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A couple of months ago, I made a stack of colourful granny squares, just for the enjoyment of making something and putting the colours together. I deliberately didn’t have a project in mind for them as I didn’t want the pressure of having to work on it and finish it. I had a lot of fun making them! I had the idea in the back of my mind that they would look good one day as a big “anything goes” kind of blanket.

They’ve been stacked up near to our wifi router since then as I’ve been working on other things and I had just planned to leave them there really, but our internet has been really intermittent lately and we’ve had to restart the router a lot and they were really getting in the way. I thought they might be easier to store if I just joined them together.

On Thursday I laid them out on the bed without putting much thought into the arrangement – I didn’t put the same outer colour next to each other but apart from that I just lined them up pretty much as they came. And then I sat and joined them during naptime.

I joined about half of them before TTB woke up, and I longed to go back to them all afternoon! I sneaked another row while Andy was doing TTB’s bedtime story later on and then after he was in bed I ignored all of the washing up and just did this all evening. It was wonderful!

Lately I haven’t been feeling very creative and that was making me feel a bit down. Joining squares that I made ages ago was brilliant instant gratification! I really like joining squares anyway but this was even better as it was like I had made a small blanket in an evening.

My plan now is just to put it away in a drawer because I’m working on other things and because this type of square is more fun to make when I don’t have to make them: the colour combinations come easier when I’m in the zone rather than making squares to feed a blanket. I want to make more squares; this isn’t a useful size (I’d call it a small baby blanket size) right now. When I make more squares I won’t join them to this immediately, I’ll wait until I have 48 again, join them together and then join the two big pieces together, if you see what I mean.

I popped up to see Lucy on Friday afternoon and I took it to show her, on the way back I caught sight of it in my bag and it made me happy all over again. I love scrumpled, soft, joined up crochet. I think I might keep it out for a few days just to look at it before I put it away!

These squares are next on my list to sort out, they are also a bit in the way of the router! Again I think I’ll just join them and put them away and then make more when the mood takes me. I’m not counting theses as WIPs (works in progress) because they don’t really have a proper end in sight, they’re just fun to work on. And THAT is a rather liberating way of working, I have to say.


P.S Elmer squares worked on a 4mm hook using various colours of Stylecraft Special dk. The last photo of squares are just basic granny squares (no chain spaces at the sides) apart from the first round which is 8 x 2TR clusters each separated by a chain space. On the final round make sure to do 3ch on the corners for easier joining, otherwise I’ve done 2ch.

21 thoughts on “Crochet Squares

  1. I love all the colours and sometimes it’s nice to have a project that has no end it’s just for some mindless instant colour gratificiation.

  2. I love all the colours and sometimes it\’s nice to have a project that has no end it\’s just for some mindless instant colour gratificiation.

  3. I love the colours in this post: I like the solid look of the squares. Son number 2’s chair is in need of a revamp and a blanket made like this might, just might, be the answer!

  4. Claire F says:

    Loving the color combo! I have one like this on the go as well, its a large granny blanket in pinks and my first ‘just for me project’. I picked it up again last night and relised it has been 2 years since I started it but I love working on it at own speed just for fun!

  5. Claire F says:

    Loving the color combo! I have one like this on the go as well, its a large granny blanket in pinks and my first \’just for me project\’. I picked it up again last night and relised it has been 2 years since I started it but I love working on it at own speed just for fun!

  6. Anna-Marie says:

    Just lovely!!! I also have a few bags of squares with no plan, I just love crocheting a couple of squares while watching telly!!!! Love your color combinations!!!!
    Have a fun week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  7. Look gorgeous at the moment! Joining squares are the bane of my existence although I must admit I do love it when it’s all finished!

    The colours work really well together, even if you aren’t thinking about the placement! I really wish I had the confidence in my colour choices to make something as colourful as this – I must admit that I play it a bit safe!

  8. Aww, I love things like that. I’ve just come out of a bit of a crafting rut and it’s true sometimes I think your creative part needs a bit of a hibernation! Doing something not demanding, deadline driven or that you need to turn into something huge lets your brain reset!

  9. They look great Heather :) Sorry to hear you’ve not had much of a crochet mojo lately, you will definitely get more inspiration, I think you just have to build it up again after you’ve created too many lovely things!

  10. The squares you joined look great together. And I can understand you just wanting to get at it and do all the joining, never mind clearing up. You do your Granny squares the same as me – without a chain 1 along the sides.

  11. susan says:

    Heather, Heather, Heather!!! These blankets are going to be BEAUTIFUL!!! You have outdone yourself this time Mamma!!! Can’t wait to see the final results. But no rush! I have two that I have tucked away and pull out from time to time to work on. Such a joy. Enjoy the process!

    Susan M. Smith
    Bucks County, Pennsylvania

  12. Caroline says:

    That is just too beautiful to hide away. Maybe you could fold it in half and make a pillow cover. I just live watching your son grow up from here in Seattle.

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