This Boy at 20 Weeks

Look at that big strong boy in is big boy dungarees. It’s not hard to believe that he is 20 weeks old, he is wonderful at being 20 weeks old. It’s hard to believe that it has been twenty whole weeks since I had a baby.

Over the last three weeks he has had a developmental explosion. It’s quite incredible. On the 23rd of January he managed to roll onto his side, and also started trying to reach his feet. The next day, he had both feet fully grasped in his hands and was trying to eat them. He has not stopped since! On the 24th January he tried to pull a toy towards him while laying on his back. The next day, he was on his front and pulled his caterpillar toy towards him and started chewing on it as if he had always been doing so.

On the 26th January I took him on the train to stay with my mum for 2 weeks. During our time there he has grown a whole lot more hair, has learnt to roll over from his back to his front (towards the left only), is almost almost able to sit up unaided for a short while, although you have to sit with him with a hand either side because he isn’t steady for long at all, is happiest when he is standing up and even tries to walk. When he stands, he holds tightly onto my index fingers and uses them only for balance. His weight is all on his feet and he holds his head and back strong and straight. If he sees someone he loves like Andy or my mum or one of my sisters, he makes an excited noise and tries to walk towards them. He can actually do this while holding my hands. (Just want to point out here that this is all his choice, I never force him to do this and his first action at the moment is to pull himself up on my hands into a standing position. I facilitate by supporting him but I never force him.) He can stand at the rabbit cage and hold onto that and support himself too.

Vocally he has come on in leaps and bounds too. We’ll gloss over the fact that he has learnt to shriek like a banshee (hideous) and concentrate on how he can blow raspberries and say “boo”. I say “aaaaaaaah BOO!” at him a million times a day and he has started to imitate me. He’ll be laying on the floor going “bu bu bu bu”, it’s so cute. He realised just before this that he had a bottom lip and spent all day sucking on it and making a humming noise. It’s a bit like beat boxing when he does all of these in succession. He tries very very hard to communicate; when he is feeding he stops and looks up at me with such an earnest expression on his face and chats to me. He even uses rising intonation sometimes as though he is asking a question. He can say “aaaaaaaiiiiiy!” which sounds just like “hi” and he smiles and smiles after saying it. We’re pretty sure that he tried to say “daddy” as well on Saturday when he saw Andy for the first time in two weeks. He did the same utterance three different times that day and one the next when he was with Andy. Hmm. Early, but, it was very clear.

What else … he sat in a high chair for the first time and actually fitted and was happy in there for the whole meal time. I was so proud! He is still trying to grab food and is now even making chewing motions when I eat. I’m hanging on as long as possible with weaning though as I want to do baby led and that’s 6 months. Not long now!

He is a very loving little boy and also a bit of a joker. He has brilliant recognition of people which pleased my mum, grandma and sisters no end. He gives kisses and has started blowing raspberries on my cheek now as well, to his evident delight. He’s a little flirty charmer and everyone who meets him loves him. He’s been to Birmingham on the train to see his cousin and even the commuters were smiling at him and waving to him as they got off the train.

I’ve started using the Ergo with him because he has decided that he doesn’t like his pram anymore because he can’t see out. Unfortunately this occurred while we were away and on three occasions I ended up carrying him (in my arms) and also pushing the pram because he wouldn’t stay in there. The Ergo is great but he is quite a hefty baby! Also it does encourage the “please sleep on me” thing that I’m trying to wean him off. On the plus side if he does fall asleep in there he doesn’t wake up when I take him out and lay him down in his cot so that’s good. He really seems to enjoy being able to see everything that’s going on!

I can’t believe that I’ve only had this determined little boy in my life for 20 weeks (well, you know, born!), I feel as though I’ve known him all my life. Over the last few weeks though, he has stopped being “scary” and now I can step back slightly in my thoughts and think “Wow, you know what, I am actually DOING THIS. I am being a parent and I am actually doing ok and enjoying myself.” He’s very good company really. Banshee shrieking aside …


Littletinbird has been nominated for “Best Baby Blog” in the MAD Blog Awards. The way to vote is to nominate my blog – the four blogs with the most nominations in each category go through. The link is here, if you would like to nominate me I’d be very grateful :-) thank you.

