52 Weeks of Happy (9/52)

When I started doing the 52 Weeks of Happy I told myself that I’d post them every Saturday. That’s clearly gone out the window but wouldn’t it be daft to stress and worry about a project that is about celebrating happiness? Indeed.

The things that made me happy this week were:

1. Tulips. Andy bought me two pots of tulip bulbs for Valentine’s Day and the first pot bloomed. Beautiful! They gave me a lot of happiness. My kitchen windowsill has never been so full of blooms as it has these last couple of weeks!

2. Asparagus from the market. I was just passing it by and they looked so fresh and perfect that I bought some on impulse and then built the whole of our dinner that evening around the fact that I had asparagus! They’ve not had any on the market since. It was very very good. I bought some more from Tesco and it just wasn’t the same.

3. Waiting for the train after a Very Good Day last Thursday. TTB and I went to see Katherine and her new baby (and her daughter of course!) and it was fab. We don’t see each other very often and our friendship is mainly carried out via email, text and facebook. We are in contact many times a day (and night as we both have feedy greedy gobbly non sleeping babies!), something I am very grateful for. There’s not many people I would take a screechy 5 month old on a 2 hour door to door journey to see ;-)

4. A sleepy boy who fell asleep while feeding in my arms before I could get him into his gro bag so I had to tuck him up in his Big Elmer blanket. I was v responsible and tucked it in so it wouldn’t go over his head (although tbh if it did go over his head he would just take it off or roll out) and felt very pleased with myself and happy that I’d taken a photo until ten minutes later when he let out a loud squawk over the baby monitor and I realised that I had pinioned his arms down too! He was not happy.

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4 thoughts on “52 Weeks of Happy (9/52)

  1. Aaah, I love watching a baby sleep! The blanket is just perfect, I keep meaning to make an Elmer blanket but there are about a zillion other ideas for blankets in my head at the mo. Can’t wait for asparagus season, love it. xx

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