(Chocolatey) Fripperies

As much as I hate to admit it, buying things makes me happy. I try to limit myself with spending and one of my self imposed rules this year was not to fill my house up with junk. When I spotted these little tins of chocolate in M&S a few weeks ago I nearly fell over because they were just so pretty. Especially the lolly one. That’s the one that really caught my eye, I love the simplicity of the design and the colours. I didn’t buy them then because well, it’s hard to justify £2 on a little tin. However. Poorly child. Fed up mama. We need bread and milk too. Justification! Hurrah! I dressed him up in his bear coat and bundled him into the pushchair and off we went and ten minutes and a few £££ later I bought all three. Obviously I needed all three because they look better as a set. Yes. And they are all summery and lovely, too.

Even better, they have chocolates in too. And do you know what? It is far easier to sneak chocolate when it’s in a tin than when it’s in a wrapper. Just saying. He may be weaning but I’m not sharing my choccies ;-)

I showed Andy when he came home and I mumbled something about storing some photos in them for TTB in his room and he politely didn’t doubt me. We both know they are mine all mine!

Fripperies: Something that you don’t need but you just want.

Weak willed and using anything as a justification for buying stuff: Me.

They are weirdly tactile though, I have them next to my chair at the moment and I can’t resist holding them all and stacking them up. Maybe that’s just me though …

52 Weeks of Happy (17/52)

This week hasn’t been the best ever, Sunday was lovely and I sat in TTB’s revamped bedroom doing a bit of hooking (I was seized by the need to ripple! So I just started one on a whim.) while he played and lolled around in all the new space. Then in the afternoon we went for a walk and it was nice and sunny and the town looked all picturesque. From Monday onwards I have been in “poorly baby” mode and that doesn’t half make your week feel looooooonger and much more draining. For the record, I am very grateful to Calpol.

However, little happy moments included blankety snuggles and reading books (obsessed with the rabbit’s tail on the front of the book! Didn’t want me to turn the pages and kept forcing the book shut so he could stroke the tail again.) and sitting looking out of the window and twirling the curly hair on the top of his head.

Let me tell you, I am VERY glad that he is starting to feel better. I think I need a holiday! x

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