Our Yarden










There are only six pots in our “yarden”, but they’re making me very happy. We added a fuchsia and an osteopurmum today; it was quite exciting going to the market and choosing a couple of plants. We’ve just been out there now, after the children went to bed, to water them and tidy up a bit. I took some photos with my SLR, I love using this camera and I have to say that after trying to take photos of TTB, it is very nice to have a subject that stays still and that I don’t have to try and convince to look my way. I’d like to add some more plants this week, perhaps some marguerites or geraniums. We’re thinking of building a long wooden planter along the wall so that we can fit more in. I’d like a big planter for herbs as well. And I wonder if we could make enough space to sustain a nice, fragrant rose? That’d be rather good. Maybe somewhere to plant bulbs as well. Isn’t it nice to dream?

Bits and Pieces

My ring sling arrived! Oh I love it. It’s so stripy! I’m quite slow at putting it on at the moment but it’s lovely and comfy when it is on. TTG took to it straight away and was very happy to sleep in it. Thank you to Alison for leaving me the link to this youtube tutorial, it was really helpful. I’ve been sneaking looks at my babywearing reflection in all the shop windows since I got it! Look at those little legs tucked up, so cute.


Sorry for the poor picture quality, these show up fine on my iphone when I take them but the look awful when not on a tiny screen.


I’ve been saving my Tesco points for over a year and had enough to buy two Garmin Vivofit wristbands, one for each me and Andy. Yesterday I won with 11877 steps, partly because I don’t have a desk job and partly because it counted all the jigging around the kitchen while trying to get TTG to go to sleep in the sling! Still, they’re all steps aren’t they? Despite not actually travelling anywhere. It’s fun though, I like seeing the number go up.


I also take more steps because I have to walk at small child speed ;-)


We walked to the park yesterday (3000ish steps) and was caught out by the weather. It was miserable when we set out with coats and a knitted hat for TTG only to get there and after 10 minutes, Summer arrived. Oh. Must remember to bring back up sun hats in my bag!

It was lovely weather again this morning, (its overcast and muggy again now) and the bunting in town looked really good. I love that our town is always decorated for one thing or another.



This morning I was on my way to the market, for fruit and veg and to visit the plant stall as well. My mother in law made me a really pretty pot of plants for the garden; the scabious started flowering the other day and we had a BEE in the garden! I was so excited by this that I decided to get some more pot plants so this morning I bought a lavender plant.


I need to get a larger pot and pot it out but I can’t really carry something that big and awkward home right now, let alone a bag of compost to fill it with so I’ll have to wait until the weekend. I did have enough compost to pot out another sunflower seedling, although I’m not sure how much growing it will do seeing as it’s been squished into a yoghurt put for so long!


Still, it will have more chance in a pot in the yard than it will do in a yoghurt pot on the kitchen windowsill!

Good luck little sunflower!

I hope you don’t mind my posting this: my brother is hoping to climb Kilimanjaro in August to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation, but he’s only 75% towards his target. If you have a spare £1 would you consider sending it his way? Here’s his JustGiving page. Thank you so much x




Babywearing, quiches, and impulse purchases.


Last week, we had some hot weather and I actually got my legs out for a bit. Look, I had to wear one of my only two pairs of trainer socks! That was exciting. Sort of! Hot weather is all very well but I’m lacking the wardrobe for it right now. Thank you for your comments on my last post. I really am happy in my decision to be a stay at home mum and I’m fortunate that I’m able to do it. My pre-children salary wasn’t enough to pay for one child in full time childcare so decision might not be the best word for it, but you know what I mean. Sometimes I just have wobbles: I was missing my mum, who’d gone home the previous day, and just generally tired. Being tired happens a lot right now!


I’m rather excited to show you that I have FINALLY made a quiche! If you’ve not been reading long or haven’t committed every word I’ve written to memory (don’t blame you, I wouldn’t have done), back at the end of 2013 I was determined to learn how to make a quiche and then a few weeks later my oven broke and we didn’t have one for a year. Well, last Friday I succeeded in making a quiche in our tiny mini oven. It was delicious and I was proud. It was spring onion, red pepper and feta with some asparagus on the top which was arranged in a pretty pattern until I put it in the oven and it all moved. I didn’t make my own pastry because I wasn’t sure if I’d manage the actual quiche part so I figured that shop bought pastry was less of an investment of my time if it went wrong.


The quiche was part of a picnic that we took to Hesketh Farm Park last weekend. Tiny Tin Bird had a whale of a time: there is an old John Deere tractor that you can sit in and he pretty much sat in the seat pretending to drive for the whole time we were there. As he was entertaining his Granny and Grandad I did the only sensible thing and wandered around taking photos. Look, here’s me and TTG with a horse. It was a very friendly horse and enjoyed having it’s face stroked.


And here we are under a tree. I was doing a lot of that rather special bouncy-pat walk trying to get TTG to sleep at this point. I’m not sure why babies like to be patted on the bottom to get them to sleep but it seems to work. I like both of these photos because I’m enjoying babywearing so much. I didn’t do it much with TTB but I wish I had done. This sling is a Connecta Integra and apart from being really pretty it’s very comfortable to wear. I like having her so snuggled up to me. She does most of her sleeping in here and she just seems really happy and content generally. Plus we’re always ready to go! She needs a nap about an hour after getting up so I just make sure I’m dressed and ready, pop her in the sling, and then she can stay asleep while we go out, doing the playgroup run or whatever.

I realised yesterday that as she is my last baby (and she really is, I know I said that last time but that was in the haze of post-birth trauma. She really IS my last one! We have no more space in our house and the consultant said no more caesareans for me. Boo. I rather like having a baby.) anyway I realised that as she is my last baby, I’ll never again get the chance to try all the different ways of babywearing. So I ordered a ring sling! I’m ridiculously excited about it! It’s a Wearababy Northern Lights Ring Sling and just about the most wonderfully stripy one I could find. When TTG was born I was given some money to buy something good with and I used that. I was thinking of selling a couple of baby blankets that I’ve made to fund it though so if anyone is interested in me doing that let me know because I’m a bit shy about it. Maybe I should do a separate post about that. That’s a better idea.

Anyway, ring slings. The sensible option would probably have been to borrow one from a sling library (there’s one in a nearby town but I don’t drive and it’s a big hassle for me to get anywhere at the moment) or something like that but I was just seized by the need to have one and I just bought it. I’m not usually an impulse buyer so this is heady excitement for me. I dunno, quiches and impulse purchases in the same week? I’m going to need a lay down!

Ok, calm down Heather. Here’s a friendly lamb from the farm the other day. Baaaaaa. Maybe it’ll make some nice yarn one day?

My mind is chockablock full of yarny thoughts at the moment. I have a project that I need to finish soon and then I can start new things! I’m going to attempt to make a stripy snug thing to go around my connecta sling, like a little wearable blanket to go around the outside to keep my girl warm when I don’t want to wear my hideous old unbreathable raincoat around us both. I’ve seen a gorgeous knitted one on Pinterest that buttons onto a coat but as I don’t have a coat with buttons (nor am I that good a knitter), I’m going to try and invent a crocheted one (stripy of course) to go around the connecta. I only thought of this last night so my idea needs work. I’ve got the yarn colours sorted though – important bit first eh!

Right, my crochet is calling me. Have a lovely weekend! x