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Things and stuff and bits of fluff. Blogging is weird. I want to cram everything in but I’m really behind and feel like I never get to do posts that are right in the moment anymore and my blog has become one long “What I did on my weekend” type thing. Which is nice for me as a diary but it’s not much fun to write. “We went here, we did this and ate that and here is a photo of a bee”.

At the moment, I just don’t have time for as much blogging as I like – I have lots to blog about but no time to write it. But that’s good, right? Because I’m filling my time with stuff, it feels like the balance is more in favour of doing stuff rather than documenting stuff. I’m sure it will change as the days get shorter and the weather colder (boo …).

I’ve decided to stop doing the “52 Weeks of Happy” posts, I can’t keep up with them and I stopped enjoying the format of them. I thought about doing them once a month but I’m so far behind I’m just going to stop because it was stressing me out thinking about them. I was getting to the point that I didn’t want to blog my normal content in case I used up one of my photos that I’d need for the “52 Weeks” posts! That’s just daft. I’m generally pretty happy these days :-)

Also I just want to say that I so appreciate your comments on my blog. I love reading them and they make me really happy. I love putting a post up and then checking my emails afterwards to see what people thought. I’m just going to come out and say this though: I’m really bad at replying. Really bad. I wish I had more time to reply but I just don’t. I’m really sorry. And I am also sorry if you’re still waiting for me to reply to an email and have given up all hope. Sorry to keep you waiting. I will get on it!

You might think, why is she so busy when she isn’t even at work? (Oh yes I decided not to return to work by the way) Well I would like to tell you that my days are full of really glamorous, busy things but in truth I do a lot of washing up, food shopping, washing, wiping, making sure everyone is fed, more washing up and then mopping the floor. I start doing TTB’s dinnertime at about 5 and then by the time he’s eaten and in the bath it’s after six, then bathtime takes aaaages until Andy gets home around 6:30 and then they have time together while we get him ready for bed, then do his bedtime story and get him to bed … and then when I finally get downstairs again at half past 7 I have to cook our dinner and then wash up again … you get the picture. Most nights I’m still running around doing jobs until I go to bed!

I spent an evening opening bunting parcels for Yarndale … oh so many triangles! People are so generous, it was quite an honour to help sort though them. I kept as many foreign stamps as I could so I can save them and give them to TTB when he is older.

I’m not complaining … but sometimes it’s hard to fit as many things in for myself as I would like. That’s just the way it is though and you kind of already know that your time will be limited when you decide to have a baby. I’m fiddling with the timings of TTB’s naps at the moment and trying to get him down to one long nap in the afternoon which gives me approximately two hours to get things done. At the moment I’ve been trying to full fill my yarnbombing commitments for Yarndale in this time, as well as trying to organise things for TTB’s first birthday which is fast approaching. He’s having two parties, one at my mum’s for family and then one at soft play here for our local friends. I thought I was well ahead of the game because I’d been thinking about it and pinning stuff for ages in advance but erm it turns out all I’ve done is tell my mum what cake I’d like her to make for him and decided that I want stripy straws. That’s not really a great deal! Also I really want to make his birthday cake (for his party here) myself, but now I’m panicking a bit because there’s quite a few people coming and my oven is tiny and doesn’t heat evenly. Argh!

In other news, TTB is still superfabulous and more amazing every day. I took him swimming for the first time last week! He LOVED it. No other word for it. I suspected he might, as he has always been a huge fan of bathtime, but as soon as I got him in the water he just started laughing and laughing and laughing and was so happy. He really wanted to hold onto the side and walk along the bottom (such a drag to need to be held by mum) by himself but he isn’t quite tall enough to do so without going under. I’m sure he is counting down the days until he is tall enough! He looked like he was trying to swim though, or at least crawl along the water. I need to get my own swimwear now, I borrowed a cossie from a very kind friend. I need a trip to Bravissimo!

