Autumn in August?

This morning we went to the park, seeking fresh air and the chance to stretch a certain boy’s legs. Run free little boy! I love seeing him off the reins and running around. We always go in the pushchair to the park as it’s too far for him to walk … well ok, it’s to far for me to carry him back from if he refuses to walk and it’s likely that he wouldn’t have the energy to walk back after walking there and then running around.

The park smelt sharp and crisp, like leaves and Autumn. Autumn in August! Can you believe it? I wasn’t really expecting it this early. There were swifts (swallows? martins?) swooping around and catching bugs, and plenty of fallen leaves on the grass. We collected Autumn treasures and appreciated the big tree stump. TTB likes to touch the trees and feel the bark and the sticks that lay on the ground. He was very interested in the tree stump. I like teaching him about nature, I really do.

And then of course because it’s us and I hadn’t brought any coats, it started to rain. We watched the boats go through the swing bridges anyway though, seeing as we were already wet. We got considerably wetter after that as the downpour increased. Oh well! I hope that one day our story for the day doesn’t include how wet we got in the rain ;-)

(P.S … perhaps little quick blogs just after I take the photos might make me blog better/easier. We will see.)

Good Morning

Good morning! It’s only 7am but TTB and I have been up for an hour officially, an hour and a half if you count the 30 minutes that he climbed on my head and I pretended to be asleep for. He’s having breakfast and I thought I would come and chat on here. I realised I haven’t really “chatted” on here for ages. It’s hard to find the time sometimes, and I worry that my chat is really boring as so much of my time is toddler-focussed. For example, most of the photos I am using in this post are of he and I walking together. Because that’s what we do at the moment! We are walking! He needs to walk more and by gaw he’s keen, always wants to walk and rarely accepts the pushchair now. Last week he walked all the way to Tesco and back and we had to stop and pick up all the dropped leaves that he found. I had to get him a carrier bag from Tesco in the end for him to carry them all in.

Of course he wanted to do the same thing again the next day, only he noticed the buses in the bus station on the way and we had to go and watch them for ages. Meh, why not? We had the time. The way I see it is that I am training him up to walk and behave properly in town and shops. To hold my hand when we walk, not to grab things off the shelves, not to pick up every single thing he sees. How to cross a road (he loves to tell me when the man goes green). That kind of thing. So we may as well take the time!

We got thoroughly caught out a week ago, thinking we’d caught a gap in the rainy weather to nip out and get bread. Of course, he refused the pushchair and it’s hard to “nip” when he’s walking and we got caught in the most torrential downpour. Everyone was hiding in shop doors and under the market stalls and I tried to do the same but he just shrieked that he wanted to walk. We were wet anyway so I thought we may as well just carry on. The rain was bouncing off the ground, which was swimming with water, and we got so wet that we both had to strip off in the hallway when we got in and have a full clothing change. It sounds awful, but you should have heard his laughter! His delight at the feel of the water on his (sandalled) feet and how it was rushing down the hill and around his toes. It’s hard to be frustrated about being soggy when it made him so happy.

Ironically when we went out later in the afternoon to splash in all the puddles that I was sure would be there, it was so hot and sunny that we only found a couple and were very hot in our wellyboots. Which I’d had to wear because my shoes were still full of water from the morning! Splashing in puddles is a top toddler activity and now we even have to go through them in the pushchair.

My father in law visited the other week and we went to the clay painting place in town to put TTB’s handprints on a mug for him. I’ve been training him up (TTB, not my father in law) for this moment for months, practising at home with paint and paper. He can now spread his fingers and place a handprint on command! Good lad. We were super fast: paint on hand and then SPLAT press it to the cup. Wipe hand quickly with babywipes, and repeat with other hand. I am planning a pre-Christmas trip to do something Christmassy too. I am also planning to consult Pinterest for ideas beforehand.

Thank you for all your Frozen Blanket love – it makes me so happy a) to get something finished and blog about it b) all your kind comments and c) seeing it pinned on Pinterest. I love that!

I like to use Pinterest when I haven’t had time to make things myself. It’s like being creative by proxy. I see lovely things and feel really inspired and satisfied despite not having made them myself. Quilts particularly make me feel like that! I like to have a quick browse on my ipad before I go to sleep so that my thoughts are filled with colourful, creative things. There are some awful things on there too though! Sometimes I see people pin things and think … really? You really like that/think that’s a good gift/ would eat that? Ok I admit, Pinterest makes me feel creative AND a little bit judgemental ;-)

I remember a time after having TTB that I realised I hadn’t laughed in such a long time. I can’t remember when it was … maybe a month, maybe two, maybe more? after having him. I’d been so tired, so unwell, so absorbed in the responsibility of caring for him, so tired, so exhausted (you get the picture) that I just hadn’t laughed. And I went onto Pinterest and I found “texts from dog” and “damn you autocorrect” and I just laughed and laughed for what felt like the whole evening (probably less than that as I imagine he woke up before long). It felt like the biggest release!

Admittedly this time of year is not inciting the same thoughts and fears and worries as it did last year (which I know I went on and on and on about at the time) but I have been thinking a lot about little Mr Newborn Tiny Tin Bird lately as in a few short weeks (5 and a half) he turns TWO YEARS OLD. I keep waiting for myself to be shocked by this revelation (that’s why I used capitals) but no, if someone was ever ready to turn two it’s he. Nearly all of his friends are six months older than him so we’ve done lots of second birthday parties already, which is really nice as it subtly prepares my mind in advance! He’s a wonderful little boy and I just delight in being his mum.

Sometimes when I think about blogging, or read other people’s blogs, I worry that I’m boring, not creative, don’t take enough beautiful photos, don’t make as much yarny output as I should. But not for long really, because I have always wanted to be a mum, and these young years just fly by, honestly, you don’t really believe it until it happens. I want to make the most of being a toddler-mum! I like taking him out on slow rambly walks, I like drawing round our hands and feet, I like blowing bubbles for him and chasing him in the playground or spotting him for endless goes on the slide. I like reading the books he brings me, over and over. And I think to worry about not doing enough crochet or knitting or blogging right now would be ridiculous. There is so much time for creating isn’t there! Sometimes I feel like I should apologise to you for not writing much very often here, but really, at the moment I do think the balance is about right.

I need to sign off here as aforementioned almost two year old needs me to get him dressed now. Nice to talk to you x