“My baby is a genius”

I was going to do some generic “I know every mum says this but my kid really is different/special/awesome … etc” but you know what? I don’t care! He isn’t a genius, or more super special and doing things than any other kid really. But, he is MY baby, MY first baby, and it is the first time for me to see my baby do these things and I am shout-it-from-the-rooftops proud of him for learning ANYTHING and I am happy-proud of myself for noticing new things and realising the small distinctions between the different things he learns. If you are not the least bit interested in what my genius son can do, then look away now and I’ll post some different stuff tomorrow/when I have time. It’s my blog and I wanna write about this now because pretty soon he will be doing these things every day and it won’t matter. But right now it’s THE FIRST TIME (!!!!111eleventy!!) and it’s special to me. So there.

MY baby can find the touchy bits in the “That’s Not My Bunny” book straight away.

AND in the “This Little Dinosaur” book too. (He likes “This little dinosaur’s name is Dippy, doesn’t her neck feel smooth and slippy?!” best of all.)

MY baby can stand up using ANYTHING. (and is also fascinated by the waist ties on his dungies)

MY baby worked out how to pat the squeaky button on the baby walker ALL BY HIMSELF.

MY baby can find the monkey on every page (er, mostly) and can TURN THE PAGES!!!! I was so impressed by that. He can turn the pages of a book! A real one, not a board one. And there have not been any casualties yet. To me, that’s impressive not just because of the motor skills it involves but because he knows that there is something interesting on the other side of what he can see, and he wants to see it and has worked out how to do it. Did I ever tell you how much he likes being read to? We are just reading the Julia Donaldson ones as the moment as he only really shows interest in stories that rhyme and have a good pace to them, but he will sit and listen to the whole of Room on the Broom/Gruffalo/Monkey Puzzle etc. About a month ago he was sat on my lap and pulled the book off of the expedit and onto us. I put it back and he did it again, so I read it to him. He settled down and listened to the whole story and then when I put the book away he got it out again for me to read once more. I loved that.

MY baby can find yarn ANYWHERE. Ok well that’s not such a stretch in this house…

Ok so they might not seem a huge deal to most of you but they are to me.┬áIn the last couple of weeks he has learnt to do pincer grip, is noticing tiny things and keeps putting his finger on them (like drops of water on the floor) and knows that if he drops food it still exists and can pick it up again if it falls on him or onto the highchair. He has learnt to actually properly crawl and is really fast. His bedroom is next to the bathroom and this morning I left him with his toys and went to brush my teeth. I heard it go quiet and then I heard his little “pad pad pad” crawling sounds and I knew he was coming for me. I watched in the mirror for his arrival and sure enough there he was but what he does is he gets to the very first point where he *might* be able to see me, and then cranes his neck as far as he can to actually see me, and then when I greet him he gives me a huuuuuuuuuuuge smile! And I love it.

Yesterday he learnt how to smack his lips together and make a sort of “tcha!” sound, and today he showed me how to CLAP HIS HANDS. I know! Clapping! I’ve been showing him “clap your hands!” for ages now and today he finally did it back to me. It was like “boo”, I spent ages playing boo with him and then one day he just said it back to me. Although I think I confused him by the amount of times we played that as he thinks it’s some kind of greeting and says it to anything, including books that he is happy to see and his reflection. OH that’s another thing! I think he is starting to realise that it’s himself in the mirror as he holds his toothbrush up and frowns at it closely, and then slooooowly extends his arm and holds it very close to the mirror and looks at it very intently. He’s started looking from my reflection to me and back again as well.

Other clever things include using a sippy cup and having a vague attempt at wiping … he keeps robbing the baby wipes out of the packet and shoving them in his mouth which isn’t great so I started to show him how to wipe things and he has had a go a few times and is shoving them in his mouth less.

Oh I could go on and on about the nuances of his development and I’ll probably regret stopping here in years to come but hey ho it’s all normal development and I’m only interesting myself here.

P.s if you think that this is a “ooooh look at my perfect child/life” type post please don’t and to make you feel better he is also realising that when he goes to bed I am no longer with him and just sits up like a Jack in the Box and shouts at me with his arms in the air. Great fun and all but makes bedtimes long and frustrating. Also he learnt how to pick his nose and eat it and I SWEAR I did NOT teach him that one. (But I do appreciate the motor skills that he has developed to do so!)


Yesterday we took advantage of the beautiful sunshine and went for a walk to the park somewhere entirely different that we’ve never been to before (yes ok it was the park). I HAVE to share my blossom photos with you though because if I don’t I think I might explode. It. Was. BEAUTIFUL. Also, I got them against the blue sky which always feels wonderful. I am so happy with these photos and am considering getting one of them blown up to poster size so that I can have sunny blossom (on my wall) all year round. Yesterday was a happy day and I loved being out all three of us. Sunshine is good for the soul xxx

P.S: yes I have just filled a post full of very similar photos of blossom. Why not? It’s pretty!