TTB is getting so grown up now. I’m almost at the end of being able to call him a baby and keep a straight face. He’s almost walking and spends most of the day standing up on his own. He has taken about three steps at once, so he’s getting there but not quite enough to call it walking yet. He likes to stand up and play with things, hold things, find things, drink from his cup just because he CAN do so while standing. He is ridiculously cute. He is also the world’s cutest pest: he just LOVES to explore and I just let him get on with it. Remove anything dangerous or really damageable and then let him go. He is happiest like this, and while I do say “Not in your MOUTH!” about a hundred times a day it seems to work. He is great at unpacking things … boxes of clothes, bags of clothes, baskets, he can empty a clothes horse and likes to pull open drawers and scatter the contents around. He’s so funny. Remind me why I bought any toys? Just fill a bag full of socks and leave it hidden enough that he thinks he shouldn’t have it and he is happy.

As of this week he is able to put shapes in the shape sorter, he can say “dog” and “duck” which I know they sound similar but it’s always in context. He can clap his hands, he sings (!) when I do, he can find anything with a button on it and can turn on that little keyboard by himself and make it play the demo songs and press the drum buttons. He can feed himself from a pre-loaded spoon and fork, and is just on real food and formula milk now. He learnt to use his fingers for pointing a couple of weeks ago and now spends most of his time pointing at things and wanting me to take him to them/pass them to him. This is fun but a lot of the time he points to my ipad or my phone and then has a stroppy wobbler when I don’t let him have them.

He has slept through the night a few times now, which is something I thought would nevereverevereverever happen. We’ve had a bad week but he is suffering with his teeth something dreadful at the moment, poor little guy. We’ll get there!

The biggest news now though is that WE HAVE A SOFA! Ha! Yes! An actual sofa. I gave my red chair to a friend, we got rid of the rug and I made a real decluttering effort (this has been my 2013 mission and it’s going really well) and now we have a sofa. The dining room is actually quite a nice place to be now! It feels really good. A long time coming! I am trying to make the house nicer so I don’t feel so miserable when the clocks go back. I know that it contributed to how bad I felt last year after having TTB. This year I am making Autumn/Winter preparations! I am also going to treat myself to new pyjamas and knitwear, oh yes.



39 thoughts on “Things and Stuff

  1. claire c says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself, Heather, you are doing amazingly well to even blog as much as you do with a young child! There’s no way I’d have been able to do that when mine were little! It’s amazing how they take up so much of your time. it does get easier as they get older, they want to do more stuff themselves and less with you, but still need you. I’ve recently taught a friend to crochet, and she is now launching into your Big Blue Blanket. I feel really chuffed! thanks for the pattern inspiration! I always know where to come for blanket ideas! looking forward to Yarndale, I’d love to say hi! Claire x

  2. Wendy Willis says:

    Heather, my baby( yes, I still call him my baby) turns 13 next week. I don’t know where the years have gone! There is lots that those parenting mags don’t tell you, but you sound like you are a fab mum and TTB looks a beautiful healthy boy. Enjoy every minute of him. X

  3. Sue says:

    I don’t know how you find the time to blog. I never had any spare time when my baby was TTB’s age.

    TTB looks very healthy and happy. He is a bright little thing. You are obviously a good mother.

    The other day I saw a mum pushing her baby in a pushchair and she was talking to her baby and pointing to things around them. It reminded me of when I was much younger and had babies to talk to. I then wondered why I found this young mum so sweet and interesting and then realised that every other mum I have seen is too busy talking on a mobile phone to talk to their babies/toddlers! How will their children learn anything?

    I really like the way you tell TTB all about birds, flowers etc. You would not believe how many 16 -18 year olds I spoke to in my job had no idea what dandelions or even daffodils were, very scary.

    I find winter depressing too. Maybe we need more colourful crochet blankets draped around the house. I have covered my sofa and armchairs with crochet blankets :-) I can’t do that with the beds as we have a cat who also hates the winter so spends a lot of time sleeping on the beds waiting for warmer weather to arrive.

    Ooo I am sure you will have much more fun at home with a certain young man than going to work. So many mums have to go back to work these days which is a great shame. Enjoy every minute.

  4. Gillian says:

    A bottom drawer full of plastic food containers and lids can keep a baby happy for hours. You can put one inside another, take the lid off and put it back on, stack them, endless fun!

