Bolton Abbey & Cake & Family

My mum and Grandma came to visit us last week. The last time Grandma visited was to meet TTB when he was just two weeks old. Her visits are becoming sort of twice yearly … when it’s just out of season and so not too busy, but not so early or late in the year that it’s really cold (or that’s the theory anyway … yes British Weather, I am looking at you.). I love that she is able to come and see us here, and she loves it too. It can be a bit tricky coordinating the visit and two people who’s needs are at the opposite end of the spectrum (if TTB liked to sit still more it may help but there is nooo chance of that!). Fortunately we live very close to Bolton Abbey and I did a bit of googling and found that the cafe there is really good and very accessible. And does scrumptious cake.

On Friday morning we climbed into the car (a feat in itself once you include packing my pushchair and coaxing a car-hating-baby into his box of DOOM aka the car seat and listening to his I HATE THE CAR wails) and drove the thankfully very short journey to Bolton Abbey, parked the car, got everyone out (YAY SMILEY BABY!) and just all sort of stopped and breathed in very deeply to inhale as much of the lush, green, fresh air as possible. It was like taking a long drink of water when you’re very thirsty. Mmm-MMM.

Just one of the pretty houses on the Bolton Abbey Estate

We headed straight for the cafe where we indulged in delights of the cakey variety. No I haven’t got two pieces of cake, how rude of you to imply so! I have half a slice of carrot cake and half a slice of (the best I’ve ever tasted) Millionaire’s Shortbread. I shared with my mum. TTB was overdue a nap but we managed to keep him amused with a baby biscuit and some tomatoes (he loves them) while we ate and then mum and I took turns to let him walk around the cafe.

I took him outside as well; he loves being outside and seeing all that there is to see. He is fascinated by the world around him and I am so pleased that he is. He wasn’t too sure about the running water, but was happy to see some ducks and laughed when we followed one for a bit. I laughed when a mummy duck decided to launch her ducklings into the water, it’s quite fast flowing and they just all shot off downstream!

All of this made for a very Tired Tiny Tin Bird (like I said, well overdue for a nap – he holds up really really well but definitely needed his sleep!) and he fell asleep as soon as the engine started. We were able to go for a drive around the Dales and show Grandma some sights too. Just lovely. I’m so lucky to have my family.

TTB’s supercute shoes were made by Katherine in exchange for the Big Elmer 2 Blanket :-)

8 thoughts on “Bolton Abbey & Cake & Family

  1. OM says:

    So green and lush… lovely!

    It seems to me that TTB’s car seat is facing the back of the car still, so maybe my little story will help you a bit: Oath hated car trips with a passion, and even with me by his side and doing all I could to entertain him (I even breastfed him at times! So difficult, but it was the only way to have a bit of silence while on the road…) he fussed and screamed. When the law allowed us to change the car seat so it faced forward, I was reluctant (because I wouldn’t have my magic-weapon of breastfeeding anymore), but we gave it a try. It turns out that Oath hated going backwards, and now he loves it. I can even go in the passenger seat! I think he likes it more than anything else, in fact.
    Most of the babies I know that hated cars, stopped complaining once they switched to face forward (my bet is that they get motion sick), so maybe when you reach that milestone it will get better!

  2. Brenda says:

    Hi HEather, Beautiful photos, I was in the UK last year and went to Bolton Abbey as my mum used to go there with her family when she was a child, I have nearly the exact same photo of the house as you do, it’s so pretty and the grounds, river etc are stunning. Glad you had such a lovely day with your family, they are really important times, treasure them xxBrenda

  3. Ricki says:

    Those shoes really ARE super cute! What a couple of talented friends the two of you are:-) And yes, you’re blessed to have such a lovely family! Enjoy:-)

  4. Ricki says:

    Those shoes really ARE super cute! What a couple of talented friends the two of you are:-) And yes, you\’re blessed to have such a lovely family! Enjoy:-)

  5. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi There Those little shoes are adorable!!! and the carrot cake looks super yummy!!!! Enjoy your family time!!!

  6. What a lovely day. I’m jealous. I loved visiting Bolten Abbey and walking beside the river. We also had afternoon tea in the cafe.

  7. MelanieMelanie says:

    If my memory serves me right, it wasn’t just TTB who fell asleep on the drive through that glorious country-side either! LOL! X X

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