Honey & Roses Blanket

It feels like  a very long time since I’ve put any finished crochet on my blog. Or indeed any crochet! I have been working on this blanket for about three months but I couldn’t share any photos with you because this blanket is a gift for my lovely friend Rach, who is due to have her first baby in September. (Just a note as last time I mentioned this I got congratulations on being an Auntie: Rach is my friend and is not the same as Rachel who is my sister. My sister is definitely not pregnant!)

I bought the yarn about two hours after she discovered that she was having a baby girl. Awww! I chose Stylecraft Special dk because it works up very well, is nice and soft and most importantly for a baby blanket, it is washable and dries quickly.

The colours I used were: Raspberry, Pale Rose, Grape, Grey, Camel and Parchment. I wanted a pink blanket but not sickly pink or very bright pink and I’m pleased with the vintagey feel of it and how the camel just lifts it a bit. I tried it without the camel and it looked flat and boring. I started out with one ball of each colour: I needed to purchase more of the Pale Rose and the Raspberry, but I had yarn leftover from all the other colours.

I worked the blanket on a 4mm hook and the pattern I used was slightly adapted from how I made the Pink Daisies Blanket  a couple of years ago. There are loads of similar patterns around the web but I just winged it in the first place and made tweaks this time around. I’d like to make a pictorial pattern but I’m not sure when!

I used my usual method of joining the squares together, you can see my tutorial HERE. I used “Raspberry” to join the squares.

As usual I was a bit stumped as to what to do for the border. In the end, I kept it simple. I did one round of DC stitches, and then one round of TR stitches, both in “Raspberry”. Then I did one round of DC stitches in “Pale Rose” and another in “Raspberry”. These final DC rounds I worked in the back loop only as this gives a sweet ridged effect and also prevents the corners from curling.

The blanket fits perfectly in a cotbed, and measures approximately 70cm wide and about 100cm long. I’m guestimating that as I didn’t measure it. A UK cotbed is 70x140cm and you can see above how it fits.

The colours made me think of honey and roses, hence the name. I have already given it to Rach because I was desperate to blog about it and she did love it. I’m so pleased and I can’t wait to meet Baby Girl in a few weeks time :-)


52 thoughts on “Honey & Roses Blanket

  1. avril says:

    as ever, you have chosen your colours so well. The pinks are really complimented by the other shades. I’m sure your friend will love it (and baby when it arrives). Thanks for sharing.

  2. MsZeb says:

    Beautiful blanket!! And I love the colours, which are some of my Stylecraft faves. I’ll have to get some camel and parchment to add to my stock. (Stylecraft is stock. My stash is a different collection of yarn.) When you wash your stylecraft blankets do you just do them on a 30 degree synthetic wash and can you put them in tumble dryer?

  3. That is absolutely gorgeous! And the colour combo you have chosen has given me inspiration for some cushion covers I want to make for my craft room chair!

  4. Dotty says:

    I had to comment to say what a fantastic combination of colours you have chosen! I instantly wanted to start a(nother) blanket just to try the palette because it looks amazing – it’s a very clever, vintage-inspired design. Thanks for your tip about dc through the back loop – will try that on the baby blanket edging I’m finishing right now!

  5. angie says:

    I love your colours! I always love your colour choices and Lucy’s too but whenever it comes to picking colours for myself I can’t seem to break away from just using different shades of the same colour, rather than actual different colours. I’m off to have a word with myself… ;)

  6. What a gorgeous blanket. No wonder your friend was pleased. I love the shades of pink you’ve chosen…feminine but not sickly.

  7. Sue says:

    Once again a beautiful blanket. The colours are perfect together.

    I have had a bit of a break from crocheting due to RSI in my thumb but seeing this blanket makes me want to make one right now :-) First I have to re-learn to crochet holding the yarn the correct way in order to avoid a repeat of the RSI.

    Once again thanks for the inspiration.

  8. This is the most perfect blanket for a little girl. Love your colour choice, especially the Camel which wasn’t something I considered before but now surely do!

  9. Such a lovely blanket! The joining is perfect and I will be looking at your tutorial soon I think for my not finished granny cushion!

  10. Louise says:

    Love your blanket, the colours are gorgeous together and it looks really modern. What a lovely present for the girl!

    Louise xx

  11. Liz T says:

    Beautiful blanket Heather, perfect colour choice.

    Ms Zeb, 30 degree wash is great for Stylecraft and yes, you can tumble dry with no problem.

  12. Oh I love your colour choices, so unusual and vintagey. I marvelled at the piccie on the washing line which shows the back of the blanket, where are all your sewn in ends?? Please show us how you sew them in so invisibly! As usual, I am in awe of your crochet skills, absolutely beautiful. :) love, Tina xx

  13. Oh swoooooon! I absolutely am loving the colours you’ve gone for, it’s warm and feminine but not overly girly, and I do love a bit of Stylecraft Camel!

    If I wasn’t on a ‘yarn diet’ I’d probably go for some balls of… well all of the colours actually. I’ve added some grey squares to my blanket (a whole two so far!) so we’ll see if that pans out alright :)

    Rach will love it I’m sure, who wouldn’t?

  14. tracey says:

    It is just lovely. Have come back to look five times already.
    I am wanting to make a similar size blanket for a new baby due in February. Can you tell me how many balls of wool you used.
    It is so very pretty. Excellent choice oof colours too

    • Heather says:

      Hi Tracey,

      It took less than 1 ball of Parchment and Camel, approximately one ball of Grape and Grey, and almost two balls of each Raspberry and Pale Rose x (I think!)

  15. Love this! Like really A LOT. The colours, the pattern… the yellow (is that the camel?) is particularly scrumptious with the pinks. Well done Heather! What a lucky friend :)

    I am in a similar position making a blankie for a friend that reads my blog – I really want to share pics etc but will have to wait until I’ve given it to her first!

    Jones x

  16. Sarah says:

    Dear Heather I love the “Honey and Roses” blanket. The colours are perfect! I think I need a big version for my own bed. x

  17. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi Heather, Well done!!!It’s a stunning blanket with a beautiful name!!!Rach must be over the moon with this little beauty!!!Have a great weekend!!!

  18. Penny Pearce says:

    Beautiful blanket. The little one will be able to use this for years as it will look good as a throw on a single bed.

    • Heather says:

      Hi Angela,

      I sometimes block blankets. I block it if it’s a natural fibre, but not if it’s acrylic like Stylecraft. This has attracted me criticism in the past, mind! it is possible to steam block blankets, but I don’t have an iron so usually don’t bother. I didn’t block the Honey & Roses blanket as I didn’t think it needed it x

  19. Clare says:

    I have recently learned to crochet (as a long-time knitter who wanted to try something new!) and I found your website when I was looking for patterns. I just wanted to thank you for putting up such clear and detailed instructions for making this beautiful blanket, and also for listing the colours you used so I could copy your lovely design! I have just finished all the squares and I am now crocheting them together – I am thrilled with how it has turned out! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas and inspiring me to make my first blanket – I can’t wait to start the next one and have already ordered my next batch of yarn!! Stylecraft DK, of course…!

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