  5. Heather you are amazing and you manage to blog whilst having a baby. I sometimes
    struggle to do mine and my kids all live elsewhere lol
    I love visiting and never mind if I dont get a reply back.
    take care xo ♥

  6. My ‘baby’ doesn’t understand he’s still my baby. Almost 16 and starting to stretch his wings a little further!
    I recall when Matt was small seeing skinny yummy mummies around – all glamourous and time to lunch – where I couldn’t tell you how my day zipped by in a rush. But I think we had more fun in parks, scrunching though leaves and washing up bubbles.
    Have fun – for you and your family.

  7. Nanita says:

    Heather, your blog is a joy to come visit, whatever you decide to do with it! The most important thing is that it should never feel like an obligation to you. I love reading about TTB’s adventures and progress (and I do admit I sometimes feel a bit too shy commenting since I can’t share advice or similar experience, not having kiddies of my own) You’re a brilliant mum! I love reading about your hooky stuff, your family visits and your every day life. Congratulations on the sofa!! :-) xxxx

  8. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi Heather, I think you’re doing a stunning job!!!That is what being a Mom is all about!!!Cleaning,feeding,bathing and most of all,loving!!!!And loving is not just hugs and kisses, it’s also making sure LTB is sufficiently stimulated and occupied!!!He looks a very happy little chap and that means your job is well done!!!Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. I think this is happier than any 52 Weeks of Happy post could be.

    It’s so lovely to hear about TTB growing up and being a happy little chappy. I’d rather read 1 post like this than a load of posts that your heart wasn’t in.

    Red chair is super happy in his new home but he wants to know why no-one is sitting in him and crocheting.

  10. I think this is happier than any 52 Weeks of Happy post could be.

    It\’s so lovely to hear about TTB growing up and being a happy little chappy. I\’d rather read 1 post like this than a load of posts that your heart wasn\’t in.

    Red chair is super happy in his new home but he wants to know why no-one is sitting in him and crocheting.

  11. You are where you always wanted to be-youare a Mum and Andy is a Dad. You may not have a lot of (unneccesary) material possessions but your little boy seems well advanced for his age. You give him love, good food and lots of stimulation on a personal level. I worked with many children who were materially rich but lacked the wonderful human interaction that TTB enjoys from all those who love him. Don’t feel you have to explainto us why you haven’t been blogging so much-you have been doing much more important work-it’s called “being a great! Mum”
    EnjoyTTB’s birthday with friends and with family.

  12. Adele says:

    Ahem Heather TTB will not know you have baked his cake now (save it for when he does know. Buy an M&S rectangular, in a tin, party cake – vanilla or chocolate: never fails. Oh, and Bravissimo have their sale online at the mo still – good luck. Do what you want on your blog – it should be fun for you. x

  13. What a good and long post to enjoy over coffee. I agree with a bought cake for the first as their sugar work beats mine hands down! I indulge in baking a few home made easy treats to satisfy the domestic goddess complex.

  14. One-oh-four says:

    Heather it’s your blog so you post what you want to post! And don’t feel bad about not replying to comments – I comment on lots of blogs and I’ve only ever had two replies – both from you! It’s not expected. Yay for deciding not to go back to work. Wish I had done that. And if Bravissimo turns out to be no good, BHS do good swimwear. Another option for TTB’s birthday cake is to buy a plain iced one (Sainsburys or M&S do them) and decorate yourself. We had no oven at all when my daughter was 1 and my mum was ill atbthe last minute so couldn’t make the cake as promised – I was devasted about her not having a homemade first cake but she didn’t notice!!!!!

  15. One-oh-four says:

    Re: my comment above – obviously I don’t mean buy a cake and then decorate YOURSELF; I mean, buy a cake and then decorate IT yourself. Although the first option could also be fun…

  16. TTB is super-cute!!!! Please please get into the habit of taking him swimming cos it’s sooooo good for him (and you too). I used to take my oldest (now 14) every week to our local leisure centre and we got to know so many other mums and babies – it was great!!! Good idea to get prepared for Autumn/Winter…how about a new mug (just for hot choc) and a new hot water bottle and cover??? Oh, and new slippers too!!! xxx

  17. tilliemint says:

    I love your blog and I think you’re amazing to get so much done as well as looking after TTB, who, btw, is the cutest, cleverest baby! You should be dead proud :)

