. Just perfect: I will treasure this day and my photos from it.

Fresh Air


Lately, we have been inside a LOT. New baby, c section recovery and just plain bad weather have kept us at home more than I’d like. Last week we were very happy to see sunshine and blue sky and jumped at the chance to go for a walk. It was still very cold but that’s ok, we have coats! We walked the path under the castle and along the lane to see the chickens and the two big porky pigs basking in the sunshine. Andy walked with TTB and I pushed TTG in her pram, making the most of the chance to use my SLR. I’m trying to use it as much as I can so that I don’t forget the things I learnt last year. I really enjoy noticing things when we are out and about: a Grey Wagtail hopping about on the rocks, a submerged tree trunk that looks like a crocodile, the first blossom (blackthorn?) a twisty creeper growing around a tree trunk. TTB is a noticer as well and it makes me beam with happiness listening to his joyful chatter when we go for walks. How privileged I am to hear about all of the things that he sees.