Rain and Shine

July has given us a glorious stretch of beautiful weather. It’s been hot, which brings its own problems but generally if you go out early and come home before the middle of the day it’s not been too bad. I’ve been filling up buckets of water in the yard and Tiny Tin Bird is happy driving his truck in them and tipping the water from one bucket to another with his toy teapot (saying, “soooop! soooop! pooooooour!” which in toddler speak is “scoop” of course). We’ve spent time in the park (of course) and with lovely friends. Oh how we love the days we spend with friends.

The rain we had didn’t bring any relief from the heat, it just made it muggy and uncomfortable. Stupidly I had left our raincoats at my mum’s house the previous week and I felt rather trapped while it was raining. But it was so warm, and TTB was fed up of being in the house so I just let him out into the yard anyway. He didn’t mind the rain in the slightest and just enjoyed scooping up the collected water with a big spoon and tipping it into buckets, plant pots, his truck, and down the drain. I stood in the kitchen doorway nice and dry! After that he had a warm bath and was perfectly happy with that. The next day we went for a welly walk and splashed in all the puddles. You should have seen the joy on his face!

The cooler weather today was most welcome and we made the most of it by going for a long (for a toddler) walk. I wonder what tomorrow will bring :)

6 thoughts on “Rain and Shine

  1. My little lady is unfortunately sick at the moment. Some kind of summer flu I guess… So we have to stay insied although the weather is very nice outside. Little lady does not approve ;-)

  2. Anna-Marie says:

    What a wonderful childhood little TTB is having!!! Playing and walking, WOW, he really is getting so big now!!!
    Have a happy week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  3. I’ve just had a little catch up of your blog today – what a fabulous time you seem to have been having! The Tour de France crowds look immense! I’m not surprised TTB was a bit overwhelmed! You and TTB look like you had a brill time at your Mum’s. How cute that he loves snails. My little boy is a bit obsessed with ants at the mo – we have a colony living under the patio and he delights in messing up their entrance holes and then standing so they run all over his feet and legs. He wasn’t thrilled when one snuck into his pants one day though!

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