13 thoughts on “This Boy at 20 Weeks

  1. It’s lovely to hear how TTB is coming on! Andy must be so pleased to have you back. He sounds so much like my Little Man – strong and solid and such a boy. It looks like TTB is happier in the Ergo – they change so quickly. Baby Led Weaning is amazing and no sterilising, so win win! We did start before 6 months but the Little Man ate from the start so must have been ready. It’s great watching your baby eating chicken drumsticks and corn on the cob, though not so great if you have such a greedy baby as mine who will eat over half your dinner if you go out! Abigail x

  2. Lulu says:

    Congratulations on your blog nomination! I will certainly be voting for you. TTB is coming along so well, it’s heartwarming to see how he and you are blooming together! The upcoming spring & summer are a magical time for little ones too, wait until he feels grass under his feet and a spring breeze in his hair! Also, have you tried the pushchair attachment? You should be able to tilt the pushchair so it’s not bolt upright, and have it facing you. He might like that, my 2nd baby did around the 5-6 months old mark. Please ignore if you are already doing this! It’s just that I forgot to utilise the pushchair attachment with my first baby until quite late on, he would have enjoyed it sooner.

  3. Anna-Marie says:

    I am so glad your blog has been nominated!! I”ll be heading over there after this to vote!! It’s wonderful to read how much you’re enjoying TTB and with blogging about his progress, it’s going to be wonderful in years to come to look back and see what you and baby got up to.

  4. jody says:

    Thank-you so much for the tutorial of the daisy blanket. You always do such a great job describing and showing every step! Yes, I have printed other directions from your other ideas! Thank-you, Thank-you!

  5. Pip says:

    My 7 month old has got the banshee thing happening as well! If you hum the Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin to fit in with his wails it is most amusing!

  6. Wendy says:

    I remember those days, my once little boy used to sing along to Barry White in the car…..a woo, a woo, a woo! He’s now nearly a teenager and just gets embarrassed by his dizzy mum. Lol x

  7. Alicia says:

    Sounds like it’s time to switch to the pushchair!! My daughter was just like TTB – wanted to be on her feet from a very early age. Mercifully for my back she was also a very early walker! We also had one of those bouncer things that hangs from a door frame which she loved as she could be upright without having to hang on to my fingers all the time.

  8. Karen says:

    That snuggly sling picture is just adorable – one of my favourite things was when they used to sleep on me in the sling :) It sounds to me like your little man wants to turn you into a babywearer, Heather ;) A whole world of possible addiction out there with all the different slings you could try as a more comfy alternative to your Ergo! Slumber-roo is one website where you could have a look at different options if you enjoy carrying him but want to try something else…

    BTW, can’t believe he’s 20 weeks already! He sounds like he’s making great progress and you are obviously doing a fab job :) Baby led weaning is great fun when you get there too (we didn’t really get started until more like 7 months as my little man was just not interested at first but he really took the lead and once he was ready there was no stopping him!) Enjoy this precious time – my two are still small but reading your blog makes me feel broody again already! x

  9. Oh the banshee scream! My second daughter did it sine birth and one day the police showed up at the door saying someone had reported that a woman was screaming… Good times haha.

    I used to babywear my last baby, he was a big one! I had a couple carriers and the most comfortable was the moby wrap, it’s not hard to wrap once you try it a couple times.

    Enjoy that baby, he’s so sweet!

  10. Rebecca says:

    Please nominate Heather at She deserves it!

    My baby is 8 years old now but I remember those days. I live in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. My father is from West Yorkshire. I’ve never commented on here before but have been following your blog since last Autumn. I found you through Attic24. I love your site!

    I’ve nominated you for Blog of the Year and Best Baby Blog. You had not yet been nominated for Best Craft Blog (I couldn’t believe it) so I nominated you. I also nominated you for Best Blog Writer and Most Entertaining Blog – hey, you don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket!

    I believe there is nominating and then there is voting. So look for an e-mail from after the nominations end on February 18th. Be sure to check your Spam folder. Best of luck Heather!

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