It wasn’t raining!

We’ve seen an awful lot of the inside of our house lately. We’ve seen a lot of weather through our windows; rain, snow, hail, sleet, frost, wind, more rain, more wind, even more rain, even more wind … you get the idea. We’ve made the necessary trips out of the house, to nursery, to Tesco, to knit and natter, but inside is where we have spent most of our time lately. That’s not too bad, we are home birds and we do not suffer much from being inside. But when it isn’t raining, and it’s not wickedly cold, we relish the chance to spread our wings in the great outdoors.

It would seem going to the park and becoming covered in mud is a January thing for Tiny Tin Bird (last year – same coat, much smaller boy!). Why did I put him in shoes and not in wellies? Why? WHY? And why I even thought that asking him not to go in the mud would work I don’t know. He is TTB and he likes MUD, and also likes to do his own thing rather than listen to me. Ahem.

It has been a while since we went to the park. The last time, we arrived there and within five minutes it was driving freezing rain and we had a miserable walk back against the wind and the rain with poor TTB crying with the feel of it on his face. We sought shelter in Caffe Nero and when we eventually got home we all needed a full outfit change and lots of cuddles to feel ok again.

This time was much better. Tiny Tin Girl kindly had a nap in her pushchair which meant that TTB could explore the big rock and the trees and what have you, and I could practise with my camera. I am pleased with some of my photos, which still feels like a massive deal.

Then … then we went for a walk through the park. It was fairly muddy. The path was muddy. The grass was a sodden quagmire, and I couldn’t get the pushchair on it. TTB realised this and took the opportunity to really test me with how far away he could go. That’s him, at the longest reach of my long lens, a long way away from me. Calling me, “Mum! Mum! Mum! Mummy! I’m in the mud! Come and rescue me!” (Can we just take a moment to sob at the change from being called mummy to being called mum? Sob!) It was a bit of a stand off. He walked along the grass, stopping to gleefully stomp and splash up and down in the mud (I’d given up caring about his shoes and clothes by this point. It’s just mud. Things wash. I’m not precious about it.) and I walked along the path adjacent to him. In the end I called his bluff and told him I was going home and headed off quickly in that direction. Thankfully he gave in and caught me up!

Have you noticed his sticks? He’s like a stick magnet. He walked through the park gate and they zoomed into his hands as if he were Magneto and they were, well, metal sticks.

They’re still under the pushchair. Apparently they were really useful sticks and leaving them at the park was unacceptable.

Small muddy boys aside for a minute, small and fluffy girl had her first proper go on the swings and thought that was MARvellous! She’s had a little go before but she’s so tiny that she just lurched about dangerously as if she was going to pop out the back. This time she twigged what was going on and held onto the front and had a great time. She was going “Hwheeeee!” like a pair of wheezy bellows, it was very sweet.

Then TTB found a slidey patch of mud near the swings and rather dramatically fell over onto his bottom. He said he was trying to ice skate on it, but that it was rather slippy and he fell. Yep. That can happen on slidey mud.

Eventually we made it home, where I somehow managed to get him inside but not let his clothes and shoes pass the doormat. They’re clean now, after 45 minutes of vigorous cleaning with warm water and a microfibre cloth.

And that’s the story of how we went to the park when it wasn’t raining, TTB got covered in mud (again) and TTG went on the swings. I’m very aware of how fast Tiny Tin Bird is growing up right now. Our trips to the park won’t be like that for long. He’s growing bigger and better and more wonderful all the time, but it takes my breath away a bit that he isn’t this little boy in the park any more. Stories from our every day life, like this one, might seem not-so-interesting to some of you but I know I’ll look back on them and treasure the fact that I wrote this.


Snow started falling on Saturday evening, just as we were starting the bath & bed routine. TTB sat on his windowsill and watched the flakes tumbling to the ground and come to rest on the ground. Awestruck, he turned to me and said, ‘ We can play in it, can’t we mummy? We could build a snowman!” Well we can tomorrow, I told him, because it’s bedtime now. I wanted to hug him so much; he watched The Snowman with me once and said he didn’t like it all the way through and then was very sad at the end when the snowman melted, so for him to suggest building a snowman made me feel very emotional. I find myself getting very emotional over his comments lately, he’s growing so quickly but is still so tiny and it takes my breath away.

A little later I saw that some of my friends had let their children play in the snow immediately and I felt hugely guilty that I’d sent him to bed rather than to play in the snow. I hoped and hoped that there would still be snow outside in the morning!

Fortunately there was, and he spent a happy half an hour outside playing with Andy. The yard is very small and it hadn’t really collected that much snow, but there was enough for him to play with, and to make a tiny snowman as well. I often long for a sizeable garden, but there’s lots of happiness to be found in a small yard – enough to make one small boy happy at least! He enjoyed a cup of hot chocolate and a biscuit when he came in, so all in all the snowy morning was a success.

(And even better, it had all melted away the next day! One-day-snow is the best kind of snow in my opinion.)