Beautiful Skyskapes

My spellchecker is telling me that “skyscapes” isn’t a word. If it isn’t a word, it should be! Mind you, it’s also telling me that “spellchecker” isn’t a word so what can you do. If you can have a landscape then I would think you can also have a skyscape, and there have certainly been some beautiful skies here this week. I am so happy that we have sunshine! I’m glad that Winter hasn’t been so cold as to be snowy this year, but it’s dragged on a bit in terms of damp, gloom, grey and fog. The kind of days that are just “nothing days”, weather-wise. Flat. On sunny days I just want to look up at the sky! I always think that Springtime feels like waking up after a long sleep, don’t you? It’s just lovely. I hope this sunshine lasts! x

4 thoughts on “Beautiful Skyskapes

  1. Niki Murray says:

    I totally agree, love a blue sky and love spring, really enjoying your blog. I’m just starting up my own called Coffee, Cakes and Crochet…..pop by and let me know what you think if you get a chance please x

  2. You are quite right Heather. Skyscapes most certainly a word – just look in art books or art magazines and you will find it used quite liberally. Love your blog, been reading it for years and this is the first time I have been able to comment!! Yay, some weird quirk on my end has been preventing it. Super thrilled. I love your area of the UK and it is such a pleasure to share your gorgeous country with you. Keeps me going until I save my next airfare!! Have a great week. Sandy

  3. Nanita says:

    Springtime does feel like waking up after a long time, I find myself too stopping to gaze up at the blue sky and breathe! Have a lovely weekend! :-) xxxx

  4. And the skyscape at different times of the day and year just cry out to be watched. I love a winter sunrise, through my kitchen window, or a summer’s evening in Wales where the sun sets over the sea and I have to breathe a quiet prayer for all the saints who have gone before.

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