My not-so-Royal Baby

My not-so-Royal baby turned ten months at the weekend. That’s scarily close to being a year old! His birthday is not far off and I am looking forward to holding a party for him at my mums, as well as doing something more local for my (and his) friends here.

I admit – I was excited about the arrival of the Royal Baby :-) He will be in the same school year as TTB (obviously not in the same school!). I’ve been thinking loads about how William and Kate must be feeling and how excited and happy they must be. I can’t imagine how awful it felt going into labour and having the whole world knowing. I found it hard enough with one or two people texting me – I turned my phone over to Andy in the end because it was so distracting. This baby is going to grow up under such scrutiny and I can’t help but feel sorry for him in some ways. Ditto William and Kate – it must be hard having a baby and knowing that really he’s not just yours, he belongs to the Royal Family brand and you have to share him with the world. I don’t blame them for not introducing him to the world straight away, if I knew that this was the only time that he would be *just mine* I would be hanging on to each of those last private moments.

I’m curious as to what they’ll call him though … my prediction is Alexander William George. What do you think? I think “William” HAS to be in there somewhere!


12 thoughts on “My not-so-Royal Baby

  1. Kate says:

    I’m still holding out for HRH Prince Darren, but realistically I’d go for George William Charles something. :-)

    I didn’t tell anyone other than OH (obviously!) when I was in labour. Even spoke to my MIL on the phone during the third one without her twigging. ;-) That moment when you see your scrunched up new person for the first time is so precious and I also hope that the new baby manages to keep out of the public gaze for just a bit longer.

  2. Gillian says:

    I really like your sympathy for them coming home in the glare of publicity – those first few days are so precious, I agree. I hope they’ll be able to hide for a bit. As for your not-so-royal baby, he’s a treasure, every bit as special as Baby X.

  3. LizT says:

    The world has had a wee glimpse at the new young Prince, now it’s time for William and Kate to enjoy him and get to know him without the rest of us gawping. I like your name predictions too Heather but I’m wondering if they might go for something like Richard – probably not though.

    Can’t believe that TTB will be 1 in the not too distant future, you and Andy have your own little Prince, he’s adorable.

  4. I like all those names but I wonder if they might go for something a bit more unexpected like Albert (Bertie)? I’m hooked on the coverage. It’s sad, I know but I love seeing William and Kate. They look so happy and perfect together. Having watched William grow up (I’m seven years older than him) I just wish them well. No one should have to go through the traumas that he’s been through and to play it all out in public too. I don’t care if you don’t agree with our monarchy or system – you’d have to be an unhappy person to not enjoy sharing in their joy.

  5. Carrie says:

    i am going for Toby or perhaps Cyril? at heart, despite all the fuss, William and Kate are just a couple who have had their first baby, and it’s lovely to see them x

  6. Claire C says:

    It is so lovely to be able to share their joy, but like you, I do hope that the new little Prince will be able to have some semblance of a ‘normal’ childhood…whatever normal means these days! As long as he is loved and cared for, stimulated and entertained, these are the things every baby thrives on, as evidenced by TTB’s progress! My two high-school children are getting to that stage when they don’t seem to need mum so much…so enjoy it while you can xx

  7. Deborah says:

    Hello Heather. You guessed two out of the three Royal Prince’s names!
    I love the photo of your little prince, TTB, exploring in the grass!

  8. I was excited too! Really made me reminisce about the arrival of my non-Royal baby. I agree though… Will be tough for them but they seem pretty good at maintaining some kind of privacy.

  9. I had to add my thoughts on this because it fascinates, baffles & sort of blows my mind a bit, that this baby will be the king one day and that there will be a point when this suddenly dawns on him? It makes me wonder how other children he grows up with will treat him; will they tease him or think he’s the coolest thing ever? I really can’t get my head around it, I’m just glad I’m ‘normal’ :)

  10. Hi Heather, well done on the baby name! You are so right: that precious time when baby first arrives and he’s so new and you’re just melting every time you look at him, getting to know all the contours of his little face, and counting the fingers and toes. I have two boys, now 18 an 14 and I can remember that feeling like it was yesterday. Enjoy TTB, he will grow so quickly and every moment is precious. xx

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