My Helper

Lately, I have a helper with many things around the house. A constant companion who likes to stand on  a chair in the kitchen and help me make his breakfast. He puts the lid on the milk bottle for me, and then picks up the milk bottle in one hand and then points to the fridge with the other. We go to the fridge and he puts the milk away. Then he will help me make my cup of tea: I open the cupboard and he selects a mug for me (having a quick pretend drink from it on the way) and then places it on the worktop. Then we open the jar of tea bags and he chooses a handful for me. I stuff most of them back in and then he puts the lid on and then puts the one tea bag that I’ve retained into the mug.

Later, we go upstairs and I change his nappy and he takes the old one to the bin for me.

In the afternoon, we go outside to feed the rabbits and he gives them some carrot ends and apple cores. He is more excited about this than they are about him!

After that, we empty the draining rack and he carefully puts the cups and bowls back into the cupboard and hurls the cutlery piece by piece into the drawer and then watches as I tidy it into the right compartments.

If there is ever a door or drawer that needs opening or closing, he’s the boy to do it! (Can also do lids both on and off.) Best of all though is that I never need to turn a light on or off anymore! I have my very own helper to do it for me.

There is NOTHING he likes more right now than to be sat on my hip helping me with all of these things. It takes longer but it’s thoroughly enjoyable. I have plenty of time to indulge him … and why not! He’s learning and he’s happy and I love it.

10 thoughts on “My Helper

  1. Anne Marie says:

    Ah well, Heather, you are teaching him things that will hopefully benefit any wife/partner in the future. It is fun isn’t it, watching them ‘help’ you? Wait until he is ‘helping’ you bake! It’s so interesting watching their development.
    Not had time yet to go beyond 2009!

  2. Wendy says:

    Love hearing about your time with your little one. Time well spent and time that will never come again. Also love the new look of your blog. Very clean and lovely color… only not so much but with a lovely depth that reflects a transition of sorts in your life. Well, whatever it is I like it very much : )

    Wendy in NH

  3. I’ve enjoyed autum as well so far! Although I was thinking a lot of our girl’s hospital time last year. Now I recognize how exhausting it was to have her there for 7 weeks before we could take her home! But this gives me a good feeling for winter – this year I have a lot more energy to dive through the dark times of the year ;-)

  4. One-oh-four says:

    Awwww, so cute! Does he try to help you crochet too? That might be a bit less endearing :) We had a three-year-old in the house yesterday and I realised how much I’d forgotten about toddlers. She didn’t walk anywhere….she skipped, she hopped, she ran, she jumped, she boinged….but never walked! and she wanted to know “why?” all the time. It is lovely that you will always have your blog to look back on to remind you of these little things!

  5. Katy says:

    How lovely! I can’t wait for the day when my constant companion can actually help a little, at the moment she just wants to eat whatever it is I’ve got, whether it’s food or not. It’s just so cute when they’re into evereything! And it’s great that you’re able to spend all that lovely time with him.

  6. Nanita says:

    Aww how sweet!! I do hope your yarn stash is well hidden though, it took a looong time to untangle my little (1,5 year) niece when she quietly decided to rearrange mine! :-) xxxx

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