On My Camera

1. Ducks and ducklings on the canal! I took this in manual settings and am so chuffed with it.

2 and 3. Playing in the yard. He was thankfully oblivious to the snail! Then, loading all of the pots one by one onto the chair, and being cross that there wasn’t room for rolling his truck on the chair. So he took them all off and rolled his truck along the chair, but then got upset that the pots were on the floor! Toddlers eh.

4. I managed some crochet in the yard too. I need a table and chairs!

5. Bees. We had a playdate at a friend’s house and this big bumble bee kept sitting on the grass. We moved it several times (not good to have bees and toddlers on the same grass really) and the last time I moved it I carried it on a plate. There was a bit of apple on the plate and the bee licked it with it’s proboscis for ages. It was fascinating to watch. I love bees.

6 – end: A spur of the moment post-nap playdate. We let TTB and his friend stomp around together in the canal basin where they were setting up for the Waterways Festival. The canal had been barricaded off and it was nice to let them have a run around. We walked along the canal to the park and admired the boats being decorated for the Waterways Festival. I think the theme this year was Tour de France – everything around here is themed like that at the moment! I couldn’t believe that it had already been a year since this post. I didn’t go down to the actual festival this year but I like walking down the day before and feeling the sense of anticipation. Everyone is always happy and jolly and it’s a nice atmosphere.

I like to feel that I make the most of sunny warm days and going to the park¬†after¬†naptime feels like a real bonus! I’m loving this Spring.


8 thoughts on “On My Camera

  1. Next year come with me, I always walk out very early Saturday morning to see all the boats, it was beautiful this year, so clear and sunny. And yes, it’s Tour de Everything here right now!
    Hope the rain goes away tomorrow, hate feeling bedraggled.

  2. Kate Maguire says:

    Just to say thank you for your wonderful blog. I have only recently discovered you and along with attic 24 you have inspired me to learn how to crochet. I am currently off work whilst recovering from breast cancer and I have so enjoyed reading your blogs right back through all the archives. You and Lucy are both so cheerful and it’s great to share all your family and craft news. Thanks again. Xx

  3. CindyFish says:

    The baby is getting so big and very independent!! A handsome young man is he!!! The pictures are beautiful and so happy that you are enjoying the beautiful weather – ours here across the pond in the Washington, DC area is not quite as nice as what you are having. Enjoy it and stay safe!!!

  4. Anne Marie says:

    I adore the photo of the ducks, the colour balance is beautiful. I also love take photos of ducks and put some on my blog too a couple of months ago, when the daffodils were out. I also took a close up photo of a snail with its ‘horns’ sticking out, had to sit on the dirty/damp floor in the worst part of my paved area to take it. I love that one too.

    I hope you manage to find a table and chairs, look around the junk shops, you can always paint one up yourself, doesnt matter what it looks like. I’d love a yard like yours, far less to manage than a garden.

    I do like the tantalising picture of the ripple in the foreground!

  5. Fab duck photo – you’d got your manual settings just right for that! I love the ability to get fast moving things like toddlers and ducks (and bees) in focus with manual settings. Very satisfying. The longer days definitely make a difference for us too – outdoor play keeps Little R entertained for hours, although my seedlings aren’t benefiting as much!

  6. Cyndy R says:

    My, my…has that little one of yours ever grown! What a handsome little guy. I’m sure your family will have a wonderful summer with him. Thanks for such an open, honest, delightful blog. I feel like an auntie getting updates on family :) Blessings!

  7. Joanne Ellis says:

    Just to say thank you to you and Lucy for writing such interesting, creative and informative blogs, it cant be easy, but you both manage it with such good humour. I am a beginner to crochet, but I a have managed a granny square blanket. I then decided I want a ripple picnic blanket for this summer, am going to have a lesson from a friend – wish me luck, I will probably need it. xxx

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