Yarndale in Pictures

Mummy Duck who survived the whole weekend and then got nicked on the Monday :-(

(Vic – I wore my new shoes and they were goooooood!)

(Did I mention that I MADE THESE?? *toots own trumpet*)

Yarndale Weekend brought the most fantastic September weather. It could not have been more perfect. The sun was warm, the air was crisp and there had been no rain so the leaves on the ground were perfect. The whole weekend is what I always want the whole of Autumn to be.

There was a tremendous atmosphere in the Auction Mart, it was absolutely buzzing and everyone seemed really happy. It felt as crowded and as busy as Woolfest did, I had been expecting that but I’m not sure my mum had been. It’s only the 3rd festival like this I’ve been to (Woolfest and then the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show) but it just felt like everyone was really happy to be there and didn’t mind that it was busy. I was relieved that it was busy actually, because it means it’s more likely to happen again next year. I know that a huge amount of work and planning has gone into organising this so it was good to see that paying off.

What I really liked was seeing stalls like Marmalade Rose, and other smaller exhibitors selling handmade things. There were a good few stalls selling yarn that you’d want to use for crochet as well: I saw stalls selling Rico, Debbie Bliss, Lana Pura, Lang etc and one that I couldn’t pronounce at the time or remember now but it was something German or Scandinavian I think. I spent ages on the Fyberspates stall, squooooshing all of the gorgeousness but did come away empty handed because I think £14 a skein is too much to justify when I just want to hold it and squoosh it! My only comparison is really Woolfest but I remember saying at the time that I felt it was just aimed at knitters and that there wasn’t enough for crocheters. Yarndale was a lot better for crocheters! There were even stalls selling beautiful bamboo & wooden crochet hooks.

I met some lovely people, including Diane who had come all the way from OHIO (!!!) to go to Yarndale. That’s dedication to the yarny cause! I’m sorry I didn’t get to meet up with more of you, I really didn’t realise that so many people did want to meet me. Lucy told me that people kept asking where I was! I’m really flattered (and actually think you’re all crackers !) and while I had only ever intended to go as a visitor this year, maybe I’ll make a bit more of a thing of it next year? It feels really presumptuous to say that, if I did you would HAVE to all come and say hello because otherwise I’ll feel like a right big headed loser.

I know that there were some problems this year, and as I’m not officially involved with Yarndale it’s probably not my place to discuss them on here. I think that the Yarndale team did a FANTASTIC job of organising it all, and most of the criticisms I have seen have been about things that weren’t their responsibility (toilets and food for example were the venue’s responsibility). I think that the event was a LOT more popular than anyone thought it would be, and the phrase “victim of it’s own success” comes to mind.

If you are coming next year, one thing I thought of about travel that you could think about was getting the train: the train service from Leeds (and also Bradford) is really frequent and there are plenty of stations along the line that you could drive to and park at to get the train, for example Cross Flatts has a lot of parking. Just a thought. Also, take food with you! I personally would always choose to take my own food rather than rely on a venue to provide, partly because I’m vegetarian and partly because I’d rather just know I had some.

All in all I think it was brilliant and I really enjoyed it. I think next year it would be nice to see some more fabric stalls (if we’re being specific I would like one full of Moda fabric and jellyrolls please!) and maybe some demonstrations of things in addition to the workshops that there were this year.

But yes. Super weekend, well done Yarndale :-)

30 thoughts on “Yarndale in Pictures

  1. Yay for new shoes! They were a good choice.
    As a non-knitter I thought Yarndale was fab. Yes it was probably a lot busier than they expected and yes the traffic was mental but surely these are simply signs of a very successful event.
    If they could branch out into more embroidery/fabric stalls and maybe a bit of cross stitch next time that would be awesome.
    Also, your mum is just lovely xxx

  2. lovely pictures Heather – I was actually taking a picture of that alpaca at the same time as you, but felt a bit funny about saying hello. not sure why really, I think I’ve just not got my head round the whole thing of reading blogs and then actually seeing the real people (I don’t think I’d say hello if I saw a celebrity either). I loved Yarndale, I think the organisers did a fab job and the range of yarn was amazing

  3. Hi Heather, I would totally have come to say hello to you. In fact, it crossed my mind to bring you a spare pair of reins for your little one in case he decides to dash off any time. I should have brought them and given them to Lucy. Never mind. It was a great day out and I spent WAY too much. I am not buying any more yarn this year. Honest. The parking was mad but luckily for me, I got dropped off by a friend from Addingham so only she had to suffer in the jams! See you next year.

