Carousels, Christmas Markets and Cranky Children

Yes, that’s me, riding a carousel all by myself. Abandoned by my son who was so excited to see it and to sit on it and then decided at the last night that he wanted to get off. I’m so glad he did get off because it was frankly rather terrifying and having to restrain and wrangle a child-turned-angry-octopus atop a horse on a moving carousel would inevitably ended up in us falling off the whole thing. His little happy excited face as I went past him each time (so many times! Why did it go round so many times?!) was priceless though!

They both really enjoyed a turn on a tamer, more age appropriate carousel and neither wanted to get off afterwards. TTG’s face when it started moving was also priceless, she looked at me as if to say “Mummy this is MOVING, are you aware? Yes? Oh. Ok.”

Our trip to the Christmas market in Leeds had been planned for a couple of weeks; it’s the only chance we will have to take TTB there on a weekday as this time next year he will be in school and they selfishly don’t let you take days off to go on jolly jaunts to Christmas markets. We had a good time and I’m really pleased we went. It was touch and go as to whether we would make it because we all have a cold and neither child is sleeping well, to say the least, which means I am not sleeping either and we all felt rubbish this morning. They were cranky on the way home but generally did really well. I think it’s best to get out for the day if you feel like that rather than getting bored at home because then at least when you come home later you can just let everyone flop and watch TV, whereas if you stay in and watch TV all day it’s boring and everyone is fed up by lunch time.

I hate that everyone is poorly and I really hate not sleeping but I love having happy days with my family.


It’s the first of December …

It’s the first of December and all through the house, no one can find my crochet hooks, not even my spouse. Ok that was rubbish, but seriously, I can’t find them! So annoying. I had them on Saturday and now I can’t find them. It’s probably because I started doing a big sort out of lots of things and they’ve become swept away at some point in the process, or maybe TTG has squirrelled them away in a bag somewhere. I don’t know where her obsession with bags and other vessels and filling them with all kinds of things comes from, but I’m finding little stashes of stuff everywhere.

I am not at all prepared for Christmas this year; I have bought a couple of presents for TTB and one for Andy, and I have most of the things for their stockings from Father Christmas, but that is it. I did remember to get Advent Calendars, although explaining that there is a limit of one chocolate per day remains a challenge. I’ve put the calendars out of reach just in case.

Earlier today I had a moment of panic when I realised that my house was not beautifully decorated for Christmas, until I remembered that there’s no law which says it must be decorated for the whole of December! I do need to sort out the lounge to make space for the tree and the decorations but there’s plennnnnty of time for that.

Back to Advent calendars. The photo is from last year; I was going to leave the post just as text but I thought nah, let’s steal one from last year. Oh look, even tinier TTB <3 love him. This year we’re not using any faffy advent calendars: no Father Christmas with drawers, no cardboard woodland creatures, and no paper advent calendar. I don’t have time for so many and it became a chore to open/affix them all each day. My past self would be outraged with my choice this year but they each have a £1 Cadbury chocolate one and that is that. I bought a lovely paper one in the sale last year but I can’t remember where it is, and I haven’t even retrieved the box of Christmas decorations from upstairs yet so sorry Father Christmas, your drawers will remain empty this year!

Now you all know I love a good bit of “this time last year”, so indulge me:

This time last year I was able to decorate the house because TTG was 8 months old and slept in the sling a lot, and TTB was having his settling in sessions at Nursery School. He was having his last couple of weeks at his playgroup, and I was all emotional about how quickly he was growing up. WELL. How much he has grown up in a year! Nursery School has been fabulous for him, and for me as well: I joined the Board of Governors not long after he started and it’s been a steep but brilliant learning curve for me. Ok, the first of December is probably a bit early to start the “2016 reflections” but I think some dates are always very easy to remember what you were doing at certain points in your life and the start of Advent is one of them.

So come on then, tell me: are you like me and generally winging things, or have you had your presents wrapped up since the end of October?