Honey & Roses Blanket

It feels like  a very long time since I’ve put any finished crochet on my blog. Or indeed any crochet! I have been working on this blanket for about three months but I couldn’t share any photos with you because this blanket is a gift for my lovely friend Rach, who is due to have her first baby in September. (Just a note as last time I mentioned this I got congratulations on being an Auntie: Rach is my friend and is not the same as Rachel who is my sister. My sister is definitely not pregnant!)

I bought the yarn about two hours after she discovered that she was having a baby girl. Awww! I chose Stylecraft Special dk because it works up very well, is nice and soft and most importantly for a baby blanket, it is washable and dries quickly.

The colours I used were: Raspberry, Pale Rose, Grape, Grey, Camel and Parchment. I wanted a pink blanket but not sickly pink or very bright pink and I’m pleased with the vintagey feel of it and how the camel just lifts it a bit. I tried it without the camel and it looked flat and boring. I started out with one ball of each colour: I needed to purchase more of the Pale Rose and the Raspberry, but I had yarn leftover from all the other colours.

I worked the blanket on a 4mm hook and the pattern I used was slightly adapted from how I made the Pink Daisies Blanket  a couple of years ago. There are loads of similar patterns around the web but I just winged it in the first place and made tweaks this time around. I’d like to make a pictorial pattern but I’m not sure when!

I used my usual method of joining the squares together, you can see my tutorial HERE. I used “Raspberry” to join the squares.

As usual I was a bit stumped as to what to do for the border. In the end, I kept it simple. I did one round of DC stitches, and then one round of TR stitches, both in “Raspberry”. Then I did one round of DC stitches in “Pale Rose” and another in “Raspberry”. These final DC rounds I worked in the back loop only as this gives a sweet ridged effect and also prevents the corners from curling.

The blanket fits perfectly in a cotbed, and measures approximately 70cm wide and about 100cm long. I’m guestimating that as I didn’t measure it. A UK cotbed is 70x140cm and you can see above how it fits.

The colours made me think of honey and roses, hence the name. I have already given it to Rach because I was desperate to blog about it and she did love it. I’m so pleased and I can’t wait to meet Baby Girl in a few weeks time :-)


My not-so-Royal Baby

My not-so-Royal baby turned ten months at the weekend. That’s scarily close to being a year old! His birthday is not far off and I am looking forward to holding a party for him at my mums, as well as doing something more local for my (and his) friends here.

I admit – I was excited about the arrival of the Royal Baby :-) He will be in the same school year as TTB (obviously not in the same school!). I’ve been thinking loads about how William and Kate must be feeling and how excited and happy they must be. I can’t imagine how awful it felt going into labour and having the whole world knowing. I found it hard enough with one or two people texting me – I turned my phone over to Andy in the end because it was so distracting. This baby is going to grow up under such scrutiny and I can’t help but feel sorry for him in some ways. Ditto William and Kate – it must be hard having a baby and knowing that really he’s not just yours, he belongs to the Royal Family brand and you have to share him with the world. I don’t blame them for not introducing him to the world straight away, if I knew that this was the only time that he would be *just mine* I would be hanging on to each of those last private moments.

I’m curious as to what they’ll call him though … my prediction is Alexander William George. What do you think? I think “William” HAS to be in there somewhere!