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Have you ever learnt something new and then become completely absorbed in it, and every spare moment is taken up by this new thing, and every non spare moment is spent thinking and daydreaming about it? Friends, my mum visited at the weekend and she taught me how to sew using my sewing machine and I am fiiiiiiiiiiinally doing it properly and making my quilt that I have wanted to make for so long. I can’t quite put into words just how that makes me feel but I am so immensely proud of myself (sewing has been a nemesis for years) and thrilled that I CAN DO IT! It made me realise that I never want to stop learning new things throughout my life. And that I’m glad I’m learning to sew now while I have a small child to make things for, too. I feel a bit unstoppable actually!

I know I’ve not posted for a week and that’s because I have been busy sewing! I will be back when I’ve done more, I kind of don’t want to show you it until it’s come on a bit because it will spoil it. For me! Haha! Basically I’m using 5 different Moda charm packs and making a big quilt for TTB. I need to go and investigate walking feet (foots?) now so I’ll say bye for now – hope you are all well! And thank you for your comments about photo taking, I’m glad you know what I mean, and I often feel sad if I’m out without my camera and see something that would make a good photo.


p.s five points if you can identify any of the Moda ranges from that photo ;-)

24 thoughts on “Can’t talk – sewing!

  1. Some new creativity can give you a boost and a lot of fun and energy. My advice: go for it. All other things will get attention of you after a while.

    Have pleasure with sewing, Margaret

  2. Wendy Willis says:

    Well done Heather. I have been attempting to do a quilt for my bed. Can I rent your mum to teach me??? Lol. I’m not quite brave enough to show my efforts as it hasn’t lined up very well but hey ho…. It’s my first attempt. Look forward to your reveal. X

  3. Wow! I want to learn too!!!!! Was it very difficult to get started? What kind of sewing machine are you using? I think getting one would be the first step for me to start learning, but I don’t know which kind of machine would be the most suitable… plus, I don’t want to spent too much!

  4. Wow! I want to learn too!!!!! Was it very difficult to get started? What kind of sewing machine are you using? I think getting one would be the first step for me to start learning, but I don\’t know which kind of machine would be the most suitable… plus, I don\’t want to spent too much!

  5. That’s great to be able to learn something new and really enjoy it. I started going to a class to learn how to make patchwork quilts but the class has stopped now. At least I was able to learn how to do it and can make quilts whenever I want. Crochet is still my favourite though.

  6. Sue says:

    Well done. It looks good so far. Have you had to do some pressing with an iron?

    Making a quilt is on my to do list. Nothing will get done for six weeks as I have RSI in my index finger so it is in a splint, sigh. I am looking forward to seeing your finished quilt.

  7. VeggieMummy says:

    Well done you. I’ve just finished my first quilt and it’s been such fun to make. I had to get my sewing machine out of the loft in order to do it and I’m now hooked. Have fun – your fabric looks beautiful. x

  8. Jocelyn Nelson says:

    I know just what you mean! My mum quilts and I think her finished products are so gorgeous, but sewing is my nemesis too! For me, I can actually do it, I just don’t enjoy sitting at a table sewing- I much prefer a comfy chair and a hook or needle. So I have just started doing a hexagon quilt using English paper piecing which is all hand pieced and hand quilted. I love it and would definitely recommend it if you like crochet as it’s got that same sort of repetitive action that’s enjoyable.
    It will be interesting to watch how your quilt comes along. Can’t wait to see it when you finish.

  9. Heather-don’t buy a walking foot as I have a brand new one still in its packaging which I would love to give you. I have already given my sewing machine to someone but she was not interested in quilting. I have been given a new sewing machine early for my BIG birthday and DH was savvy enough to know that I needed the walking foot to match the new machine and bought it too. I adore sewing and quilting although I am self taught mainly from utube.look at Missouri Star Quilt blog-the lady there is a super sewer and very easy to follow. I think you can email me if you would like the walking foot. It would be a pleasure to pass it on to someone who is starting the journey into sewing.

  10. The world is such a big place and there is so much to know – you can never stop learning! It’s why I decided to do a Master’s degree when I was 41 – and then discovered I was the youngest in the class by about 20 years! I’ve spent time this year getting to grips with my sewing machine too. It’s wonderful when you learn something new that can be put to practical use, isn’t it? xx

  11. Anna-Marie says:

    Yeah!!!!!!!!! I really can’t wait to see more of it!!!! I love quilting, still doing it by hand, but I think it’s wonderful that you have done something new and are enjoying it so much!!!!!! Have a happy week!!!!!!

  12. Catherine Pritchard says:

    I’m still on a sewing high having discovered quilting last year. So many fabrics and so many ideas. Enjoy!

  13. Nanita says:

    Well done! I couldn’t sew if my life depended on it, and my own mum is a professional seemstress! I completely agree about what you say about learning new things, staying curious and eager to learn is so important and fulfilling. Looking forward to seeing the end result! :-) xxxx

  14. Trisch says:

    Oh how exciting!!! I have been sewing as long as I can remember. I loved sewing for my girls when they were little and have also sewn for grand children. Can’t wait to see the finished project!!!

  15. Cindy says:

    I was going to mention Missouri Star Quilting Company – Here is their site She is amazing and her tutorials are absolutely wonderful. Good luck with the quilting as I have been buying material to start making one but have to get my sewing machine fixed first!!

  16. Well done you and what a great outlook to have on the lifelong learning thing, we can always learn new things if we chose to, so it is great that you are learning more about sewing and having so much fun doing it! I look forward to seeing more of your quilt as and when. xx

  17. I can perfectly understand you, I’m mad about patchwork too!!! There are such lovely things you can do to your baby.

    I will never stop learning new things, as you, it’s so fun…

    Greetings from Spain

  18. Paula Buttenshaw says:

    Hi Heather! I love the quilt top you’ve made. Great colours! I’ve learned lots from your crochet, so I just thought I’d share a tip I learned when I first began quilting. I hope you don’t mind- I would hate to offend! When pressing the seams, you are better off ironing both edges of the fabric in the same direction. It didn’t come natural to me at first- I wanted to iron the seams as you did, but when you think about it, it makes sense to iron them the same way. This is because by ironing them ‘away’ from each other, you are creating a seam that could potentially allow the wadding to be seen (through the stitches). If you iron the seams in the same direction, then the wadding can never be seen. Do you follow? No way is right or wrong. It won’t matter, but you might like to try it next time. I’m not an expert- others may disagree. Anyway, I love your blog!!! Paula

  19. Knitting and sewing have both foiled me in the past but no more! I’ve made a few pairs of socks and a fancy infinity scarf which specifically said ‘not for beginners’ on the pattern. Recently I made a dress/tunic for myself and some pyjamas for my son. It helps when you have a Mum around who can advise and has learnt to stay the hell away from me until I want the advice! It also helps when she has an awesome sewing machine that beeps at you when you’ve done something stupid like try to sew with the presser foot still up. I’ve still got lots to learn but it feels good to have completed something. Love your quilt and hope you enjoy making lots more things.

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