A Change in the Light

Hello! Happy days: we are almost completely “cold free” now, hurrah! (Teeth still a problem but not much I can do about that really.) Thanks for your supportive comments, I know a cold isn’t a major serious illness type thing but dealing with it always makes my head go a bit boggly. And the sleep! I kept having to have a stern talking to myself about complaining about lack of sleep, in 4 months this amount of sleep will feel like a luxury.

ANYWAY, I’m not sure that everyone wants to read about the state of my child’s teeth so I will move on. Look, ducks! I actually managed to get us out of the house today (I would prefer to hibernate indoors for most of the grim weather but that’s not really possible…) and we went for a walk. By the time we were ready it has started to rain, it was windy, brrrrr. But we needed to fill the morning somehow so we kept on going.

When we reached the park though, there must have been a break in the clouds and just for a few minutes the sun shone fiercely. It changed the whole feel of the morning from grey and drizzly to bright, stunning Autumn.

The light changed quite quickly over those few minutes and I like the differences that you can see in these three photos. They’re from slightly further away each time because I had TTB on reins and he had seen an enormous puddle (or in his words, “norma pubbul”) and was not hanging about.

Ah yes, Norma Pubbul was followed shortly afterwards by: “Oh no! Wet trowwer!” and a request for “clean dry trowwer?” The fact that he knows how to say “clean, dry trousers” should give you some indication of how frequently he needs them. The outside world is just so wet and muddy and tempting at this time of year!

16 thoughts on “A Change in the Light

  1. Jackie says:

    Oh yes, the power of the puddles!! My two year old Noah is just the same as TTB – like a heat seeking missile where puddles are concerned. There’s no delicate splashing about either, it’s a full on run-up, jump through the air and monumental splash down right in the middle, causing soggy wet trousers and more often than not, boots full of water! In fact, we have a pair of upside down wellies drying on the radiator as I write. I’ve finally decided this week to buy one of those all-in-one waterproof suits (plenty on Amazon at a good price if you need one for TTB) after one too many pairs of wet trousers. Getting him in and out of it might be the practical pay-off though! Lovely photos by the way, capturing Autumn very nicely.

  2. Heather says:

    I think this is the first time he’s had the water go completely into his wellies and he was a bit shocked! I’ve got waterproof trousers for him, I just forgot to put them on him (more fool me) but he still had fun – I just had to carry him all the way home again! He had a big bath with lots of bubbles when we got home to warm him up again :-)

  3. Beautiful photos :) The light is really funny at this time of year isn’t it. And I reckon puddle-jumping should be encouraged whatever your age and regardless of dry-trouser availability, it’s such fun :)

  4. Sue Mayer says:

    You have taken some lovely photos. I should have taken a photo of the silver birch in my garden when the sky behind it was very dark and the sun was shining on the tree.

    TTB is a proper little boy :-) My daughters enjoyed puddles too but not so enthusiastically so they did not get wet trousers. Mine wore all in one waterproofs too and they were brilliant.

  5. Twin chaos says:

    I had those waterproof all in one suits, they save so much washing and mess, I can’t recomend them enough. In fact we are returning to Yorshire in Jan after a couple of years in Mexico and were discussing only yesterday how we should get some in their current size.

  6. housewithhearts.blogspot.co.uk says:

    My daughter is just the same – in fact she’s pretty upset when it’s dry as there are no puddles to splash in. My son loves them too but…ahem…following a ‘face down in muddy puddle’ incident, we’ve been a bit more careful!

  7. housewithhearts.blogspot.co.uk says:

    My daughter is just the same – in fact she\’s pretty upset when it\’s dry as there are no puddles to splash in. My son loves them too but…ahem…following a \’face down in muddy puddle\’ incident, we\’ve been a bit more careful!

  8. The wet trousers made me laugh, Heather. When Stashlet sees a puddle he jumps straight in, and because he has new rain gear, thinks that he can even roll around in them without getting wet. And I ask him, ” are your trousers wet? no”, ” are your socks wet? no” and we get home and he’s soaked to the skin! Just as well the park is a 2 minute walk from our house…

  9. That boy needs waders ;) Sorry to hear he’s been poorly and a big thumbs up for hanging in there! I won’t even try to compare but I keep getting woken up by Dizzy (the cat) and I can’t imagine how genuine parents feel! At least I could shut him downstairs, I just don’t have the heart (or brains!)

    Your lovely photographs of trees make me realise I need to get outdoors more, even though it’s cold. Being inside is lovely but so are long walks :)

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