Sometimes …

… in all my snap snapping of photos of e-ve-ry-thing, I get a photo that I keep on coming back to and I can’t get out of my head. This is one of them. I know that none of my photos are technically great or have fancy depth of field and I never do any editing of them at all, but I don’t really care. I used to use a dSLR camera all the time but that’s just not a practical thing to have with me now (also TTB doesn’t like it because it covers my face and as he is my main study … ) so I just use a point and shoot now. It’s not fancy, but the colour is accurate and it has a fast shutter and more importantly it fits into my pocket and enables me to capture everything I want … like the first time my boy’s feet felt the grass beneath them, and the first daisy that he plucked mercilessly from the ground¬†explored.

I don’t need a fancy camera for that.

On a lighter note … just when you think that you’re doing ok with the whole caring for a child gig, something is always there to trip you up. In this case: sunshine. Do I have a summer hat? No. No I do not. Good thing you can do pretty much anything with a muslin cloth:

14 thoughts on “Sometimes …

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi There, Clever fix, Heather!!! Looove!!! the 1st photo and I am totally with you on the camera thing!!! I know my photos are not great but they help me tell a story well enough for now!!! Have a happy weekend!!!

  2. Alice says:

    I did the exact same thing with a muslin at the weekend for my boy who is a few months behind TTB. Love your blog so much – it’s been a wonderful companion and reassurance whilst going through the whole first time mum with newborn thing.

    Sounds to me like you are doing a fabulous job with him. Well done, and thank you for all your posts.

  3. Sian A says:

    Muslin squares or mussies in our house are a major part of life from hat to cape to wiper of wet trollies. love to see soft squishy not yet walked on bubba feet :))

  4. That picture is amazing! And coming from a simple point-and-shoot with no editing makes it all more amazing.
    And great improvisation on the hat!

  5. Lulu says:

    Love the summer hat!! I have used socks as mittens before (works very well!) May I recommend that you get several summer hats in one go, maybe four ;-) because they are so easily lost/left somewhere/go disappearing when you are desperate to leave the house in a hurry! Also… have you got a parasol for the buggy? Something else that caught me out! And what else.. ah yes! Baby suncream! Two little bottles are better than one! I kept one in the baby change and one in the kitchen (it’s always again when leaving the house you suddenly think… ah.. suncream!

  6. Ha ha! When he’s being ‘challenging’, as we teachers say, when he’s older you can threaten to show the muslin hat photo to his friends/girlfriend!!

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