Attic24 Crochet Houses Yarnbomb for Yarndale


It’s the day after the weekend before … that’s right the calm after the fantastic Yarndale Festival weekend. Did you go? Did you have a good time? Most importantly, DID YOU SEE MY YARNBOMB?


I have been asking everyone that I saw whether they saw it! Oh my goodness I’m so proud of it. It’s taken me ages and a lot of frantic sewing in the last week. It’s done though! Done on time and I think it looked great (thank goodness) even though I do say so myself.


I had originally planned for this yarnbomb to go on the yarn walk, probably on one of the fences in the park, but after some of the yarnbombing got stolen (which made me feel very sad and a bit sick if I’m honest) it seemed like a better idea to have it inside Yarndale in Lucy’s crochet lounge bit.


One of the teaser photos I posted on Facebook a while ago.

I can’t imagine that anyone will want to make one of these for their very own, although if you do you must of course send me photos, but I have been working on it for ages and I just wanted to share a few of the details with you.


The yarn I used was all Stylecraft Special dk, and left to right the colours were:

House 1: Cloud Blue for the building, Lipstick and Cream for the roof, Pomegranate and Cream for the windows and Denim for the door and Sherbet for the door windows.

House 2: Aster for the building, Grey for the roof, Plum and Cream for the windows and Fondant for the door.

House 3: Fondant for the building, Lipstick for the roof, Navy and Cream for the windows, Aspen for the door and Spring Green for the window on the door.

House 4: Aspen for the building, Copper for the roof, Denim and Cream for the windows and Pomegranate for the door.

I made each house individually and then sewed them together at the end. The houses are all made with rows of treble crochet (UK), and I started with a chain of 84 plus 3 for turning. I wanted the buildings to be approximately square so I worked 42 rows which, with my tension, worked out to be square enough. Then I changed colour and crocheted another 12 rows for the roof.


The windows were a bit of a pain to make, I experimented by making one solid granny square and adding the white frame by crocheting a strip and sewing it on but it looked really messy. I then tried 4 Elmer Squares joined together but this was too large. Soooo in the end I adapted the Elmer Squares: the first round is TR stitches but then the 2nd and 3rd rounds are HTR stitches which made the windows small enough. These took me the longest part of the whole thing because although it looked simple there are 16 windows in total which means 64 small granny squares plus sewing in the ends and joining them together and then sewing in those ends too. And of course sewing them on to the finished houses! Sewing each window on took me a minimum of 20 minutes because let’s face it, I am dreadful at sewing. I can’t tell you what stitch I used because I don’t know. Needle in, through both bits and out again and then sew the end in securely! Boom, done.


The doors were easy enough, I think it was a starting chain of 24 plus 3 for turning. Just trebles again. For the door on House 1 I faffed around and made the windows integral but it was a lot of cutting and joining and it would probably be easier to make 6 little windows and sew them on. The window on House 3 was made and attached. I made a semi circle by just doing half of a flat circle pattern and then increasing in each stitch on the 2nd and 3rd row. It wouldn’t stand up on it’s own but sewn down it was ok.

I tried to match the details of Lucy’s photo at the top of her blog but it was tricky in places, for example interpreting gingham into crochet was a challenge! I winged it in the end and did stripes and then sewed red yarn through the white stripes and hoped that it would look gingham like from a distance. For the detailing on the door of House 2 I just got a long length of cream yarn and pulled it through approximately a third and two thirds of the way across.


The dormer window on the pink house was the BIGGEST headache. I had originally sewn the window halfway down the roof to make it look like the blog picture, intending to crochet down the sides and then make a triangle to go on the top. I find triangles a right pain to make anyway and it turns out that it’s just not possible to make a solid right angle triangle in the round with a base that wide. It looked dreadful and I stressed about it for ages and almost went and just bought red felt to glue on it. At the eleventh hour I had a brainwave and did a chain of (I think) 35 stitches, worked a row of TR’s into that and then decreased quite heavily on each end of each subsequent row. I think I did ch3 and then 3TRtog on the next stitches and then the same at the other end. This actually looked quite neat and as luck would have it the numbers worked out enough for me to bodge the top into a point.