  18. You do so well blogging as often as you do, I have to confess I thought you might disappear after you had TTB but I’ve been pleasantly surprised :D But don’t worry if you’re not doing as much, you have a busy life to live – and hurrah for not going back to work! Well paid work, you have a full time job on your hands don’t you :p

    And don’t stress about blogging (like I have!) It should be fun & if it’s not fun it needs to change :)

    TTB is looking v.cute in his tunnel & are I say a little mischevious :p

  19. Rowan says:

    I’ve been reading your bogs for a while now. I love crochet and you have a great eye for colour, which I admire. I just wanted to say that I realise I have started picking out your blog for a pick me up in the evening! I work full time, and while I’m a mum my lifestyle is quite different from yours. Your enthusiasm, positivity and honesty set your blog posts apart and make them a thoroughly enjoyable read, along with the fab photos. Please keep it up!

  20. Deborah says:

    Hello Heather. I really do enjoy your storytelling, and photos.
    Your love for your family and little TTB really shines through.
    The last photo of TTB peeping out of the tunnel is so sweet. xxxxx

  21. Anne Marie says:

    Hi Heather, lovely post, really nice to post what you want to say rather than having to keep to a formula. I’m glad you’ve decided to stay at home with TTB. I went back to work when my baby, Nick, who is 44 tomorrow, was 18 months old. Mainly because we lived in a sort of village which didn’t really have a community and there were very few young people living there. We then moved into Peak District and it was in the middle of nowhere and I left with him with a neighbour, (half a mile away), and I had a lovely job with the company who packs Kerrygold stuff, I was a personnel officer amongst other stuff. I often wish I’d stayed at home.

    I wanted to let you know I have found some acrylic dk yarn at a really good price, and I emailed them to ask if it compared with Stylecraft (cheeky) and I had a lovely reply. Anyway I am going to try some, at £1.00 a ball. It’s Marriner Yarns, look it up, I won’t put up the link as you will find it no problem, lovely colours too. Try a ball on something, I want to make a little cover for my Landy seat.

    And you don’t need to reply to people, not with so many people commenting too. I often reply on my blog as I’ve only about 6 followers! xx

  22. You are doing so well Rachel! No need to apollogise at all I think.
    Thanks for sharing those lovely Rachel stories…;-) and get yourself a cosy pair of pyjama’s!
    Love from Mirjam.

  23. Carrie says:

    Dear Heather, I hope you realise from all these comments how much we all appreciate your blog, It is yours, do what you want to with it. and please dont feel bad about not replying, I comment on quite a few and have only ever had one reply, which was from you, and an unexpected pleasure.
    TTB looks like a happy, bright, stimulated little chap with a Mum and Dad who love him and give him their time and attention, and oh my, that just pays absolute dividends. he is a very lucky little boy to have you and his family.
    Your crochet and colours are beautiful, and you ave given me such inspiration in my crochet.
    Btw, the birthday cake – if you really want to make your own (and personally I Have to make my family’s cakes and always have) – you could always make lots of little cupcakes, ice them, and then stack them on a plate in an artistic fashion! my daughter did this last year for my birthday, and I loved it
    Lots of love from Carrie x

  24. Just wanted to bob in to say I nodded my head at a lot of what you wrote. It’s easy to forget who you are when you have children as your whole life revolves around their needs. Also, I like leaving comments and certainly don’t expect a reply. I think most people who leave comments just want to do so because it expresses how much they have enjoyed a post. Sorry this is a bit rambling…it’s that thing of not having time to think!

  25. Oh, and as my friend likes to put it you have not returned to ‘paid work’ but my word, you’ve still got a job, and contrary to what our Chancellor of the Exchequer seems to think, you are contributing to society by bringing up a well adjusted child.

  26. Oops! Of course I know that your name is Heather…. I feel rather stupid!
    Thanks for your mail to remind me ;-)!
    Have a great Sunday, love from Mirjam.

  27. Im really glad youre stopping the 52 weeks of happy thing, i find them really dull after a while – lots of bloggers have been doing that and its yawn inducing and twee after the first few months. I did the Good Things project where you write down all the happy things, goals accomplished and lol moments but gave up by April because when youre happy and enjoying life you’re too busy doing it to write it all down! You remember the good things anyway so I decided it was a lovely idea but pointless in the end.

