Our Week Away (In pictures)

After the Tour de France, TTB and I travelled back “home” (my mum’s home!) with my mum and Alice, and spent the week with them and the rest of my family there. Andy came down the following weekend as well. It was a bright and colourful week with most of our time spent in my mum’s garden. She thinks that her garden is a bit disappointing and that she wishes she had more time to spend on it. I think you can see that it is actually very beautiful (and I hope that she knows that really!). TTB simply adores his Grandma and trailed round after her like a shadow all week. He hardly wanted me at all! All of my family adore him too and my goodness does he like to be the centre of attention. Boy loves an audience.

I think we walked up the farm track almost every single day, the most delightful of which was early on Thursday morning (well, 8:45 and I’d been awake for several hours so not that early really!) when the sun was hot and the sky was perfect blue. The thistles were teeming with butterflies and it was incredible to watch them all. I think they must have all just hatched! They were mainly Meadow Browns (male and female) and Gatekeepers but I was thrilled to see some Ringlets as well, and of course some Small Tortoiseshells. Clustered on a patch of nettles were lots of spiky caterpillars and when I looked them up in the butterfly book at home, I discovered that they were Peacock Butterfly caterpillars so they’ll be flying around before too long. Rather pleasingly, the butterfly book (it’s not the most current one!) has a page entitled “Curiously Shaped Caterpillars”.

We had a couple of trips out for coffee and cake, one followed by a wonderful trip to the woods: TTB’s first time going to the woods as a fully loose running around toddler and I think the photo of him, Alice and Rachel says all you need to know about his enjoyment while we were there. In his new wellies, no less. I do so love taking him to the places that I went as a child, I like that it’s kind of “full circle” and I like that he gets to do a bit of his growing up in “proper” Northamptonshire countryside. As beautiful as North Yorkshire is, it’s just not the same as the South Northamptonshire countryside :-)

It’s startling just how big he is looking lately, it’s always more pronounced when I take him to stay with my family because I see him in a setting that’s not continual. He can reach more, do more and climb on more than he did before. He played with toys that were ours; my brother’s tractor and trailer and the little “bunny bike” that was a gift for one of my early birthdays and has been passed along between all of us. He had a blast in the garden, really. My mum bought him a little yellow bucket so that he had something to carry his snail shell collection around in, something that he is very very interested in. We let him hold a few live ones as well but I can assure you that absolutely no harm came to them and they were safely relocated after he had had a good look.

On our last full day, Saturday, we did the farm track/butterfly walk again and were rewarded with a big red tractor, and then went to Canons Ashby for (a not so great as it turned out) coffee and cake. The car park is manned by some nice old men who will take you up the long path on a golf buggy thing if you are not able to walk well yourself. They have a super little caravan hut thing that they sit in and I peeked inside it: crochet granny blanket! Yes!

Later in the evening, my Grandma came over and we all had a big “summer feast” in the garden. So lovely and relaxed. The watermelon we had was eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeenormous … we had to slice it in half to weigh it because the scales couldn’t cope with the full weight. Each half weighed 6lb 10 oz! Incredible. It was so juicy. I LOVE watermelon.

I have so enjoyed writing this post and sorting out the photos for it! Of course it’s just a small selection of the staggering 958 photos I took in one week but I don’t think my blog would cope if I posted them all haha. Anyway I hope you enjoyed looking at them too :-)


13 thoughts on “Our Week Away (In pictures)

  1. Sue says:

    Beautiful photos. I love the little caravan thing :-)

    It looks like TTB is a confident little boy and clearly had fun on his holiday. Interested in snails hmmm, yuk. Apparently when I was a small child I collected worms in a seaside bucket and told my mother that they were my pets!

    I am thrilled that you are teaching TTB all about the natural world as I have met teenagers who could not name a single flower and they were studying “A” level biology.

  2. Heather says:

    Canons Ashby is lovely, they just had young, inexperienced staff working the cafe that day ad the food and drink was awful x

  3. Lucy says:

    I lived in Towcester for the first 10 years of my life. Whenever I visit now I realise how beautiful the Northamptonshire countryside is. I have lived in Somerset ever since so I’ve had the best of both worlds!
    Really enjoy your blog!

  4. Lucy says:

    I lived in Towcester for the first 10 years of my life. Whenever I visit now I realise how beautiful the Northamptonshire countryside is. I have lived in Somerset ever since so I\’ve had the best of both worlds!
    Really enjoy your blog!

  5. Melaniemelanie says:

    Your photos look absolutely amazing and captured our time together beautifully! FYI the scones at Canons Ashby are always delicious, so choose those next time.

  6. Looks like you had a great week visiting your family. As I was looking through the pictures I couldn’t help thinking how big your boy is getting. He’s definietely not a baby any more.

  7. Judith Hogan says:

    Definitely enjoyed the photos. Especially those two sky ones. It seems as if everyone had a marvelous time.

  8. Alison says:

    Those pictures of the sky are brilliant, in fact the whole set of photos gives a real sense of place. Loving the wellies, I have small feet, maybe they do size 3??

  9. What a wonderful record of your trip back ‘home’. What a dear little chap he is – I love seeing his progress and his wonder with everything – takes me back to when our 3 were little people. In the days before blogs and digital images it all passed in a haze and blur and now we have comparatively few prints stuffed into a box that capture magical moments. Hope the sun is still shining now that you’re back ‘real home’ – it’s sweltering down here in the south of England.

  10. Anna-Marie says:

    What lovely summer fun!!!! And yes your Mom’s garden us absolutely beautiful!!!!! I love walking with you and TTB!!!! Such lovely places to see!!!! Watermelon is also my absolute favourite!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  11. gina in alabama says:

    could that little caravan be a shepherd’s lambing hut? it sure looks like one. how cool to have one as a reader’s hideaway!

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