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Hello! I wanted to write these “year end” posts a little more in advance of this but I seem to have left it right until the very last minute. There are so many photos to choose from, it’s been difficult narrowing it down to just a few. I have split this post into three parts because I think your computers might complain about the amount of photos in one post otherwise. Here is part one! Click here for parts two and three. x

January: Snow, snow, snow and some more snow. Pretty bulb flowers brought colour to my kitchen, and my beautiful boy started to use his hands to grab things: toys, books, his feet. I started to get a little bit more freedom again and ventured out for quick trips to the shops without a pram (happily I remembered how to walk without one!). I made an effort to make time for baking again, and I began crocheting the Boaty Blanket for my friend who welcomed her first baby at the end of January. I spent time with friends (and was very thankful for it), and enjoyed two visits from my mum and sisters. I took TTB down to stay with my family, going by train for the first time. I was very proud of that journey!


February: At the start of February I was still with my family (it was just the one trip) and we made marmalade, went on a crisp early morning walk with TTB around the village and found a beeeautiful cake shop on a trip out to Leamington to see Alice. I finished the Boaty Blanket and gave the Peacock Blue blanket to my friend for her new baby boy. The potted tulips Andy bought me flowered, and I started to make an effort to sort our house out and surprised myself by actually enjoying the housework. The weather began to improve and the sunshine was a welcome relief. February saw the first of many walks around the park! TTB got more mobile (wriggling and rolling) and I learnt how to play with him more and felt like I was doing and OK job of entertaining him.



March: The three of us visited the local castle, I did more baking (lots of easy flapjack!), ate lots of mini eggs and spent lots of time playing with my happy baby boy. He was becoming a real joy to play with! I started weaning him, we had visits from Andy’s dad, my mum and sister and also Rach, Vic and Violet. I took my mum and sister to Salts Mill, TTB got new toys and he started to show an interest in books. Andy’s mum visited when there was lots of snow. So much snow! I had a simply horrible day where I got caught in a snowstorm with TTB and forgot my purse twice and got caught in another snowstorm. I cried and we still had no milk! I worked on a second Big Elmer blanket for my friend Katherine, and enjoyed more bulbs flowering in the kitchen. I did a day in the life post, and spent lots more time walking in the park :)



April: In April, Rach found out that the baby she was expecting was a girl and I chose the colours for what would become her Honey & Roses blanket. I finished my 2nd Big Elmer blanket and started work on my Big Rainbow Ripple. TTB was poorly for a couple of weeks and I ate pretty chocolates in pretty tins to cheer myself up. The biggest improvement we made to the house was to rearrange TTB’s room and get carpet-rugs from the market. That made such a huge difference to our lives! The weather was lovely and I walked in the park lots, sometimes with my friends, sometimes when it was really windy and sometimes with impromptu picnics. TTB enjoyed his first experience on the swings and started wearing little shoes, aww. Weaning got MESSY and he needed a bath after every meal. I used to put the phone on loudspeaker and chat to my mum while I was bathing him! He loved to hear her voice and she liked to hear him splashing about. I took another trip home so that we could go to my cousin’s son’s Christening in Birmingham. Whilst at home, TTB cut his first tooth, hurrah!

:::: Click here for part two and part three ::::

One thought on “Best of 2013

  1. Happy New Year Heather :) I’ve been keeping up with your blog over xmas, just been really stupidly busy with moving but finally done it – home owner wooo!

    I’m glad you had such a wonderful 2013, honestly I’m so impressed by how often you blog especially with a toddler in tow. I have the slightest busy period and all blogging comes to a stop! Don’t know how you do it :-) Not only that but all the crocheting you’ve managed as well!

    Looking forward to more tales from Little & Tiny Tin Bird land :) Nicole x

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