Last week, we had sunshine and suncream, ice cream and sun hats and a glorious trip to the park where we lingered on the playground and found daisies and dandelions and celandines along the path.

This week we’ve had snow and sleet, frost and hail, and the heating on at night time where I linger in TTB’s bed when he wakes needing a cuddle because he’s so snuggly warm!

It’s May next week. Come on weather, sort yourself out!

For the first time in a while I had time to play with my yarn pegs this week which was fun. I really want to make Tiny Tin Girl a big blanket for her bed (her brother has several blankets!) and I want rich and bright but sunny colours. This is my favourite combination that I’ve come up with so far but I’m not yet sure what type of blanket to make. I quite fancy doing a geometric one but it would have to be a slow growing blanket as it’s quite fiddly and time consuming to make one like that. Generally my preference with blankets is to only have one project on the go and work very hard on it to get it finished quickly. We’ll see. I started a corner to corner blanket a couple of days ago so I need to finish that before I start anything else!


Little Geometric Blanket

For my latest blanket I thought I would try something a little different. Different yarn, and a different pattern. Well I say different pattern, but I used the same Corner to Corner pattern that I have used before, but put it together in a different way.

I am really pleased with the overall effect, but I don’t think I’ll be making another blanket in this way for a while as it was very time consuming! I think I need to refine the joining as I go technique on it as well. However, it does looks great and the effect is exactly what I was hoping for.

I used Sirdar Snuggly dk, a yarn I’ve admired in the yarn shop before but hadn’t tried until now. It is very soft but weirdly quite stiff to work with, although that may have just been because I was crocheting in a bit of a stop start fashion what with having to do a lot of joining. It reminded me a bit of working with cotton yarn.

From left to right, the shade number are: 0413, 0415, 0454, 0260, and 0412.

It’s a dinky little baby blanket for a dinky little *gorgeous* baby boy named Theo, who was born two weeks ago. It was tricky to photograph this as I had a lot of “help” from Tiny Tin Girl!

Theo is the little brother of Martha, who has the Honey & Roses blanket and I wanted to make her a little dolly blanket as a big sister present. This matches the colours of her pram!

The dolly blanket was made from Stylecraft Special dk and the colours are: White, Pomegranate, Fondant, Spice, Lime, Cloud Blue, Turquoise and Violet. I really like this little blanket, and so did Martha!

EDIT: I forgot to explain my joining method! My starting point with the blanket was the turquoise and royal blue rectangle. I made that like a tiny but complete corner to corner blanket. Then I added the pistachio green and I anchored it with slip stitches (to the royal blue) each time I increased or finished a cluster that was bordering the royal blue one. It’s quite tricky and fiddly and there is a bit of bodging involved too. Does that make sense? I joined as I went by anchoring it after every cluster along the bottom and side of the triangles. When I increased, I slip stitched upwards along the cluster next to it instead of chaining and then worked out of the slip stitches.

It would probably work to make complete rectangles¬†and then join them all together afterwards, but I can’t say for sure as I haven’t tried!