Gratuitous Granny Squares

Last month, I showed you some of the granny squares I’ve been making. I thought that tonight you might like to see what I’ve made so far – the light this evening has been superb and it was nice to photograph these outside. Andy’s been working hard on making our yard clean (scrubbing the green stuff away) and it made a perfect place to take some photos.

I’ve made 46 so far, but I have really gone off the colour “Lipstick” (the very bright red) so I’m thinking of removing the two squares that feature that colour. It’s just too harsh and I quite like using “Pomegranate” as my red shade at the moment. It’s not showing the distinction between the two very well here, but in the photo where all 46 squares are laid out, squares number 5 and 6 on the very last row have “Lipstick” in them.

As usual it’s Stylecraft Special dk on a 4mm hook in various colours just from what I had hanging around in my yarn stash. Please don’t make me list the colours! Basically any colours that I’ve used in my previous blankets are featured here. I don’t have a plan for these squares just yet, although I imagine that they will become a blanket eventually. It’s just FUN to play with colour and not have to put in a load of graft to get a blanket finished on time. I made them using my Elmer Squares pattern.

11 thoughts on “Gratuitous Granny Squares

  1. I like the lipstick shade, but mostly for things like outlining bags and as accent colours. Pomegranate is a really lovely shade, and one I’m going to edge my new blanket with (when it gets done)
    If you don’t need to make a blanket, why not fiddle around with cushion covers or a bag? The squares look beautifully adaptable!

  2. I actually like the “lipstick” color mixed in! It gives it a ‘pop,’ you know? Whatever you decide though, it’s going to be a gorgeous end result.

  3. The photos of the pile of grannys is great, the yard looks super clean and tidy and an ideal back drop….I know what you mean about the colour ‘lipstick’ it has been in my current and last blanket and just seems to stand out too much somehow!! I think a blanket is definitely on the cards with all those beauties xx

  4. I like the lipstick red, think its ok. But it’s your choice at the end of the day x it’s frustrating I know, you want to crochet something but you are never quite sure what!!!?? At least with a granny square you are always sure it will end up as”something” x

  5. I like the lipstick red looks good x frustrating I know you want to crochet something but you don’t know what!!? At least with a granny square you can always be sure you can make it in to something x

  6. I love stacks of crochet! I can’t decide what I like the most, the making or the stockpiling of finished pieces ready for presents that I’m collecting in my cupboard! This lovely rainbow makes me wonder if you are the same…

  7. Lovely granny squares, my favourite sort! These stacked up remind me of Drop Scones, which are an easy thing to make but the trouble is they get eaten before they get piled up! You have such a lovely way with colour.

  8. I am a huge fan of your Elmer squares….and I really love the colors you’re using this time.
    So much fun to see pics of your little guy, he’s growing so fast!
    Have a wonderful day!


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