Finally Finished – Boaty Blanket

Ooooooh my, this blanket was a DREAM to work on. An absolute DREAM. I really do love making all my squares first and joining them together but just occasionally I get a real longing for join-as-you-go, and I’ve had this image from Jacquie’s blog in my head for a while. 22nd January was the date I started this blanket and I finished it on the 13th February – 23 days. Such a fast blanket, it just flew together. I loved that I was only using 6 colours because there was very little colour choosing to do when making it and my only rule was that two squares of the same colour couldn’t be next to each other. I worked it at random other than that but when looking at the blanket as a whole there is a loose order to it that I have done without thinking about it.

For the border, I did two rounds of “Cloud Blue” and two rounds of “Aster” in treble clusters and then one round of dc in “Lipstick” just to finish it off. It does have curly corners because I can’t block acrylic like I can with wool/cotton yarns and I don’t want to take an iron to it really. However, I do not think that curly corners affect the use of the blanket at all so I’m not too worried.

Size wise, it is approximately the same width as TTB’s cot! Which is about 70cm square. Just right for a pram, carseat or moses basket. I haven’t given it to my friend for her little boy yet as I’ve not seen her but I hope she likes it. I love it, it’s one of my favourites.

Blanket facts:

Yarn: Stylecraft Special DK in Aster, Turquoise, Cloud Blue, Grey, Cream and Lipstick.

Hook: 4mm

Pattern: Summer Garden Granny Square


EDIT: Thank you for your comments! I don’t iron anything at all, least of all crochet – I know that a lot of people find this unacceptable and think less of me for doing so. I believe that life is too short to be ironing! Yeah if something NEEDS ironing then I will iron it, however I don’t own any clothes that would need ironing … so there is no point. I am happy this way. If you enjoy ironing then fair enough, you go for it! But I don’t, and therefore I don’t do it. Judge away!

I have never blocked Stylecraft because I believed that the only way to block it was to kill the acrylic with an iron and I don’t like the look or feel of it when that’s been done. Also, see above comment re ironing. To be honest, I was just happy to have a) made a gift for my friend, b) done any crochet at all and c) finished 3 baby blankets since actually having a baby myself. The curly corners don’t bother me or the person who received the blanket and the reason that it looks like the squares have ridges between them is because I did join-as-you-go. This is why I usually prefer to crochet the squares together.

Sorry if that comes across as a bit snappy, it’s not meant to be snappy, I think I just took it to heart a bit last night when I got your comments. I was v pleased with the blanket.

p.s I had curly corners on a previous blanket as well but I purposefully did not photograph them … hehe.

38 thoughts on “Finally Finished – Boaty Blanket

  1. Oh go on….iron it……put a lightly damped tea towel over it and give it a light iron…it will transform it…it is shouting out to be given a light press.

    Forgive me if I am ‘speaking’ out of turn here but here speaks a person who couldn’t hand this over without a wee press! Sorry Heather.

  2. admin says:

    Joyce am not sure I even own an iron! I am not a perfectionist and neither is the recipient so it really doesn’t matter. It’s a blanket to be used rather than looked at so it’s fine in my book x

    … besides, I have already given it! hehe.

  3. Oh well Heather – whatever will be will be!!! I did forget to say it just reminds me of the sea with a yacht with a red sail on it….the colours are really good together.
    You see really oldie folk like me were brought up with ironing LOL!! Honestly, it is something which was drummed into us in childhood ‘You can’t go out in that, it needs ironed’ etc… it sticks….the only thing that bothered me really was the edges of the squares…I’ve never joined a square to another square when crocheting….is that why there were ridges between them in some places? Don’t mind me (as you haven’t) being OCDC about ironing….you did a great job with the blanket.

  4. Wendy says:

    Lovely Heather! I’ve just finished and wrapped up my first ever blanket for a friend at work who is expecting a boy. I wish I’d used the same colours as you. Thanks for the inspiration. X

  5. Wendy says:

    Lovely Heather! I\’ve just finished and wrapped up my first ever blanket for a friend at work who is expecting a boy. I wish I\’d used the same colours as you. Thanks for the inspiration. X

  6. Nanita says:

    I absolutely love it, such a joyful blanket! I have just finished a similar, 3-round granny square join-as-you-go blanket, and I agree, it’s a joy to work on! :-) xxxx

