Honey & Roses Granny Square Pattern

As promised, I’ve written up the instructions for making the granny squares I used for the Honey & Roses blanket. You can find the pattern HERE, and the link will stay with the other tutorials that I’ve done on the left hand side of my blog.  I’ll warn you now, there are a LOT of photos … I never know how detailed to make them so I just photographed everything!

I hope it makes sense, let me know if you need anything clarifying and I’ll do my best to help.



Pop-up Shop: Derdlab Press

One positive thing to come out of the (really rather negative) high street shop closures following the recession is pop up shops. We passed this one on Sunday, Derdlab Press, and spent a happy ten minutes browsing all of the prints and choosing which postcards to buy followed by a lovely half an hour or so chatting with one of the people running it. She was happy for me to take some photos, I wasn’t able to get any of the actual Victorian printing presses but that photo of all the letters makes me stupidly happy. I loved all of the work and indeed seeing the presses and the smell of the ink. She gave TTB a print of a train (HST in Intercity livery in case you were wondering) and he gave her a very toothy grin (which are very crazy looking these days, I don’t know why!). They’re only there for the next two weeks, unless they get an extension, but they are doing some courses I think and I’m itching to go and have a go. I think they are based at Oldfield near Haworth usually, Oldfield Press, so I’m thinking of trying it out anyway, perhaps next year, if I can. It’s exciting thinking of something new to try!

(I don’t know why I’ve used so many commas in this post.)