52 Weeks of Happy (25/52)


And with this post, I am up to date with 52 Weeks of Happy! I am really enjoying this project but I don’t think I’ll do it again next year. Do you like reading them? I feel like I bombard you with a lot of these posts. I know it’s technically one a week but I get left behind and always feel like I’m playing catch up. It doesn’t make for very varied reading. In 2012 I did “Monthly Mosaics” (excepting December when I forgot), 2013 is 52 Weeks of Happy and I’m looking for what I can do in 2014. A lot of my friends do Project Life and they all look really good and I’m a little jealous of them but it’s more a scrapbooking thing and I’m not sure I can commit to that.

Anyway here are little moments that pleased me in Week 25:

1. Delicate cow parsley growing along the canal. I love how each little flower is made from three small and two large petals.

2. Enjoying being at my mum’s as it means no jobs and so nap time = hooky time.

3. Duplo, and the fact that it’s rainbow coloured: putting things in colour order makes me happy! (It’s the Number Train Duplo and was a gift from my sister Rachel, Queen of Presents.)

4. Great big peonies. Can’t beat them can you? (Although close up they smell quite gross!)


::: Previous Weeks of Happy ::: 

52 Weeks of Happy (24/52)

Yikes I am so behind with these posts! I am determined to carry on with them though so I will push on with them. You can see the rest of the posts by clicking HERE.

First up is a snap from Sunday the 9th June. My mother in law and her husband visited us for the day and after a tasty lunch out we went for a drive round the Dales. We stopped in Kettlewell but TTB was asleep. I stayed with him in the car and enjoyed a nice if slightly uncomfortable snooze while the others went for a walk. Andy snapped a couple of photos for me.

Secondly we have Bramble Bunny. She and TTB are best buds and they like to sit in the yard and watch each other, her in the doorway of the outhouse and him in his baby walker.

Thirdly, Sweet Williams on my windowsill. Pretty pretty pretty and nice and cheap. A real summer flower in my book!

Lastly, BIRTHDAY CAKE. Oh yum. I travelled down to my mum’s on the Thursday and she had made me a cake. She makes the BEST Victoria sponges in the whole world. I’ve never ever tasted better than her cakes. It’s not a real birthday cake unless my mum makes me a Victoria Sponge with jam and buttercream in the middle. This one had M&Ms on top as well, winner. (:::last year’s cake:::)