Big Rainbow Ripple

I’m running out of names for blankets. I’ve already got a “Rainbow Ripple” ta-daah but this one is more rainbowy than that one, but also has wider stripes so I’m going to give it the very imaginative name of Big Rainbow Ripple.

I started this blanket back in April, it was the day after we rearranged TTB’s room and made it all lovely. I didn’t have a project on the go and felt happy and free and just started a ripple on a whim. I knew that a friend of mine was due her second baby at the end of July and that the blanket would have a happy home.

(It’s impossible to photograph anything on the floor without it being crawled over at the moment …)

As usual, I used Stylecraft Special dk. I did initially select “Lipstick” but the red tone didn’t suit the other colours at all and it looked wrong. I substituted “Pomegranate” to use as the red colour in my rainbow and it fitted much better. In order, the colours are: Pomegranate, Shrimp, Saffron, Meadow, Aster, Cloud Blue, Magenta and Plum. Eight colours rather than seven but I like the way the two blues look. I also like that, once you start the next repeat, you have Magenta, Plum and Pomegranate all next to each other which is a pleasing colour combination.

Four rows per stripe makes the blanket look less busy, and also meant fewer colour changes & less faffing so I could ripple faster. TTB was poorly for almost two weeks and I found that just doing crochet while he napped really helped relieve the stress of coping with his increased needs. Housework was left by the wayside but my sanity was more important!

I crocheted 3 rounds of “Aster” as the border, it’s the only colour that is calming enough to “contain” the other colours of the blanket, but not so dominant that it kills them all. For the first round along the sides, I crocheted two TR stitches into the side of each stitch of the main blanket. The final two rounds were just one TR into each stitch.

There’s not much more to say really: it’s a ripple for a baby, in stylecraft, in rainbow colours. It’s approximately the same size as the Honey & Roses blanket, and my friend and her new baby boy loved it :-)

Edit: Pattern from HERE, straightening technique from HERE. I think I did 140+3 starting chain, and my hook was 4mm.

23 thoughts on “Big Rainbow Ripple

  1. Stizy says:

    Lovely blanket, lovely colours.
    I have a friend who is due to have a baby boy soon, so have been inspired to have a go at making something with a blue bias.
    Not quite sure it is in your league, but am having fun doing it. Will show you the pictures once it is complete. Then maybe I shall get more adventurous. :-) S x

  2. Anne Marie says:

    It’s really lovely Heather. I’m still plodding on with mine but it’s just a fall-back, in between other things. I LOVE starting something new and then move on to something else!

  3. Sue says:

    Wow another lovely blanket. Four rows of each colour really look good.

    Hmm I might try a ripple soon. I did try earlier in the year but I couldn’t get into at all. I have been crocheting for just over a year now so I can’t use “I am a beginner” as an excuse any more :-)

  4. It’s another stunner Heather ! I love the wider rows and the super happy colours. I especially love the photos at the end where you can see the ridges in the ripples. TTB looks too cute :0)
    Jacquie x

  5. claire c says:

    Looks stunning, Heather, Stylecraft is definitely a good yarn to ripple with, I have undone my 75cm ripple as the King Cole merino wool was just not suited to it at all. It was a heartbreaking frogging session but the right thing to do. I will be starting a ripple soon in stylecraft I think!

  6. avril says:

    I am rippling at the moment…your stitches are so much neater than mine! It is such a lovely pattern to work. I love your colour combination.

  7. I am going to have to get some Stylecraft wool as I keep seeing the stunning colours you use and must re-try rippling as I found it easy buy got distracted halfway through and lost the ripple. I would like to contribute “Ripple-icious” for future blanket naming!

  8. Oh now that is beautiful! I have never yet made a ripple (I’m too scared of the dreaded foundation chain and that first row) but one day I will make one. Your rainbow colours are gorgeous.

    Your comment about scrabble and “jib” – brilliant, made me chuckle. :-) x

  9. I’m glad it’s not just me that struggles to name projects :) Love the effect thicker stripes has. Another lucky friend you’ve got!

    Is TTB feeling better now? And are you less stressed :o x

  10. Marcia says:

    Lindo trabalho!!
    Agradeço pelas fotos, principalmente a borda, eu não sabia como fazer um acabamento bonito e simples, adorei ver como voce fez.

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