  4. Sue says:

    It all looks amazing. I wish I could travel oop that far but it just isn’t possible.

    I loved the duck so I am sad to hear it was stolen.

    If I go out anywhere I always take my own food as I have food intolerances and I can eat when I want to without standing for ages in a queue.

    I would have thought that it would be obvious that a first time event would not be perfect but the organisers can learn and improve.

    I went to a sewing/cross stitch event in London many years ago with a friend. We went by train and buses had been organised to ferry us to the event from the train station. It was stress free. We were both very tired when we got back home. I was very impressed that Yarndale had thought of travel arrangements and had a nice red bus to help people get to the event. Food is always something people complain about at any large event.

  5. claire coffey says:

    I too loved yarndale, had such a great time, and loved the fact that there was lots of lovely yarn for crocheters to play with! I’ve only been to two such shows before, the Autumn and then the Spring Knitting and Stitching shows last year and earlier this year, both in London as I live on the south coast, yarndale felt quite different to me as I think people were much more friendly and chatty. Maybe that’s just people from Yorkshire or those up north as opposed to grumpy southerners (speaking as not one as I’m actually Scottish!) I’m really surprised that you are surprised people wanted to meet you…of course we did! (and this is from someone who made a right eejit of herself when she spotted The Patchwork heart). I don’t know if we’ll be able to justify coming all that way next year, but I certainly had a fantastic time, bought lots (treated myself to a Fyberspates skein to crochet a shawl…better wear it when it’s made at that price!) and loved seeing and meeting so many new people. sorry, very rambly comment! claire x

  6. J says:

    Oooo I just love all of your photos!!! Thanks for being so great and sharing them all with those of us who just couldn’t fly in to be there. I wish I had the funds and the time to be able to just pop over to the UK for such a fun event but alas, no such time or funds are mine. But your pictures and everyone’s stories are a close second to actually being there!

    Everything looks wonderful but so sad that people would steal the decorations! But I’m sure the good outweighed the bad it looks like it was a smashing success!

    – J

  7. Love you photo’s
    Shame about Mummy duck, let’s hope it was someone who loves it Lots, not just took it because they could.
    Well said.
    Of course people want to meet you also. It is nice/ good to meet the people who’s blogs we read.
    Do not tink you will meet me next year, unless we have a Big Lotto win, then I would be their in a heart beat, as Australia to England is way to far.
    Hugs Audra x

  8. I’d so have said hello! There is talk of a bloggers meeting point next year which is an excellent idea. I wholeheartedly agree with what you say about the teething issues… And it’s so sad that things were taken! It WAS friendlier than events down south that I’ve been to, but I think that might be more to do with the fact that Yarndale was organised BY crafters FOR crafters, rather than a big corporation, so it felt more like a big family get together… if that makes any kind of sense! Anyway, lovely pictures!

  9. Lovely pictures! We had a fab time as well – the atmosphere was brilliant. I thought there was something for everyone. Plenty for me as a crocheter, my step-mum who is a knitter, and my dad who doesn’t do either (but is now becomming seriously obsessed with the idea of felting). I was so sorry to hear about the problems the yarn walk had, which has been added to by finding out that lovely little duck was also a casualty. That must be so disheartening for everyone who contributed. I didn’t see you when I was there, but I think if I had I would have come and squealed at you about my now finished Elmer blanket!

    Heres to Yarndale 2014!

  10. Nanita says:

    I absolutely LOVE these pictures and I’m thrilled it was such a huge success even though I couldn’t make it myself. Oh my, the preparations and organization skills needed for such an event, I’m in awe really. I am so hoping that I can come next year. And yes, you need your own little corner, and I would definitely come to visit you!! Gorgeous pic of you and your mum :-) xxxx

  11. Ah, I’m still buzzing from the weekend and get a little boost every time I see new pics of it. We had some impromptu demos on the stall on the Sunday when it was quiet – how to change colour and how to make cluster stitches. A couple of people even learnt to crochet! Definitely something I’d want to do more of if there’s a Yarndale 2014!

    PS – the houses, they’re amazing! Sorry to hear mummy duck was duck-knapped though :(

  12. Oh, I would love to come next year!! This year I had unfortunately to work – but next year I can maybe manage to have my holiday at Yarndale’s time ;-)
    It is good to know, that there is something for crocheters as well ;-)

  13. Jo says:

    I’m loving seeing all the different photos from Yarndale seeing as I couldn’t be there in person. It’s definitely been a huge success so I’m hoping it’s on again next year so that I can go myself. Such a shame about the duck being stolen, some people can’t keep their hands to themselves.

