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I didn’t really have many friends after I left school. I didn’t really have many friends after I left university. It’s taken me a while to realise the value of myself as a friend, and to believe that my friends do want to be my friend and it’s not just me that is benefiting from our friendship. Over the past few years, and especially since I’ve settled in this town and had my baby, I’ve been really lucky in making some really really good friends. My friends who live locally see each other fairly regularly, it’s good for us and it’s good for our children (who are all similar ages.) I would have really struggled without these friends. Over the past few weeks I’ve had the pleasure and honour of being able to see some of my friends who live further away. I know the internet has it’s faults, but it’s a valuable tool in being able to maintain friendships in real time even though you are miles apart.

Friendships that become friendships between your children as well is really special, and TTB and my friend Katherine’s little boy just get on like a house on fire. They’re going to be unstoppable force when they’re older!

Friends who will happily come to the park with you a hundred times (or thereabouts …!) in a week because your little ones just love the slide so much. Or who will let you put your carseat in their car so you can all go to the ice cream parlour and let your boys loose on the biggest, bestest playground ever. (TTB is in a wooden ship here. It’s amazing.) Or who bring you a surprise bunch of flowers and a toddler-made birthday card on your birthday.

Friends who will enter an auction to win a room in a hotel near to your town and hire a car to come and stay there, AND bring little windmills, bouncy balls and cuddly lions for your toddler. And spend ages chasing him up and down the slide, blowing bubbles for him and entertaining him over lunch.

Friends who give so much love and support to me that when they need it in return I don’t hesitate in getting a train all the way to Leeds just to have a picnic in the park on her lunchbreak with them.

Friends who don’t mind doing the driving over here each time because the train would take me three times as long and I can’t drive, and who don’t mind when I message out of the blue just for a whinge.

And friends who will accompany you to see your very favourite dancer from Strictly on his tour and don’t mind queueing up with you to get your programme signed and your photo taken ;-)

I’m so lucky. Sometimes I can’t quite believe it, really. My friends and family are definitely the main source of the happiness in my life and I’m so grateful to them for it.

12 thoughts on “Good Friends

  1. Lovely sentiments, Heather. True friends will do all this and you will remain friends with them forever. You will pick up a conversation as if it was only a couple of days ago that you met. And you will be a very large source of pleasure to your friends, it shines out of your blog.

    I have a friend I have never met other than the internet and desperately want to visit her, hopefully I will this coming week, as she is VERY ill and needs some TLC and hugs. Also practical help. I just wish I had met her before this happened to her and could have experienced fun days with her as well as just being of practical help. I just wish I was less than almost 40 miles away.

    And wowee – where is that lovely wooden ship please?

  2. lovely post Heather, we all need reminders sometimes of important things. I was the same with friends when I was growing up, and when I had had my baby I met some lovely people – it gave me some confidence to make friends because I felt I had worth as a mother.

  3. I didn’t meet my three very best friends until I was in my twenties. They all live in different parts of the country to me, but each of them would drop everything if I needed them and I would do the same for them. Sometimes we meet friends like these when we’re young and sometimes when we’re older, but they all come into our lives at the times that we’re ready to meet them and they make our lives richer for it xx

  4. We all need at least one good friend. I’m very glad to say that I have good friends and a great family. Life would be so much more difficult without them.

  5. We all need at least one good friend. I\’m very glad to say that I have good friends and a great family. Life would be so much more difficult without them.

  6. Claire C says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post, it made me smile. Having good friends in our lives is such a blessing,. I don’t easily make friends so I really appreciate the value of the ones I do have. cherish them, because they are so worth it. xx

  7. Anna-Marie says:

    Little friends holding hands!!! Can there be anything cuter?!!
    True friends are hard to come by and when you do they need to be treasured!!! Have a fab week!!!

  8. Just 1 friend, 1 really good friend is enough!! Every description you made is beautiful.
    It is important in life not to be alone but not to have too much friends (virtual !!).
    And when friendship begins between young people it is wonderful.

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