Open Studio

My mum is staying with us at the moment (WAHOOOO!!!!) and happily this coincided with the preview night of Lucy and Tracy’s open studio day. We were late arriving as the start time clashed with baby-bedtime so when we got there the cafe and studio were full with people, drinks and food in hand, chatting to each other and enjoying the ambience. I didn’t take many photos (we were too busy enjoying ourselves!) but I’ll share what I have and I’m sure that many more photos will pop up around the web soon enough. If you went on the Saturday, let me know! If you’ve blogged your photos leave me a link and I’ll add it to the end of the post here.

The above is Lucy’s workspace, as you may have guessed ;-)

This is the room next to the studio where Lucy and Tracy are planning to hold open days and workshops including rag rugging, felt decorations, decorative crochet and needle felting. I’m not sure how I managed to get a photo of this room while it was empty as it was crammed with people for most of the time.

No part of the upstairs of the building remains un-prettified! This is a very Lucy-esque decoration but in very Tracy colours which made me smile.

Hiiiii! This was before the wine. There are no after-wine photos.

It rained for most of the day on Friday but in the evening the sun came out, albeit with a cold breeze and the clouds lingering threateningly in the background. This window faces West ish and the late evening light was streaming through and illuminating the stained glass and the flowers in their bottles beautifully.

We were able to sample lots of the food that Coopers Cafe-bar has on offer. My mum fell in love with the blue cheese but I managed to drag her away and take her to the other food where I tried hard not to eat all of the piri piri hummus and granary bread. Mmmmmm.

Uh-oh. Now. The last time I drank any alcohol was Christmas 2011.

There are no photos after this one!

Sometimes it’s hard to find the words to do justice to what a wonderful time I had. I really haven’t done justice here. I know how hard Tracy and Lucy have worked on their studio and I know how hard Tracy has worked designing and making her truly beautiful handmade hares, angels, pincushions etc. I know this is just the start of something great for both of them and I was honoured to be invited to spend their first open evening with them. Everyone there on Friday night felt the same and the place was buzzing with happiness, love, support and enthusiasm (and fizzy wine!).

If you don’t already, you should follow Tracy on Facebook at her page Handmade over Yonder, and her blog Patchwork Chickens. I’m SURE you all follow Lucy already but if you don’t you can follow her facebook page Attic24 and her blog too.

Oh and for us … an evening out just me and my mum … I can’t remember the last time that happened! It’s quite wonderful being able to tuck the little boy up in bed and leave him with his daddy and then go out. We felt like we were on holiday as we walked down to the studio!

Do let me know if you went along yesterday xxxxx



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Moments to Remember – 1: Ducks

TTB and his Grandma

Tiny Tin Bird is now 9 months old and he is learning and changing at an astounding rate. I’ve been genuinely fascinated by his changes and I’m really enjoying this current phase. It’s hard work as he is so much more mobile and can wreak so much more havoc but his personality is just delightful and I find happiness in making him happy and seeing him learn about the world around him. I think I put a lot of pressure on myself to record everything and I feel upset that I didn’t write an 8 or 9 month update for him (I do a monthly one that I don’t blog) as I ran out of time. And now I’ve forgotten what he did! I use my camera like a diary though so I think I can go back through my photos and find out what he did.

Each time we visit my family, he makes a giant leap in his development simply because he receives more stimulation there than I can provide here to him on my own. Take his speech for example. He has always been a very vocal little boy even as a small baby and would “wooooo” and yowl like mad. He learnt to make “B” sounds quite early on, around 17 weeks, and it’s been fun watching him babble. He has a whole range of babbling sounds but now he has gone a step further and is seeming to attach meaning to some of his sounds. There is a noticeable difference between his babbling and when he is trying to talk.

The moment that I’d like to record here for posterity and just because it’s so lovely is when we went to Stowe last Tuesday. There are barely any animals there now but they do have five big white Aylesbury ducks. On our way to the cafe we went to see the ducks. He sat on my hip and clung on with his left arm around my neck and strained as far forward as he could whilst still clinging, looking at the ducks and repeated “Burrr! Burr!” a few times. Bird! Bird! He watched the ducks for about ten minutes as they waddled about their pen, engrossed in their movement and behaviour. After that we took him to the cafe where the lovely ladies there made him a slice of toast cut into triangles which he happily enjoyed while we ate our cake and drank our drinks, interspersed with chatter to my mum (this boy truly loves his grandma) and holding his toast out to offer her. He smiled and smiled at the cafe ladies.

On the way back to the car we visited the ducks again and once more he was utterly engrossed in them and indeed called our “Burr!” happily. When the weather was nice and sunny a few weeks ago we spent a lot of time outside and each time a bird flew over his head would jerk as he tried to follow where it went. “Look at the bird!” I’d say. Other times he’d heard the word “bird” were when we’ve seen the ducks on the canal, the chickens by the castle and there is also a bird in one of his story books. There are lots of birds in his Grandma’s garden and we spent a lot of time looking out of the window saying “look at the birds! Birds!” to him. I’m proud that he’s made the connection verbally and mentally between “bird” and feathery flapping creatures and also that he is so keen and happy to learn. His natural curiosity is wonderful.