As I had already attached the window I couldn’t pick the stitches without leaving messy holes, I sewed the triangle to the top of the window and then crocheted two 6-row bits of red to fill in the gaps at the side. You can see on the back that there is a gap but that’s ok as only the front was on show.

The chimneys are simply just rows of trebles crocheted across the tops of the roofs once they had all been sewn together. Lucy made and attached the flowers that you can see in the final version at Yarndale.


So. Forget all of the gorgeous yarn on sale. Forget the alpacas and the angora rabbits. Forget chatting to Lucy.


I’ve got more photos and things to share from the weekend later on, I have just been bursting to share this for ages!

65 thoughts on “Attic24 Crochet Houses Yarnbomb for Yarndale

  1. Heather
    Your Yarnbomb was fantastic! :) We spent ages looking at it, admiring it, and wondering how an earth you found the time with a young baby! We were only sorry we didn’t get to see you to say how lovely it was.
    Back to work for me now, although I could do with the day off to catch up after such a busy weekend!
    Sara x

  2. Jo says:

    Fantastic! How clever. I’d have loved to have been at Yarndale, I’m not even that far away, but my son was leaving for uni this weekend. I’ll definitely be there next year though.

  3. Jo says:

    Fantastic! How clever. I\’d have loved to have been at Yarndale, I\’m not even that far away, but my son was leaving for uni this weekend. I\’ll definitely be there next year though.

  4. Julie says:

    They are absolutely fantastic! I wasn’t at Yarndale but I keep looking at the photos to see if I can spot my bunting which went instead of me.

  5. Sue says:

    Wow Heather they are amazing. As soon as I saw the photo of your yarn bomb houses I knew they were from the top of Lucy’s blog. You are so clever and patient.

    I hope they are safely packed away so they can have another airing next year.

    I couldn’t visit Yarndale in person so I am loving the blogs and photos of the event.

  6. I went, I saw your amazing houses and I also saw you! I wanted to say hello and tell you how much I enjoy reading about your crochet but you were chatting to someone and I didn’t want to look like a wierdo!!
    Your houses are amazing, as soon as I saw them I knew exactly what they were, you have created the blog header so well.
    Yarndale was amazing x

  7. Louise says:

    Your houses are amazing! I didn’t realise you had done them – thought it was Lucy. It was a brilliant event and I loved meeting Lucy and Tracey. I was looking out for you but must have missed you – maybe next year …..

  8. sew says:

    Brilliant stuff Heather! I can’t believe anyone would steal such things but glad yours was safe & sound inside. I’ve looked at all the photos I can find but can’t see any of my bunting – one had a buzzy bee on it so I was on the lookout for him! Hope to join in the fun if you decide to repeat it next year. Well done all. Sue.

  9. Liz says:

    Your houses are absolutely amazing. I did see you at Yarndale with your mum but didn’t get the chance to speak to you as I was on the ticket desk at the Wharfdale end.

  10. Liz says:

    What a fantastic weekend it was. Your houses are absolutely amazing. I did see you at Yarndale with your mum but didn’t get the chance to speak to you as I was on the ticket desk at the Wharfdale end.

  11. Nanita says:

    Wow your houses are AMAZING!!! Sadly I couldn’t make the travel (stupid stupid back problems grrr) but I’m sooo hoping for next year! I’m very impressed and so happy the event was such a huge success – well done everybody who contributed! :-) xxxx
    p.s. Did I mention how much I love your houses?? ;-)

  12. J says:

    Oh my it is just wonderful!!! I had seen many pictures of it on Instagram and wondered who had made it, well done indeed!!!

    Can’t wait to see your other adventures from Yarndale!

