Blossom Time

The blossom is here! I have no wordy blog post to go with these photos, I just wanted to share the because they are gorgeous and the blossom doesn’t last for long. So really what I am saying is a) here are some lovely blossom photos and b) hurrah for blossom. Have a good weekend! x

10 thoughts on “Blossom Time

  1. I am lucky enough to walk under that canopy of blossom everyday when I do the school run, it is such a pleasure! yesterday the sky was a deep stormy grey colour and it made the pink look even more amazing. Absolutely HURRAH for blossom!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I was in your neck of the woods on Thursday and was only saying to my son how beautiful the blossom on the trees in the park was whilst I was watching him play in the playground.

  3. Beautiful blossoms and blue skies! Yay and Hurrah to all my friends enjoying most welcome Spring season in the UK … I am loving autumn here in South Africa, mild and warm :)
    Pat :)

  4. Gorgeous pictures :) Beautiful blossom :)
    I love your blog, so bubbly, lively and fun to read :)
    I’ve just started blogging in the last few weeks, am loving it so far :)
    Would be lovely to see you over at

  5. Anne Marie says:

    Blossom is always pretty, particularly against a blue sky.

    I have all my yarn for the baby blanket but I seem to have a surplus of blues, but maybe they are all too similar. I might buy a couple more shades of green and a pale pink, plus a fondant, although I don’t want to make it too pink (I have a few pinkish colours, not to make it too girly in case it turns out to be a boy.I’ve just printed pic off one of your finished blankets and might try to follow that sort of colour scheme. I do have a couple of lighter colours but they are in Marriner acrylic and so am not sure if I ought to mix them. Do you think acrylic is acrylic etc? It does feel soft rather than some of the harsh stuff.

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