52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)

This week hasn’t been the best ever, Sunday was lovely and I sat in TTB’s revamped bedroom doing a bit of hooking (I was seized by the need to ripple! So I just started one on a whim.) while he played and lolled around in all the new space. Then in the afternoon we went for a walk and it was nice and sunny and the town looked all picturesque. From Monday onwards I have been in “poorly baby” mode and that doesn’t half make your week feel looooooonger and much more draining. For the record, I am very grateful to Calpol.

However, little happy moments included blankety snuggles and reading books (obsessed with the rabbit’s tail on the front of the book! Didn’t want me to turn the pages and kept forcing the book shut so he could stroke the tail again.) and sitting looking out of the window and twirling the curly hair on the top of his head.

Let me tell you, I am VERY glad that he is starting to feel better. I think I need a holiday! x

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7 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)

  1. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi There, So happy he’s feeling a bit better!!! Love the photo of you and TTB in his “new” room in your PJ having “just” time!!! My is is really growing quickly now!!!
    I really feel for you!!! I remember exactly how you feel!!! Mentally and emotionally exhausted!!! You just need a few hours to treat yourself!!! Thinking of you!!!

  2. Sue says:

    Ah yes I remember teething babies. It is very tiring looking after a poorly baby.

    He is growing up very fast. Good to see he likes books.

  3. I am glad you took the time to ripple. That kind of week is so draining. Just getting through is reason to celebrate. I am glad you took a few minutes to yourself because I am sure it helped if even just a little. TTB looked as if he managed to stay busy too. Hope he is better soon.

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