Baby G blanket


When I make blankets for babies, I like to have the blanket ready in advance so that I can gift it straight away. This time, Baby G had other ideas and he arrived very suddenly some four weeks early and I hadn’t even started his blanket. Still, I had it ready before his January due date, so I like to think I that I wasn’t too late with it.

I think this is a simple but effective little blanket in splendid bright colours. I used my Elmer Squares pattern and made 10 3-round squares in each of the 8 colours. I used Stylecraft Special dk (affiliate link) in Turquoise, Sherbet, Petrol, Lipstick, Spice, Saffron, Grass Green and Kelly Green. I joined them using Sherbet, and the border is one round of Sherbet in dc stitches and then two rounds of Turquoise in either dc or htr stitches (sorry, I can’t remember which and I can’t quite tell from the photo but either would suffice I’m sure!).

I did weigh every ball of yarn after I’d finished so that you’d have the exact amount but I’ve lost the paper that I wrote it down on. I know that it took less than half a ball of every colour, apart from Sherbet and Turquoise where it used more like three quarters of the ball. So, by my reckoning, you could buy one ball of each Petrol, Lipstick, Spice, Saffron, Bright Green and Kelly Green, and two balls of Turquoise and Sherbet, and then make two of these blankets if you wanted to. And that’s less than £20, not bad really.  It measures 62×75 cm and I used a 4mm hook.

I didn’t block this blanket (yes, I know the border isn’t straight!) because I was keen to give it to my friend and she wasn’t bothered about it not being blocked as it was put straight to use. Blankets are meant to be used, and non blocked borders don’t affect the use.

Making baby gifts makes me really happy.



Just the right amount of snow.

Last weekend we went to visit my family in Northamptonshire. On Friday morning we woke up to a whirling blizzard, much to the delight of both children. When the snow was no longer falling, we wrapped them both warmly and headed out for a walk. TTB was hopping with excitement about walking in real snow, and the chance to “hear it crunch”. It was the first snow TTG has ever walked in and she did very well, her tiny footprints looked so sweet pressed into the snow.

We didn’t walk for long as it was windy and cold but TTB’s enjoyment was wonderful to see. We often moan (as a family) that the snow gets in the way of us travelling to see each other, and wish that we would have a sudden snowfall when we are all together that we can enjoy and then melts away by the end of the day. And this time it did! We were all together to have our “second Christmas” having not been able to see each other on real Christmas Day, and snow on Second Christmas was lovely. Just the right amount of snow. Nothing like the wonderfull photos of Portland, Oregon that I saw on instagram of course, but just enough snow for us!