  14. Anne Marie says:

    If I hadn’t met you on the bridge in town Heather I would definitely have missed you. It was lovely to see you in reality. Your photos are really super and I’m going to have a more detailed look at them later. Yes the toilets were a problem, maybe next year they could hire some portable ones outside, that is what they do at car shows. I couldn’t have brought my Mum as she wouldn’t have been able to wait!!! But as someone earlier said, the organisers would probably have had no idea of the success and the number of people expected.

    I travelled by train from Birchwood to Skipton and was there in just over 2 hours. It’s a good service with the Transpennine Express to Leeds every hour and then the local trains every half hour or so. I didn’t see the point of driving then finding parking space. So glad my prediction was right.

    You really MUST make a personal appearance next year. That’s a LOVELY photo of you with your Mum.xx

  15. Great photo’s thanks for sharing, I’ve loved readin everyones t=yarndale posts, it’s great as I wasn’t able to make it. I love Lucy little ducks and pond crochet it’s all just so fab.
    Clare x

  16. Sarah A says:

    Well you are a “star” to many of us in blogland Heather! So wish I could have made the trip from the US..Maybe next time..

  17. Emmy says:

    Hi Heather! I have been reading and enjoying your blog for several months now, but have never commented till now. I thought I should pop in and say hi! I don’t have a blog of my own yet (although I will!), but I am, inspired by so many other blogs, including yours :) As I live in the US, it wasn’t feasible for me to be making the trip all the way to beautiful Skipton for Yarndale, but my family has traveled to Europe several times, and my mom was even saying that maybe next year…. :D I truly hope so; not only would I be excited about Yarndale, but I would also be thrilled to meet some lovely British blogges like you and Lucy. I would be traveling from North Carolina all the way to North Yorkshire!

    P.S. love all your photos, and your geaorgious houses!! As a fellow yarn and hook lover, I totally understand the way you feel about them ;D !!!

  18. Sarah A says:

    Well you are a star to many of us in blogland Heather! :) So wish I could have made the trip from the US..Maybe next time..
    I dont see many yarn/fiber festivals in the southern part of the US- but we have many other festivals geared toward homemade crafts and such. The traffic and amount of people are very similar to what I have seen in the photos of Yarndale. Anyone going knows that you will sit in traffic and that there will be many people. Its just part of it! I usually go super early to avoid some of the jams…

  19. Rae says:

    Lovely picture’s and enjoyed your blog. Guess what….I’ve just spotted one of my bunting triangles! Sad to hear that some of the yarn bomb was stolen, maybe for fun? Perhaps it’s going to be auctioned on E-bay or held to ran-some for charity ..let’s hope so.

  20. Judy says:

    You are one of the people that I would want to meet!! I feel like you’re part of the family!! It sounds like it was a wonderful experience and there is always a few things that may go wrong. I like to look at the positives and ignore the others. It sounds like there was sooooo much work that was done and being the first time that’s amazing!!! Maybe next year I can come during the time of Yarndale. It’s on my bucket list to come to England!! Thanks for sharing photos and descriptions for us. I’m glad your lovely mother could be with you. I love photos of mothers and daughters! Guess that’s because I’m the mother of a daughter and two granddaughters!!!!

  21. Anne Marie says:

    Heather, do you remember the names of the two stalls who sold Drops Yarn. One was on extreme right from back of car park entrance, and the first stall. The other was in the middle somewhere and that was cheaper! I bought some for my Mum and she now wants some more, so I’d like to get some for her if I can.

  22. Brill photos – thanks for sharing them, for those of us like me who couldn’t get there. So hoping that there’s another one next year. A bloggers’ meet up would be fun – we should all wear a crochet flower, or something – maybe a duck brooch, yes, that would be fun!
    Your Attic24 crochet is awesome – so much work and must have made everyone smile. Glad it all went well – everyone must be exhausted.

  23. Hi!
    Just found your blog after seeing your name mentioned a few times on Instagram and then seeing your comment on Attic24. Love love love the houses you did for Yarndale.

  24. Going on Sunday and arriving just before noon meant the crowds had died away mostly. I didn’t park at the mart as it was full, but a little walk from a nearby car park didn’t hurt. I ate before I came and so food was no issue. I really enjoyed the day and have no criticisms.

    Like you I’d love fabric and more variety of workshops and stalls but that’s a positive thing. :-)

  25. Sheree says:

    Fab pics Heather, thank you for sharing them. I would love to come next time with my hooky friends here in the Isle of Man.
    P.s am now proud Nana of a gorgeous granddaughter

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