  13. Jill A says:

    Hi Heather, Yes I saw your houses, they are amazing. So amazing that my daughter took a photograph of me with them.
    We were there on Saturday and it was absolutely wonderful.
    Well done to all.x

  14. Hi Heather, great to see how your wonderful houses came together. When you said look out for them I imagined they were small… they were big and looked brilliant where they were positioned.
    Lovely to see you briefly on Saturday. Hope fully we can do a longer meet up again sometime.
    lots of love Jacquie x

  15. claire coffey says:

    Hi Heather, your houses looked so fantastic, I was so impressed by them – we were wondering who made them and it was lovely to find out it was you! I had such a fantastic time at Yarndale on both days, but was so disappointed to have missed you….we went down to the studio first on saturday so that’s probably why I did! it would have been lovely to say a proper hello! so glad you had a good time there, it was such a great weekend! love, Claire x

  16. Judy says:

    I’m just knocked over by this!!! AMAZING!!!! I wish that I could have been there but it would be a long trip from the US. I did order two bags and I’m going to give one to my daughter on her birthday. Thanks for sharing this and I can’t wait to see more photos.

  17. Judy says:

    I\’m just knocked over by this!!! AMAZING!!!! I wish that I could have been there but it would be a long trip from the US. I did order two bags and I\’m going to give one to my daughter on her birthday. Thanks for sharing this and I can\’t wait to see more photos.

  18. I loved them! I must admit, I had a little stroke when there! We had a fantastic time there and said a quick “HI” in between knitting Xmas baubles-so amazing- and frenzied shopping. Best day EVER!

  19. Heather this is ridiculously brilliant! I would never have thought of this, when I saw it I was so excited “It’s Lucys Blog Banner!!!”

    It must have taken you ages, well done :D Glad it didn’t get stolen too. I wonder if the people who took things thought that was the idea… I haven’t seen a lot of yarn bombing (I assume the council removes it) Hope not too much else went missing x

  20. That’s fantastic. How clever you are. I bet you had heaps of positive comments. Where will you put it now? I so wish that I could have been there, but it was just a tad too far to travel from Australia for the weekend.

  21. Heather, I SAW YOUR HOUSES! Every time I walked past them I wondered who’d made those. They were SOOOO clever! Well done you! I did keep my eyes peeled for you when I was there on Sunday, but didn’t spot you – maybe you went on Sunday. Yarndale was so much fun. I felt so honoured to be up in your part of the world. Really sad that we didn’t get to the park to A: play on the swings and B: look at all the other yarn bombing.

    It was just the best three days though. Truly scrumptious. I look forward to seeing more of what you got up to at Yarndale!

  22. Brenda says:

    Hi heather, your houses look fantastic, well done. I hope you all had a great time at Yarndale, it brings tears to my eyes – literally, it does – to read all the posts about Yarndale. From the other side of the world is one little person who wishes so much they could have been there. XxBrenda

  23. How did I not take this in? I can only assume I was under some sort of daze, brought about by too much yarn and too much spending. They look brilliant but I wish I could go back in time for another look and really appreciate it all.

  24. cate says:

    What a great idea! I love your houses. I would have loved to have gone to Yarndale but I live thousands of miles away. Reading your blog is a highlight of my day.

  25. Karen says:

    These houses were AMAZING. I went back and looked at them a few times and took a photo. I had a great time at Yarndale and met a friend I had not seen for many years. The walk through the park back to the station was beautiful too. Well done to you all.

  26. Ceekay says:

    Heather you are such a magnanimous person. Imagine making something beautiful to be displayed on another person’s stall… Lucy is blessed with good friends :)

    Needless to say that your crochet looks GREAT!!!!!!

  27. One-oh-four says:

    They are FAB! I saw them and just assumed Lucy had made them – wish I had asked her now ‘cos then I’d have known. I even sat just behind them to have lunch! You should be very proud as they are such a perfect rendition of Lucy’s blog top :). I love how happy you look on the photo and I know how you must feel – I was chuffed to bits to find that my bunting was on the front of the red shuttle bus and there is a similarly beaming picture of me in front of it! Yarndale was awesome, I can’t wait for next time.

  28. Yes, I did see your houses, but I didn’t realise they were by you at the time – they are flipping brilliant!! Did you enjoy the day? I hope so. I had a fab time. xx

  29. Awww yes they were amazing, soooo many people commented on them Heather. I wish I had put a little sign up to say that you had made them, but truthfully, I only managed to get the flowers stitched on at about 8pm on the set-up day, it was all a bit frantic!
    I’m going to display them at the studio I think, so that they can be appreciated all year round, would that be OK?
    Lots of love

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