The vine by the canal changing from green to red. A chill in the air, a slight hazy fog over the town. Leaves drying, curling, yellowing and browning. The sound of a robin by the waterfall, singing his end-of-day song to his partner, and pausing for a reply. The sound of the water over rocks and the sight of my curly haired boy leaning out of his pushchair to see where the sound is coming from. The smell of the woodsmoke from the 30-minute tour canal boat and the sound of a mallard standing up and shrieking, the quack-uack-uack-uack-uack bouncing off of the ancient stone that supports the castle. The smell of lapsang souchong outside the house where the sunflowers are just about to go over. Elderberries and blackberries. Over the bridge. The kitchen garden is ready to harvest. A leafy canopy (the best kind) and moss growing on the stone wall. Dog! Dog! Dog! An excited leapy puppy makes my boy giggle and reach out. Squeezing to the side of the narrow road twice, three times to allow cars to trundle past. Then, we arrive at the chickens. Yes! The chickens! Ok, yes, you can come out of your pushchair. An eager boy cannot believe his luck and shouts loudly “DUCK! DUCK! DUCK!” at the chickens. He laughs, and points, and laughs some more and shouts to the “ducks” again and again. He looks to me as if to say, “Have you SEEN THEM, Mummy?” I let him stand his feet on the gate and we watch the chickens for a while. I love to make him happy and I love how the simplest of things amaze him. We wave goodbye to the chickens and meander home, happy that it is Autumn.

12 thoughts on “Autumn

  1. Sue says:

    You have taken some lovely photos.

    Autumn arrived suddenly down here in the south. I have noticed that some trees have their autumn colours and others are still very green. The horse chestnuts were the first to change to their autumn colours.

    It is good to see TTB interested in his surroundings. I see he has a real thing for anything with feathers :-)

  2. Aw – lovely photos, just capturing the turn of the season and your little chap’s excitement. Love that little tin shack you passed too – old farm buildings are so interesting. Enjoy Autumn – those elderberries are just waiting to be picked – I made spiced elderberry jelly a couple of weeks ago – awesome (though I say so myself)!!!

  3. Claire C says:

    I adore autumn, it’s my favourite season, mainly because lovely russet and orange colours abound and I love them. love the smell of bonfires and wet leaves. It’s also my birthday in autumn which makes me smile too! Your photos are lovely, I want to just dive into all that gorgeous dappled light. See you at Yarndale!

  4. Nanita says:

    Oh how much I love that fifth picture, rather otherworldly isn’t it? So beautiful. Aww, TTB’s love for animals… Someone will be begging for a pet in the future! :-) xxxx

  5. I completly understand the feeling you described in your last post! I am a bit afraid of winter. My little girl was born 11 weeks too early last year. In fact she celebrated her first birthday yesterday :-)) She then spent 7 weeks in hospital which were very, very exhausting for me and my husband. In late winter I was really worn out and felt as I have no single drop of energy left. But still I am very positive that this winter will be much more better!!

  6. jo says:


    I really enjoyed reading this blog post. At this age everything is so exciting and an adventure, I so enjoyed when mine were this age, enjoy xx

  7. That is a beautiful building with the ivy on it, love the way it changes colour!

    Autumn is a good season, it might be getting a little darker now but think about all the lovely thing; warm snuggly scarves, hats, gloves, fireplaces, hot chocolates, blankets, crunchy golden leaves under your feet!

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