The View From The Top of The World

Every time I sit down to write about these photos I feel like I’m just going to spoil them with my words – how can you write about these beautiful views without detracting from the photos? My friend and I and our two boys had a picnic lunch up at Barden Fell today. It was simply stunning. TTB found every single bit of sheep and rabbit poo, tried to munch on a few rocks (WEIRD child) and fell over a few times and ended up stinking of sheep poo. He was completely filthy from head to toe (the dust and sand and dirt had stuck fast to the suncream I slathered him in, lovely), fell asleep in the car on the way home and I had to carry him up to his bed … but oh so dirty I had to spread a fleecy blanket over the bed (whilst holding stinky sleeping child) before I could lay him on it. I quite like seeing him all covered in dirt as you can tell he’s had a good time. Both boys did and they enjoyed each other’s company, in the brief moments when they did the same thing; they seemed to take it in turns to play with the ground/run on ahead!

P.S I soaked him in a bubbley bath for half an hour this afternoon but he’s still all grim and sticky so he’s going to need another soaking tomorrow morning!

15 thoughts on “The View From The Top of The World

  1. One of our absolute most favourite places to go, so glad you went!! Now just promise me you’ll go back in early September when the heather is flowering, the beauty of it is staggering.
    Much love
    ps fancy a park date/picnic when the summer hols kick in?

  2. Kate Maguire says:

    What is a bit of poo between friends?! He had fun and you all had a lovely time, that’s what it’s all about. X

  3. Kate Maguire says:

    What is a bit of poo between friends?! He had fun and you all had a lovely time, that\’s what it\’s all about. X

  4. Anna-Marie says:

    Getting dirty and picnics!!! What bliss!!!! All the things that make a child happy!!!! Have a fab week!!!
    AMarie xxx

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Oh, look at the little chap stamping up that hill. I used to take mine in the country, with a camping gas stove, a tin of beans and kettle and we used to make a cuppa and have beans, cowboy style. None of this theme park for us, mind you there was only Alton Towers nearby and we used to sneak in there through a hold in hedge. It wasn’t as commercial then, in the 70s. This was when we were in Staffordshire.

    A dirty child is a happy child, particularly after an adventure! You so have the right attitude.

  6. Great scenery and I love when we have been out with my kids and they are all sticky and grubby…nothing a good soak doesn’t cure and it is always good to encourage adventure!! Here’s to lots more summer days for exploring and adventuring xx

  7. Em says:

    That’s one of the good things about kids… They go in the washing machine, but you can’t tumble dry them..

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