This morning in the park

This morning we stopped at the bakery for croissants and then ate them in the park. We found the biggest leaf ever, shiny new conkers still wet from their casing, dew on the ground, bright red hawthorn berries and more leaves than we could count. The air was crisp and smelt like Autumn and my little boy enjoyed the freedom of running around without me holding his hand. He didn’t want to go when it was time to leave. We will probably go back tomorrow :-)

5 thoughts on “This morning in the park

  1. It’s lovely to get outside at this time of year. We’ll soon be in Yorkshire enjoying the beautiful scenery and (hopefully) nice weather. Also going to Yarndale again so might see you there.

  2. Alison says:

    Enjoy the beautiful horse-chestnut leaves. Your trees have not got leaf miners as ours in Bedford have, leaves brown and falling since early August!
    Love you crochet tutorials you are teaching me well, and I am having fun learning a new skill.

  3. Ana says:

    No sticks today? We’ve added feathers to our list of park treasures, and when it gets really autumny I’m planning on collecting leaves, pressing them and making pictures. TTB might like that too.

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