Winter Morning Walk

After a difficult night (teething is miserable!) I felt that the best thing to do was to go for a walk and breathe in some lovely fresh air. We’ve spent so many mornings snuggled up and toasty at home and while they’ve been lovely I was itching to get out and take some wintry photos. I can see across town from ┬ámy dining room window and the sun was just starting to give a pinky golden glow to the East facing sides of the buildings that I could see. Knowing this wouldn’t last for long, I bundled TTB up into his coat and hastily got dressed, grabbed my camera and his drink and we set off. The air was cold, but it was the good kind of cold: enough to see your breath and be grateful of your coat but not enough that your forehead hurts and your hands feel like they may fall off.


We trod the familiar path through town and along the canal, stopping to chat to the ducks. TTB was overcome with giggles when the family of swans came over to the canal bank and started nibbling the grass in front of the pushchair. The sun was low in the sky, creating beautiful tree silhouettes. Birds were singing as we walked under the trees and it reminded me of spring, and when I had walked through here in February. I wonder how many times I have walked through here since TTB entered the world? It’s a beautiful park and I’m so glad of it. TTB enjoys pointing out every dog we see, and was most excited when a small scraggy black and white dog with a red collar came right up to us and sniffed his hand. He cried when the dog ran away to join it’s owner.


We walked on, past the meadow: there are small gaps in the ivy growing along the wall, affording us glimpses of the golden sunshine on the fallen leaves on the meadow floor. A robin flutters past and lands briefly on the ivy before flying away again. I thought about how the light is so different at different times of the year, and how facing one way gives a blue sky and facing the other gives wonderful, dramatic monochrome shapes. We take the path that cuts diagonally across the grass and up to the main road, turning to take some more photos on the way and stopping at the top so that TTB can have a drink. As we walked back down the main road into town, my friend sees us from her window and waves us in. We spent the morning playing with her and her gorgeous twins (a year older than TTB but he loves playing with them) which turns our day into a happy one. Thank goodness for friends, and walks in the park.

11 thoughts on “Winter Morning Walk

  1. The weather and light has been just beautiful over the last few days. I’m even enjoying these Winter days! Hope you get more sleep tonight – I recall teething was a nightmare for us and Matt!

  2. Heather says:

    It’s been a lovely winter so far! I was dreading it, but it’s been really rather good. I hope it continues. The teething thing is horrible! He’s ok in the day and then the night time hits and there is nothing to distract him from the pain. Either that or it’s just a ploy to come and sleep in our bed …

  3. I’m rather a saddo as I love the wintry days and hunkering down inside. Now and again I love to go out and get some fresh, icy air in my lungs. Your day looks just perfect. x

  4. claire coffey says:

    I love the stilt photo! so much fun with the long shadows at this time of year. And for the teething…this too will pass. It’s horrible when you’re going through it, but it will soon be a distant memory and you’ll be back to unbroken nights. xx

  5. One-oh-four says:

    Beautiful photos; you are so clever with a camera! Love that pink blossom at the end – it looks like suspended pom-poms. Teething is miserable, mine (12 and 14) have both struggled with back molars / wisdom teeth emerging recently, and a tram-track brace being fitted for the eldest. They have developed quite a taste for Bonjela.

  6. Sue says:

    You have taken some lovely and interesting photos.

    I felt the need for fresh air today so I spent 3 hours raking leaves off my lawn! There are still leaves in the flower borders but they will have to wait as I have other things to do.

    We still have a fair number of leaves on the trees here in Dorset. The gorse on the heath behind my house is flowering! Some plants still think it is Autumn and not winter. It is mild and I am enjoying it as I am sure it will get colder sooner rather than later.

    Teething is painful and there really isn’t much you can do. Bonjela or similar only soothes the gums for a short time. The worst time for me was when my youngest cut her double teeth as she threw up every time, yuk.

  7. Anne Marie says:

    You can tell it’s winter when you’ve got long shadows on the photos. Lovely ones as usual. I’ve been busy running here and there and not had time even to go on my bike. Enjoy your crisp winter walks.

  8. Sheridan says:

    Absolutely gorgeous photos Heather. I am sitting here in front of a fan, moaning about the heat!!! (Queensland). Teething is the pits. I feel sure you will have a wonderful Christmas with TTB this year. All the best to you all.

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