Snow started falling on Saturday evening, just as we were starting the bath & bed routine. TTB sat on his windowsill and watched the flakes tumbling to the ground and come to rest on the ground. Awestruck, he turned to me and said, ‘ We can play in it, can’t we mummy? We could build a snowman!” Well we can tomorrow, I told him, because it’s bedtime now. I wanted to hug him so much; he watched The Snowman with me once and said he didn’t like it all the way through and then was very sad at the end when the snowman melted, so for him to suggest building a snowman made me feel very emotional. I find myself getting very emotional over his comments lately, he’s growing so quickly but is still so tiny and it takes my breath away.

A little later I saw that some of my friends had let their children play in the snow immediately and I felt hugely guilty that I’d sent him to bed rather than to play in the snow. I hoped and hoped that there would still be snow outside in the morning!

Fortunately there was, and he spent a happy half an hour outside playing with Andy. The yard is very small and it hadn’t really collected that much snow, but there was enough for him to play with, and to make a tiny snowman as well. I often long for a sizeable garden, but there’s lots of happiness to be found in a small yard – enough to make one small boy happy at least! He enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit when he came in, so all in all the snowy morning was a success.

(And even better, it had all melted away the next day! One-day-snow is the best kind of snow in my opinion.)






I was quite looking forward to January. New year, new diary, declutter the house, GO GO GO! Well it’s the third week now and I’m feeling a little bit “meh” about January to be honest.

I think what I mean is … why isn’t it spring yet? Really, spring should happen just after new year and I think it’s quite selfish of the year/weather/calendar/whatever that it doesn’t happen this way. I’ve bought some narcissus pots in the vague hope of kidding myself that spring is nearly here.

They’ve bloomed pretty quickly, probably because of the central heating but it is very nice to have some flowers in here.

Do you ever feel like you’re not quite sure what you’re working towards? And that each day is a bit samey but you can’t work out how to change it? I don’t know if that’s a January thing, a Heather thing, or because all of our weekend time is spent doing boring and stressful things – we are preparing for more renovation work but it is distinctly not fun. Why everything in this house has been so badly build/made/installed I don’t know but it’s such a headache trying to sort it out.

There’s actually a little bit of sunshine at the moment, which is confusing because it snowed this morning! Just for ten minutes and then it stopped. TTB asked if it was Christmas Day, and then was a bit miffed when we went outside to find that there was no thick white covering everywhere. I think Christmas books have a lot to answer for with that expectation!

Tiny Tin Girl has been hilarious lately. She has THE cheekiest little face I have ever seen, and the most delightful smile. She does this thing where she looks at you when she’s smiling, and she nods her head twice and crinkles her eyes as if you say “YES! I am smiling at YOU!” But … she is a little pickle! She chews everything, like a puppy, and has a particular taste for paper and card. I caught her yesterday, she’d pulled the hardback copy of “Room on the Broom” off the shelf and she was chewing the top of the spine. I exclaimed her name and she turned around and gave me one of her super smiles, and then turned back to do some more chewing! Pest. She also climbs on things. Boxes mainly. Standing up, bopping up and down, waving her arms because she’s so delighted with her efforts. She climbed up the wooden toy garage, which was next to the play kitchen, as if it was steps! Oh that girl, she keeps me on my toes that’s for sure.

Fortunately for her, she has learnt to wave, clap her hands and dance to music or when I sing, which is terribly endearing and makes up for all of the chewed books we now have.

How’s your January going?