Can you believe …

Can you believe that my little tiny baby boy is less than one pound away from doubling his birth weight? I’m so proud of myself that I have fed him myself all the way through. At the start I really didn’t think I would be able to do it. The reason I say this is that it hit me just now that I’m sat in the very same chair as when I was despairing and feeling like I’d never be able to do it and now … now TTB is tucked up in bed and has been since about 7:15, and I am totally chilled out about feeding him. He feeds a lot, every 2 or so hours around the clock, but I’ve made my peace with that. It’s all good.

Tonight, I gave him a banana. He was so excited by it! It got a bit slippery and all of a sudden ended up two meters away behind him in the door way but I had more success with the other half which I split into thirds. Nom nom. I hadn’t planned to start weaning for another 10 days (at 24 weeks) but it just sort of happened as I find a lot of my parenting milestones have done.

I often find myself torn between feeling “Waaaah he is growing very quickly and he is not a tiny newborn anymore” and feeling so full, happy and proud of how he is growing and how we are progressing together. He is such a wonderful boy and a perfect companion and we really enjoy our days together (banshee shrieking aside). I don’t feel sad that he is growing, really, because growing is GOOD and there is so much to look forward to that feeling sad is just pointless. The key is to value and appreciate every minute, in my opinion.

And it is with those thoughts that I realise how much growing have done …

(EDIT: that’s a little pep talk to myself to remind me to not feel sad, I’m not saying that anyone else feeling sad that their babies have grown up is pointless. I’m just reminding myself not to wallow about the fact he is no longer a newborn – I did this at the start and it wasn’t healthy!)

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  1. Treasure every moment – they make wonderful memories. And well done you for feeding him – you can rightly be proud of yourself, and it makes avery special bond. Keep enjoying each stage. xx

  2. If you’re doing baby-lead weaning (and I think you said you would in an earlier post, didn’t you?), he’ll tell you whether he’s interested or not. Stashlet’s first food was melon and he really loved it but we took it slow and things worked really well, so a bit of an early start will be fine.

  3. Louise says:

    Such a satisfying feeling when you’re breastfeeding! Think of all the money you’ve saved! Well done! Love those adorable cheeks!

  4. Bravo! My son turned 1 year on the first and we are still breastfeeding. Only 2-3 times a day and I don’t know for how much longer, but I’m so proud we’ve gotten this far!

  5. Wendy says:

    Keep it going Heather! It’s the best thing for him. My son is now 12 going on 18 and is a picture of healthiness. I fed him for his first year (until his teeth were too sharp) . Lol. X

  6. Sara says:

    It is so lovely following your progress, you are doing so amazingly.

    I agree 1000% treasure every moment my son is 11 years and 7 months and I still kiss him every night on the head when he is aslepp and we say we love each other every day.

    Children make you grow and develop into being such a selfless person and they are without doubt in my mind the best thing in life.

  7. Kate says:

    Dear Heather, I love reading your blog, and have especially enjoyed reading your experiences as a new mum. So much of your experience is similar to mine (my son is now 2.5) and it’s really helped me to hear that you have gone through many of the same ups and downs. Anyway – regarding growing babies – I completely know what you mean about feeling partly sad as they leave their newborn days behind. What helped me is seeing that my sweet son was so delighted and excited with his new skills! And now he is older, I see that he needs his mum just as much, and those newborn days are just the beginning of the journey. Hope that helps. You are obviously doing a great job and TTB is gorgeous!

    Very best wishes, Kate x

  8. You should read back to the early weeks and you’ll see how much more confident you sound! And you know what? It just gets better and better as they get older!

  9. Oh dear … the thought of the banana slipping away from TTB made me laugh! You have both grown marvelously … nothing prepares you for motherhood, and I am in total admiration of you!! xxx

  10. Well done Heather….he’s such a great baby….he’s a very big boy…he’s very long and will be tall I imagine. You have done a great job with him..enjoy him at every stage past, present and future.

  11. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi there! Yes is’t been wonderful to watch him grow and he truly is an adorable little boy. But there will be a time when you are going to wish he was little again! The key to all of this is to enjoy him every day!

  12. melissa says:

    As others have said, treasure every moment. Because believe me, it will be no time at all, and you’ll be attending his high school graduation (or the UK equivalent of that). It seems like just a couple of years ago, I was diapering my youngest. Today, he’s at college on a full-ride scholorship. Time flies, and life is just a vapor. Enjoy every second. oh and pats on the back with the self-feeding. hats off to any lady who can do that. I was just never comfortable with it, so both my boys were bottle babies. And in contrast to what I was told, they faired well, and flourished. The bre@st-feeding folks at the hospital tried to shame me into it, but I was just NOT about all that. And i don’t regret it. self-feeding is not every body, but to those of you who can and do, high-fives! :)

  13. MsZeb says:

    I love that photo….. Breast feeding is kind of special. If I had to choose one thing from having a baby that I’d like to do again it would be breast feeding a baby – from the point where you and they have learnt/remembered what to do up to their learning to hold your nipple in the side of their gums as they crane their neck, and stretcccccch you, trying to see who has just come into the room.

  14. This post makes me wish blogs came with sound! I always enjoy the descriptions of the sounds that you write. I was convinced you are a ST for a while actually!

  15. Yay!! He’s coming on so well, and you’re right – all your hard work! It must be strange being torn between the happiness that he’s growing & the sadness that he’s growing! At least you’ve got lots of photos and your blog to look back on so you’ll never forget :)

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