  7. Hi Heather,
    It’s just gorgeous and the pop of red really is stunning. Your colour choices are perfect as always.
    Don’t know about ” finally finished” more like “finished already”….you are so quick.
    Jacquie xxx

  8. It’s lovely Heather, the colours work a treat. But………….you should trust me on the ironing thing, it makes a tremendous difference to the appearance and feel of the blanket.
    Put a teatowel or pillowcase over the blankie (wrong side facing upwards), very cool iron on it’s lowest setting, but lots of steam. Press very lightly, almost hovering, so that you don’t flatten the stitches and kill the yarn…in other words, use the steam to do the work. Smooth it/reshape it whilst still damp from the steam. It makes the blanket so blankety! And the corners will be pristine. Try working up a small sample/granny square in the Stylecraft and try it!1 bring it here and I will do it!

  9. I agree with Lucy on this one! I’ve steamed/ironed my big wavy stylecraft blanket as well (eeeeek,very scary at first) but it does make a huge difference. I even put a bath towel over mine (took quite some time with such thick fabric though)instead of a teatowel but I’m sure a teatowel works fine.

    anyway, your blanket looks great! The red does really pop but is not visible too much!
    Great job, I’m sure the receiver will be very pleased with it!

  10. Do you mind me asking why you say you can’t block acrylic? I blog my squares of stylecraft by pinning them out and dampening them with cold water from a sprayer, and then letting them dry. This seems to work a treat and is a method given for acrylic in “200 granny squares” book. Should I not be doing this?? P.s Thanks to your commenters for the tips about ironing blankets after done, I’m definitely going to try this with the blanket I’m currently making. xx

  11. Tracy says:

    Hi Heather, I’ve been reading your blog for a while now but never felt the need to comment. That blanket is absolutely gorgeous. In my opinion, blankets don’t need to be ironed. It is a hand made creation that was made with love. Be proud of it. I’m sure the recipient will love it because it was made specially for them.

  12. Lisa says:

    It’s interesting to hear people say they block blankets, even acrylic ones – I’ve not bothered in the past, mostly because I tried with a super-chunky scarf which had wool content and it did NOT want to relax at all! But I may well try with my latest merino mini-blanket, especially if it helps make it super-floppy. My friend is really ill and I want this blanket to be the most gorgeous thing she’s ever snuggled :o)

    Heather, everyone loves your blanket and no-one is judging you for not ironing things!! I only use our iron to do school uniform and craft stuff. It’s a super blanket. I guess lots of us will end up discussing the crochet-related topics like blocking methods because we can all use your blog to learn and share experiences. That’s certainly why I started reading crafty blogs – I started crocheting just over a year ago, and I only have two other friends that can and only one of them does – the two of us make for quite a small knit’n’natter group!!

  13. I’m with you Heather, life is too short to iron, and snuggly blankets just don’t need to be made harsh but flat by doing so. Your blanket is gorgeous, perfect and looks very snuggly, congratulations on your achievement!

  14. Shelly says:

    I’m allergic to ironing ;) can’t even have one in my house! The blanket looks gorgeous! Curly corners are only really going to be noticed when it is laid out and how often does that happen with blankets? Never in our house, they are usually being snuggled so are scrunched up!

  15. Rachel says:

    I ironed something today and in the process managed to iron a crease in and also slight run over M’s fingers with the iron. While I was at uni there were one or two occasions where I needed to iron something (to make it look like it hadn’t sat on my floor for a week or so) and I used my hair straighteners for that. Safe to say we were not bought up in the ironing way!

  16. Jinty says:

    Heather, you do not have to block I never block wool or any yarn I did once and every time it was washed it had to be re-blocked that was back in the 1960′ my family thought I was nuts because I loved ironing I am over it now thank goodness and at 693/4yrs I have made lots of knitted & crochet clothing and blankets so do your own thing

  17. Susan Gregory says:

    Hi Heather,
    I found your blog about a year ago when I first learned to crochet & just want to thank you for your wonderful pictures and words. I made a version of this blanket for a baby boy recently as a gift and the couple loved it so much that this blanket was featured in the professional pictures they had taken of their newborn baby boy! I told them that it wasn’t my design but I wanted to pass on to you how much they loved it… Thanks again & I hope you and TTB are feeling better.

    Susan (from The Bronx in NY City)

  18. Kirsty says:

    Hi, gorgeous blanket and colours. I’ve been crocheting about 10 months and love your blog and Lucy at Attic24. Going to attempt this blanket. Do you not have an Instagram account?

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