Just a moment from today

We’re poorly. It’s “just” a cold, nothing serious but quite uncomfortable and just a bit slow going. It felt like TTB was being a bit of a pickle this morning, he kept getting in my way and making more of a mess than usual. Then it occurred to me that he was really just trying to get my attention, and once he had it all he wanted to do was be held and have a cuddle. I put some Postman Pat on iPlayer and we sat down together to watch it. Often if we sit like this with something to watch, and I angle him juuuuust so, and put my arm around him juuuuust right, he is happy and content for me to crochet around him. He snuggles into the crook of my arm and relaxes, taking comfort from just being close to me. That’s rather lovely really, and to be honest I can’t think of a better use of my time. Jobs can wait, my boy needs me for cuddles! Crochet in the daytime often feels a bit like I’m skiving off of my “real job” but sometimes, why not? It’s all good until he tries to join in and we have to have a tricky few minutes of him holding the hook while I help him to crochet (this also counts for the vegetable peeler, any kind of cooking spoon and on one rather jabby occasion, my toothbrush.). He soon lost interest and went back to watching Pat the incompetent (yet weirdly highly regarded) Postman and I got a nice chunk of stitches done.

Being under the weather isn’t great, but there are some quiet and cuddly benefits to it and I’m not going to say no to them :-)

Window Weather Watching

Before we owned a house, I used to daydream and wonder what we would see from the windows of the house that we would buy. Roof tops? Countryside? A road, or the wall of another house?

I still double take sometimes when I look out of my kitchen window. Can you believe I get to see this every day? It makes washing up a whole lot more enjoyable I can tell you. I can see the actual Yorkshire Dales from my actual kitchen window. You really can – see the dark grey hills in the distance? That’s them, that is, the Dales. One of my favourite things is watching the weather from here, and the different ways that different types of light illuminate different features of the town and the hills beyond. This is one of the best lights for taking photos. The trees along the bottom of the road are wonderful and I hope we always have them, but they do make it tricky to take photos; usually they make the foreground very dark and the distance very bright in contrast and it’s nigh on impossible (for an amateur like me that is!) to photograph it well. With a dark grey, rain-laden sky in the background and the light shining on the trees and the town, it is perfect and makes every detail stand out.

Pigeons, lichen, moss and twigs are all clear to see. I got my long lens out for these; I want to start using my dSLR camera again, it’s been too long since I’ve used it. I should probably also learn how to use it properly rather than using it on auto! But for the moment I’m just enjoying the clarity of the photos and the ability to zoom reliably.

I always think that our town looks like a chocolate box town. I’m so proud to live here you know. I liked it well enough before, but since having a baby and being at home during the day I’ve joined in with a lot more things and met more people and really taken advantage of all the great amenities. I feel very settled here now and I hope we never move away from here. I used to not want to come back to our house after visiting my mum, but recently I’m feeling much more at home here and the effort I’m putting in to make it a proper home is paying off. I really miss this view when I’m not here.

Before I got sidetracked, I was telling you about the weather, wasn’t I? Yes, it’s great for watching it and when me and Andy are both here, at least ten times a day one of us will call the other into the kitchen to come and see what it looks like. Our favourite is when the clouds are moving quickly and the light falls on different things in quick succession, in turn highlighting the bit of the Dales we can see, the green hill, the church or the trees behind and then suddenly all that will fall into shadow (not in a Lord of the Rings kind of way don’t panic) and our row of houses and yard will light up brightly for a minute or so. In the right kind of light, you can see the remains of some old stone follies on the Dales hills, or people standing atop the hill and looking over this way. Sometimes, the middle distance across town looks blurry and I stop and puzzle over it and then it will start raining in the yard – the blur being the rain before it moves across to here. Once, I think not long after we moved in, the hills in the distance looked like they had a net curtain over them and by the time I’d got Andy out of the lounge to come and look it had started snowing outside.

What can you see from your window? I’d love to go and stay somewhere in London, or another big city and look out and see the skyline, or look down on the streets from high up and see everything going on. I think that would be great. I’d also like to look out over a big garden with an orchard or a wood or a lake at the bottom of it. I would love to have a big garden … but I’d love to have enough money to pay someone else to maintain it!