Blimmin’ Cold

If I could, I would stay indoors at the moment and just hibernate. I suppose what we do these days isn’t that far away from it … but I am trying, trying, trying to go out more! I want to hibernate and slow down and wash babygrows and think about my hospital bag and obsessively bleach the kitchen cupboards which is a bit at odds with still having to be Toddler Mum. Today we waited in for a parcel to be delivered (Again. Don’t get me started, it’s been a nightmare and my fingers are itching to type an email of complaint.) which gave me an excuse not to go out but enforced staying in is never as fun as doing it thought choice.

Anyway this afternoon I bundled TTB up in warm things and told him that we were going out. I gave him the choice of walking or pushchair and he chose the latter (I was secretly glad about that because I did indeed manage to get my shiny new one that I wanted, although we are going to be eating soup for a month now to pay for it!). We walked down to the canal to see the ducks and the swans. On the way we were serenaded by the birds in the trees. Can you see the Blue Tit in the photo above? Thinking about it, they probably weren’t serenading us, probably shouting at us to go away!

Mr Swan wasn’t very friendly today, it’s possible that he didn’t appreciate the awesomness of my new pushchair, or more likely because we were breadless.

We walked a little further; the sky was very pretty this afternoon. One day I would like to learn to understand what different types of clouds mean. Apparently we are due to have a few centimetres of snow tomorrow … oh deep joy.

I’m making myself take my SLR camera out with me more, I reckon this photo is too dark really but I was too cold to figure it out and I liked the sky. It’s really really cold here. That white patch in the middle of the canal isn’t just a ripple from the wind, its ice. Brrrrrrr.

The hills around the town are all covered in snow. Brrrr it makes me cold just looking at it all.

To sum up my blog post: there are pretty things around at the moment but it’s too flipping cold to actually appreciate any of them. And I’d rather stay inside. Also, birds.

OMG snow!

We awoke this morning to a little bit of snow. Not enough to keep Andy home from work, enough to need to clear the car, not enough to make a snowman, enough to make a small boy very excited and enough to make me terrified of slipping over and landing on my bump. Or my toddler. Which is worse? Probably landing on the bump, TTB is fairly hardy.

We made our way cautiously/stomped and slipped happily to playgroup talking about all the snowy things and then I had a blissful hour with a friend in Caffe Nero drinking hot chocolate and eating delicious things. After that I was too early for playgroup collection but without really enough time to go home and come back again so I found a bench in the little shopping centre and added a few rows to my crochet. I had a mad crazy nesting type urge to make blankets for all my expectant friends, before making one for my baby. I’ll let you know how I get on, probably at the end of the month. Ooh the suspense!

In January 2013 we had loads and loads of snow, I had already decided to travel down to my mum’s by train that day and it took us so long to get to the station with the pram. It was so deep! But this is the first time TTB has really experienced snow himself, he was really excited seeing it from the car just after Christmas but nothing compared to how he was today. He was really disappointed actually when we walked home that it had mostly melted. We had a chat about that and he seemed to accept that melting is what happens when the sun shines on the snow. It didn’t stop him standing in every little bit he could find though but I’m happy to indulge him in things like that.

A New Year

Last year I had my diary and a couple of calenders out on the table on New Year’s Eve and I filled in all my important dates, and all the birthdays I needed to remember. Things like that. This year I do have a calendar but it’s still in the wrapping with the magazine it came free with! This year feels much more like a continuation rather than a new start – does that make sense? I think it’s because I put all my baby thoughts and planning on hold until after Christmas, because we were so busy with the lounge, and now it is January it’s really not very long until our baby will be here.

Last year I started doing Project Life and I LOVE the two albums of photos I’ve made from it. I chose to do it purely as a photo album (scrapbooking and papercrafts aren’t my thing really) and it felt so good to actually DO something with all my photos. When I became pregnant, something had to give and Project Life was that thing and I’ve been playing catch up ever since. It’s ok, my method now is just to do everything as a 6×4 photo and bung it all in the album and call it done. I’ve got 6 weeks of photos left to sort and order and then that will be done enough for my liking. I’m going to do it again this year but in an even lazier way (as soon as I figure out what that way is.) Getting this 2014 album finished is my main crafty focus at the moment. A couple of friends are doing “one thing every day” and at the moment ┬ásorting photos is my “one thing”.

This year, I’ve been watching what other people are aiming to do, or committing to do, with their year. What do I want out of 2015? Well, I’d really just like to cope! It’s only 9 weeks until baby is due, and that’s going to be a BIG change for all of us and I’d quite like to just cope well and not end up in the dark place in my head that I did after TTB was born.

I would tentatively like to continue using my dSLR more and getting more confident with manual settings. I used it today for the first time in a while (89 photos of TTB, three of the church clock …) and it’s very satisfying to do so. Someday I’d like another lens for it. I’ll be 30 in 2016, perhaps I could justify one then?

Coping, using my dSLR more and continuing to do Project Life in any way that I can … that seems to be quite enough to commit to really. Lastly I would like to continue my battle against clutter in our house. I’ve made huge progress lately, spurred on by my very nesty feelings right now. I emptied and bleached two kitchen cupboards at the weekend, and washed up and sorted everything in them. I like to go and look at them occasionally since they are the only part of my house that has “a place for everything and everything in it’s place”! I’ve also taken about ten carrier bags of things to the charity shops and I’ve really enjoyed purging all of the things we don’t need.

We’ve unpacked the 20 or so boxes that were still packed from when we left Leeds in 2009. I’m determined not to be a hoarder and its felt very liberating to say “nope, don’t need or want that” about lots of things. I mean, if it’s been packed for 5 years do I really need it? No. Farewell, university work!

I’m determined to work hard now and make the house nice and sorted for when the baby arrives. I’d like to do it now so that I can concentrate on enjoying my last weeks of it being just TTB, and get him used to having the cot up in his bedroom for the baby, and things like that. We moved some furniture around at the weekend, and I’ve ordered a few new babygros and a changing mat. I’ve bought some mini shampoo for my hospital bag. I will be ready and organised this time! I need a new cot mattress, another baby monitor, and I’d like a new sling (I’ve heard good things about the Connecta but all the pretty fabric ones are out of stock) and I’d love a fold up pushchair to increase my child transport options (I’m trying to save up for/justify the cost of this one). But other than that … I think I’m doing ok. It’s mind boggling how quickly this pregnancy is going. To begin with I was unsure how I could ever love another child as much as I love TTB but with every wriggle and jiggle and kick this little one makes I just know that I will. It’s going to be hard work … but so worth it. I’m actually getting quite excited to meet him/her now! It won’t be long.

The other day I started to feel a bit sad that I’ve not made any blankets for this baby yet. Then I opened a drawer and found 6 baby blankets, and I looked around TTB’s room at all of the blankets in there. Plenty of blankets. Loads. I’ll make one when there is time but until then … yes, I think we’ll be ok for blankets!