Best of 2013 – part 3







September: September was a very special month because Tiny Tin Bird celebrated his first birthday! Hurrah! A whole year. We had a family party for him and then a soft play party on his actual birthday for his/our friends. He got some lovely, generous presents and we’ve had great fun playing with them. Andy’s dad came to stay, and while he was here he did the Park Run. TTB and I watched. The market had Dahlias, my mum came to stay for YARNDALE (which meant yarnbombing, and finally finishing the crocheted houses.) We went on lots of walks, including to see the chickens and to Bolton Abbey (twice!)





October: In October I embraced all things Autumn and surprised myself by really enjoying it. I made soup, bought a pumpkin and made TTB pose for photos with it, went for Autumn walks and got excited about leaves. I made vegetable cobbler and bought bread at the farmers market. TTB started to walk well enough to walk outside! I went to visit my mum and we went to Milton Keynes. I started to buy some Christmassy things, and felt excited about TTB’s second Christmas. In addition to this there was of course more swings fun, and I made the Raspberry not Ripple blanket. Andy had some time off work, and made good headway on our lounge. Oh and I got star shaped biscuit cutters. That’s worth remembering because they are pretty!






November: We started November with some baby-friendly fireworks at a friend’s house and it made us both feel so grateful for the friends that we’ve made here since having TTB. My sister turned 21 (eek!) and took lots of photos of the lovely Autumnal things, marvelling at the quality of the weather we were having in November. I went to Leeds to see Vic and Violet (and buy a new coat for TTB). I also made the little bunny ripple for Violet’s bunny, and started to make a colour swatch sample of crochet. The town put it’s Christmas lights up, much to the delight of TTB, and we detoured almost daily to go through the arcade and see the big Christmas tree. There were some spectacular skies, particularly on the day that we saw What the Ladybird Heard at the theatre in Bradford. As usual, we walked in the park, played at the playground, and walked in the woods. We saw the first frost of the year as well and it stuck in my mind just how much later it was than last year, as it was frosty when I was in hospital with TTB in September.


December: I don’t have many photos from December because I was so busy doing bits and bobs. TTB turned into my full time kitchen helper and that slowed things down considerably! I made lots more soup, went to Saltaire with Andy and TTB and finally, finally, finally had a Christmas tree and was able to get all my decorations out. We had a super Christmas seeing our families, and I got to be Father Christmas for the first time ever – a definite highlight of the year for me :-)


2013 has been a brilliant year. I don’t think I’ve ever felt so fulfilled in my whole life and that makes me very happy. At the end of 2012 I didn’t think that anything could top that year simply because it was the year that I welcomed my son into the world. I was wrong about that – I mean, of course it was wonderful welcoming him into the world but it was bloody hard and I didn’t get much done, and this year I feel like I’ve done really well. I have worked really hard this year and a lot of it hasn’t been easy and I was still very sleep deprived for most of it but when I look back at these pictures of the year as a whole, it’s not any of the bad bits that stand out to me. It’s the good bits: the cuddles, the baking, the making, the walks in the park, the time spent with family, the being excited about leaves and pumpkins and seasonal things. Seeing the good in as much as I can, and appreciating the small things and being just as grateful for them as for the big things. Making the most of it and being as happy as I can. And I am. Happy and grateful. I’m grateful to you for reading my blog as well, and all of you who take the time to leave me comments or send me emails. Thank you all for sharing this year with me.

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2014! xxxx

18 thoughts on “Best of 2013 – part 3

  1. Sarah Williams says:

    Happy New Year Heather. I very much enjoy your blog. I am often reminded of the joy of youngsters; I am now a Granny – a 5 times Granny and I loved the time that you are so enjoying now – sharing a new world with a little one; the cooking; the crafting ……. Enjoy every day , because you blink once and they are all grown up! Thank you.

  2. Brenda says:

    Happy new year heather, you will find each year just gets better as TTB grows he will delight you in more ways than you can imagine, parenthood is a hard but wonderful journey, enjoy it xxBrenda

  3. Helen says:

    What a gorgeous round up of the past year. It has been a joy to follow your blog, thanks for sharing. I truly admire your mothering style and love your crochet makes. May 2014 bring you and your family much happiness. Happy New Year! xx

  4. Hi Heather, I’ve love reading your blog and have been following you for a while. I had a baby but in October and like you say it is hard to imagine what can top that. But I’m really looking forward to this year and reading your round up just makes me look forward to what is to come as a parent!

  5. Hi Heather, I love reading your blog and have been following you for a while. I had a little boy in October and it is hard to imagine what will top that. But reading your round up makes me excited for all the things that are to come as a parent this year! Ella x

  6. Wendy Willis says:

    Hey Heather, another lovely post from you. You photos are beautiful. Let’s hope 2014 will be even better for all of us. Happy new year. Wendy. X

  7. Wendy Willis says:

    Hey Heather, another lovely post from you. You photos are beautiful. Let\’s hope 2014 will be even better for all of us. Happy new year. Wendy. X

  8. Liz says:

    Happy New Year to you Heather, Andy and TTB. I’ve loved following your blog this year, enjoying seeing all the developing stages of TTB’s life, how we’ll you’ve coped and all your achievements. It’s lovely to see how close you are to your family and how frequently you meet up even though there is such a considerable distance between your homes. All the very best for 2014 and I look forward to the next 12 months of following your blog. Liz x

  9. Lisa says:

    Happy new year to you and your family. I love reading your blog, here’s hoping 2014 is just as full and exciting for you all. Lisa x

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