Let me count the ways …

I know we are only part way through the day, but so far it’s been so good that I just have to write it down. Firstly, I woke up at 6:20am to the sounds of TTB laying in his bed and calling out the names of everything he could see in his room. This means that I woke up in my own bed, my OWN BED, and that he had slept through the night. THROUGH THE WHOLE FLIPPIN’ NIGHT! When I went in to see him, he stayed laying on his bed and gave me a big cheesy grin as I went over to him, and then said “Hello!” or rather, “Ewwo!” I love the way he pronounces “hello” so much, I almost want him to do it forever.

I finished my breakfast before he did so I got out some yarn and managed to make a whole granny square, partly while he finished his breakfast and then after that he climbed onto my lap and asked to watch “neeyow neeeyow” which is what he calls the episode of Abney and Teal “The Buzzing Thing” as the plot of the episode involves a little aeroplane. He requests this episode several times a day and laughs raucously at the same points throughout it. When he asks for things now, he says a very sweet little “peeeeeeeees!” and signs it at the same time, but it’s his own version of the actual sign for “please” whereby he grabs his tshirt/vest between his fingers and brings that up to his chin. I don’t know where that came from but it’s just his interpretation of the sign I suppose! Either way I love it.

This granny square is “my new design”, if I can call it that – it feels like a bit of cheek claiming granny square designs as one’s own seeing as there are a finite number of things you can do with a granny square and I’m sure they’ve already all been made (by grannies, probably) even if they don’t appear on pinterest. Anyway, this one is really simple but I like it a lot. I’m not going to do a tutorial for it because if you can already make a granny square, then you can do this one. Chain 5 to start and then the “spokes” are just 2TR separated by a chain space. You need 8 spokes. I like to do chain5, then *2TR ch1* (do the bit between the asterisks 7 times in total) and then by that time you are back round to the start. Do 1TR next to that ch5 and slip stitch into the 4th chain to join. (That makes the 8th spoke). Then the rest of it it just normal granny construction but without leaving any chain spaces in the sides. Chain 3 for the corners, it’s making it a bit … flappy cornered but looks ok joined together with other squares. Your tension may vary, you may want to try 2 chains in the corners instead.

I want to make another big blanket but a slow burn one – I’m just enjoying making squares really without a deadline. I really like the look of the pinky/purple/blue aspect of the Big Blue Blanket so I’m taking inspiration for that and making the outers predominately pinky/purple/bluey colours. So far, I may of course change my mind!

After this we facetimed my mum and sister for aaaaages (It’s Rachel’s birthday today – Happy Birthday!) and TTB did lots of funny things for them to watch – he loves an audience.

And THEN we went to do our shopping, for which I wrote an actual list rather than just guessing what I need (fatal when hungry) so that was good. On the way back from the supermarket we stopped at one of the “everything shops” and bought two tub trugs, one for using as a laundry basket in the bathroom (TTB’s “to-be-washed” clothes need somewhere to go rather than just in a pile on the floor. Yes I’m that person, deal with it!), and a little one for carting nappies around in. We went back to cloth nappies a couple of months ago, and we are getting on LOADS better with totsbots easyfits rather than the Little Lamb OFSAs that we had before. Always good to buy something that I’ve been meaning to for ages and will help in my day-to-day housework stuff.

We still needed to go to the market, but I was a bit laden down with supermarket shopping and tub trugs so we popped home to drop these off before coming back to town. On the way out we saw our neighbour, who has a teeny tiny new puppy. TTB wanted to stroke her but I don’t think he was expecting her to be quite so wriggly and didn’t quite know how to stroke her! And then a BT van drove past which was more exciting than the puppy ;-)

Finally we made it to the market, where we bought 650 different types of fruit and veg  for about 12p (these figures may have been manipulated for bloggy effect), and came home and had a delicious lunch of all lovely good things.

And now, TTB is napping, the totsbots are washing because it’s a simply gorgeous wonderful sunny day with a breeze (perfect for drying) and all in all it’s just really good. Oh and I bought new paints and paper for our afternoon activity today which I think we will do out in the yard to make the most of the weather. And this is the longest blog post I’ve written in ages (923 words so far), so that’s nice too :-) Oh and best of all I get to see my friend The Girl tomorrow who I haven’t seen since …. well ages ago! At least a year, possibly 18 months ago. I can’t wait!


17 thoughts on “Let me count the ways …

  1. Hello! I think you need to record TTB’s version of “hello” then put it on your phone as your ringtone. That way, you’ve got it forever and can listen to it whenever you need cheering up! xxx ps Your granny square (and yes, you definitely can claim it as “yours”) is stunning! xxx

  2. Anna-Marie says:

    Oh, I too remember the day my little Miss J slept through the night!!! It’s the most incredible feeling when you finally realize what has just happened – a full nights sleep!!!! Love the colors in your squares!!! Have a fab weekend!!!

  3. Claire coffey says:

    What a lovely day, and it’s made all the better with a whole night’s sleep! Colour, crochet, shopping, puppies…enjoy! Just had a text from husband asking me out for dinner whilst both our teens are out at youth club this evening, so I’m happy too!

  4. I love the colours Heather, and of course you can call it your pattern! It might not be unique but to you it is, the main thing is you came up with it :-)

    Hope the rest of your day was also super smashing :-)

  5. Gorgeous crochet and it sounds like a great day. I recall days feel so much better after a full nights sleep, especially when the sun shines. Hope you have a great weekend. x

  6. Yorkshire Jackie says:

    Ooh that’s a lovely cheerful square. I really must learn to crochet one day; my sister is great at it but unfortunately the instructions are a bit goobledegook to me at the moment! I shall study your tutorials forthwith. I do love reading about TTB as my son is the same age and the similarities are endless, from the 6am-ish chatty starts (bad days at 5am, aagh), the vehicle obsessions (him: “A car! A CAR!! Two cars! BUS!!” Me: Yes great, but what else can you see? Trees, flowers, birds, houses, blue sky, clouds?” Him: “Ummm…. a VAN!!”) and his love of Abney and Teal (particularly Neep). I do wonder where the idea for the tea-cup bearing, bubble blowing walrus (is it a walrus?) came from though….

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