I am keeping my ripple blanket because:

This blanket was meant to be a gift. I haven’t told anybody who for, so nobody is expecting it and so won’t be disappointed at not receiving it. The more I worked on it, the more I fell in love with it and was finding it really hard to think about giving it away. The main reason I am keeping this blanket though is because my son has already claimed it as his own. I can’t even spread it out on the floor to take a photo of it (81 stripes and counting … four more to go, not 13 as I had done more than I thought, hurrah!) without him stealing it for his bed nest. Piling up all of the blankets, cushions and pillows onto his new bed is his favourite thing. And as it’s my house, there are a lot of blankets and cushions here! So nice to see them being used. Anyway I digress. This blanket is now for him, no question about it. Every time I try to work on it, he just tries to take it! I had to smuggle it out of his bedroom at naptime so that I can work on it. I’m glad he loves it, it’s rather special making something for my own child. And I haven’t kept anything I’ve made since his Granny Square blanket so I think it’s fair really.

Four colours to go! I think I’m going to do: Magenta, Shrimp, Saffron and Pomegranate to end it on a warm, pinky note and then I think I’ll do the first border round using Aspen. Aspen and Fondant have featured quite a lot actually, I’ve done 9 stripes of Fondant (the sugary pink) and that’s not usually a colour I go for. Definitely fewer blues than I normally use but I really like it.

37 thoughts on “I am keeping my ripple blanket because:

  1. I think you are wise to keep it :) I am making a quilt right now for a friend. But I’m kinda thinking I will keep it . LOL. I feel selfish. But she does not know I was making it for her. hmmm. Maybe I will gift it. dunno. hugs.

  2. I think you are wise to keep it :) I am making a quilt right now for a friend. But I\’m kinda thinking I will keep it . LOL. I feel selfish. But she does not know I was making it for her. hmmm. Maybe I will gift it. dunno. hugs.

  3. Definitely fine to keep it yourself! And why wouldn’t you want to? I have a few gifts on the go at the moment, but I can’t wait to make a blanket for me :)

  4. Wiete says:

    OOh it is sooo pretty.
    I ordered a pack of stylecraft about a year ago now and still haven’t used it. I bought it to make an elmer blanket but the ripples are so pretty as well. Maybe i hace enough yarn for 2 blankets …

  5. Anne Marie says:

    It’s beautiful! Definitely a keeper. I’ve done two rows of mine but left it whilst I’ve been finishing my ripple jumper. Nearly there now, and will then start with vim and vigour on the blanket for the grandchild with the strawberry flavour! (now know so shall incorporate more pink flavours in addition to blues, purples etc)

  6. I don’t blame you for keeping it. There’s just something so special about watching your own child truly enjoy something you’ve spent so much time and love on. I hope you both enjoy it for years. :)

  7. Bridget says:

    Hi there, I’m relatively new to your lovely blog, which I love reading! I have just finished an almost identical ripple blanket, although I’m sure the stripes aren’t in the same order as yours! My advice would be DON’T put a border on it to straighten it out. I did, and I kind of regret it because a) it pulled it out of shape, and b) I can’t get the border to lie flat, for some reasons, it keeps pinging up!! I think the blanket as it is now is perfectly straight at the sides and the ripples top and bottom look fantastic, but they get a little lost when the border goes on. Just my humble opinion, but thought I’d mention it :-)

  8. What a beautiful blanket! Love the colourful ripples – I don’t blame you at all for keeping it, especially considering how many hours of work must have gone into it.

    I have only just discovered your blog via Attic24 and the ripple-along blanket you did with Lucy when TTD was still a bump! I’m in the middle of a pastel ripple blanket for baby#3 due in only 3 weeks – not sure I’ll get it finished in time!!

  9. It’s very pretty. Out of all my crocheted blankets my rhubarb ripple is my favourite to snuggle under because it’s so soft. That’s weird because they were all made using Stylecraft but for some reason the ripples stitches just make a lovely soft, warm blanket.

  10. Miriam says:

    Oh I love everything about this post – the photos, the colours, the story, especially that your son had claimed the blanket as his own!!! It’s all wonderful! I really need to be brave and bite the bullet and make my own as I want one if these in my life, even if one if my children ends up claiming it!

  11. This is beautiful!!! Now I want to make one for myself! :) I love all the colors! What brand of yarn do you use?
    I would totally keep it too! ;)

  12. All those lovely ripples! I really must start my own ripple project….perhaps another cushion?? Anyway, you have to keep them when the little ones become attached to them (I may have encouraged my girls to fall in love with items I wanted to keep which is terribly devious of me).

  13. Sarah says:

    Dear Heather , that blanket is wonderful. Have just started a blanket for a friend who is expecting her first baby later this year. My younger son (27) says he would like a crochet blanket for his sofa. Apologies for not leaving you any comments lately but I do keep up with reading your posts!

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