    Glad all is going well for you and T.

  28. Im really glad youre stopping the 52 weeks of happy thing, i find them really dull after a while – lots of bloggers have been doing that and its yawn inducing and twee after the first few months. I did the Good Things project where you write down all the happy things, goals accomplished and lol moments but gave up by April because when youre happy and enjoying life you’re too busy doing it to write it all down! You remember the good things anyway so I decided it was a lovely idea but pointless in the end.

    Glad all is going well for you and TTB

  29. Alice says:

    It seems to me that you are a truly brilliant Mum and it has been a joy and a privilege being able to hear all about your first year in the job. And my oh my what a job it is… Good on you for not going back to work – building a childhood for a whole new person is an admirable career that society should give much more respect. Love your blog, whatever its about…xxx

  30. Lulu says:

    You sound like an absolutely amazing Mummy to TTB, you both look so happy and well and you are just a natural! The decluttering sounds great, I used to be 100% untidy and cluttered and now I am 100% tidy (ok, 95% :) and it makes SUCH a difference. Also I buy ahead of the seasons so now my little ones have already got their winter coats, shoes, new wellingtons, hats, scarves and mittens ready and waiting in the cupboard. “Why wait” is my motto – when it hits the shops (paddling pools in April, Christmas cards in September) I buy because with two tinies and another on the way I haven’t time to go back and get it :) and in my decluttered house I can find things too, yay! Anyway I love what you do and I love reading your blog, the words just flow off the page, you are a great writer (and photographer, and Mummy).

  31. Lulu says:

    Oh, re the cake: you could make whatever size your oven can manage, and decorate it nicely, but buy in a bigger cake for the party and mix and match the slices. Or you could do a special cake for the centrepiece but then also have cupcakes as I think someone above mentioned – how about icing a letter on each one (or spelling it out on icing with silver balls/jellytots) ie Happy First Birthday XXXXX(name) and if there’s not enough letter cakes for number of guests then obviously you can do some with kisses/hearts on as well. But really, nobody will mind what you do, they will just be happy to be part of TTB’s celebrations :)

  32. Enjoy today and don’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy that little guy at every stage (you do) and we enjoy being along for the ride. We’ll all survive if we don’t receive an e-mail from you. You could always make him a little cake that just the three of you share. Everyone will be fine with it!! It’s a big celebration being 1 year old!!

  33. Enjoy today and don\’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy that little guy at every stage (you do) and we enjoy being along for the ride. We\’ll all survive if we don\’t receive an e-mail from you. You could always make him a little cake that just the three of you share. Everyone will be fine with it!! It\’s a big celebration being 1 year old!!

  34. Enjoy today and don\\\’t sweat the small stuff. Enjoy that little guy at every stage (you do) and we enjoy being along for the ride. We\\\’ll all survive if we don\\\’t receive an e-mail from you. You could always make him a little cake that just the three of you share. Everyone will be fine with it!! It\\\’s a big celebration being 1 year old!!

  35. I completely sympathise with your blogging experience – before Stashlet came along I blogged like crazy and then, what with nappies and weaning and all that palava, blogging just went out of the window even though (like you) I’m not working at the moment. I have so much I want to blog about and not time to do it! TTB sounds great and I’m so glad he’s starting to sleep through the night. Ana x

  36. Wendy says:

    Heather, blogging should be something that brings you joy, so modify whatever you need to in order to make it work for you. You will never have a more important job or a harder one than being a good mother, and there is no doubt from reading your blog that you are a great mom. Blogging in itself is a “job” but certainly secondary to everything else. Make it all work for you.

    Wendy in NH xx

  37. Angharad says:

    Ooooh I’m so glad I found your blog! I came via Attic 24, looking for ways to join Granny squares, and look what I found! It’s lovely to read about your little boy and all the things he gets up to – my baby boy is just 8 weeks so I’m looking forward to all that! It’s also reassuring to know I’m not the only one who spends her days washing up, cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, wiping the baby’s bottom and feeding him! Time to change his nappy now, but I’m looking forward to reading some more with his next feed… :)

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