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During the week, TTB and I clock up a fair few miles just walking around town and doing our usual things. I don’t mind walking in all weathers (waterproof coat and boots!) but I do love it when there is a beautiful blue sky to walk under. This was early last week on the way to swimming. It was still cold but it didn’t matter.

We stopped to look at the big crane (construction vehicles, well any vehicles really, are fascinating to my little boy) on the way. I like this big old mill chimney; it’s hard to get a photograph of the whole thing though. I have no idea about the physics behind this but it’s weird how tall straight things go bendy when you look up at them! Not bendy perhaps but wonky. Curvature of the Earth? Maybe it’s my eyes that are wonky, heh.

Reflections on water are beautiful aren’t they? Sometimes a mirror image when the water is still and then a ripply distortion when the ducks are disturbing the surface.

How lucky we are to have this park. Tall trees are just super. They are all starting to show little leaf buds, and the avenue of blossom trees have a slightly red look about their branches now, with blossom tightly furled under red er, blossom hiding bits. (I don’t know half as many words as I probably should do!)

We always count the dogs that we see on the way to swimming (lots) and TTB exclaimed when he saw four identical spaniels being walked by one person.

On the way back he likes to walk through the park. Somedays it lasts longer than others … he only made it a hundred yards this time before being relegated to the pushchair again for being generally pesky. It still boggles my mind that my tiny baby walks along like this.

A few days later we did a different kind of walking, this time at Bolton Abbey with our friends. It was different because it mainly involved walking for twenty minutes at toddler speed to kill time before the Cavendish Pavillion Cafe opened and we could go and have second breakfast! And then on the way out some really rather bold ducks stole the toast our toddlers were carrying. Mean! I thought the ducks at York uni were bad (they rip open bin bags and eat everything) but these ones stand up and stretch to their fullest reach and take things right from your hands. (I know ducks aren’t meant to eat bread, but I don’t think anyone has told the ducks that.)

Where do you like to walk? I’ve never enjoyed walking as much as I do here. Good job because I don’t drive and there’s always lots to do and places to go!


6 thoughts on “Weekday Walking

  1. claire coffey says:

    ah, I know what you mean about wonky eyes, when my friend and I came up for Yarndale, on the way up we stopped at Salts Mill for coffee & cake. Those towers are seriously high when you are next to them trying to photo them, and they even look like they’re moving! It’s enough to give anyone vertigo, although I suppose as I was still on the ground it would be ‘groundigo’ or something! My favourite spot to walk locally is across the top of the South Downs, beautiful views and less than 10 min from my house by car to the starting point. gorgeous on a sunny day, but the wind can cut through you at the top when it’s merely breezy at the bottom! Love your photos as always xx

  2. Hi Heather, I enjoy your walks :-)
    We live on the edge of Exmoor and have so many gorgeous walls available to us. At the moment my favourite would be the woodland walks around Selworthy followed by a pot of Earl Grey at the Periwinkle Tearooms.
    Tracey xx

  3. Anne Marie says:

    Lovely blue skies again, Heather. I find tall chimneys strange too. How cute TTB is. It’s so funny when they go shooting off. Love ducks, I took lots of ducky pictures on one of my cycle rides recently and put them on my blog. They’re so very tame when the ponds are near where people work/have leisure etc.

  4. Lovely skies and photos. Joe still remembers a duck pinching his digestive biscuit when he was 18 months old. I know the date ‘cos my Mum and Dad had taken him and his big sister out for a walk by the river while I was in hospital having his little brother (just 18 months between them)! Funny, ‘cos our pet duck Flora won’t touch any food other than her mealworms, grapes and hen pellets – she definitely doesn’t like biscuits! You’ll be surprised at what he remembers when he’s over 6’ tall and in his twenties!

  5. I love our weekday walks too! We live just on the edge of the Cotswolds, and I see the views everyday from our windows or when we walk, and I feel so happy we live here. Funnily enough I’ve just posted my new favourite walk! I think the wonky tower thing is down to perspective – like when you look at two parallel lines going into the distance (e.g. train tracks), they look like they’re getting closer and closer together but never quite meet…

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