A little something for me.

In a fit of (premeditated, dithering back and forth) frivolity, I treated myself to an iPad mini. I have been saving hard and my iPod died a death. I am so pleased that I did, it’s just lovely. Not going to lie, my two main reason for wanting one were so that I could indulge my Internet addiction all around the house and so I can put fun filters on photos. It’s ace! I never really spend a lot on myself and on the occasions when I do, I get a massive heady thrill from doing so. Andy has said he will treat me to a case for it too. Tell you what though, I will have to be careful as it has certainly attracted the attentions of my magpie son! Shiny shiny.

24 thoughts on “A little something for me.

  1. lol to magpie LTB. My little one (10 months) is the same way with any of our shiny black handhelds–cell phones, computer mice, remote controls–she can spot them from across the room and makes a mad scramble to get her little hands on them! I’m sure you’ll be finding evidence (tiny little finger smudges) of LTB’s playtime with your iPad :) He’s adorable btw.

  2. I loooooove my iPad. It’s tragic. Although I don’t think i have found all the good apps yet. It’s just so looooovely. It’s so easy to use isn’t it? You turn it on and it just works! Ahhhh I love my iPad. Did I mention that? Have fun!

  3. One-oh-four says:

    I too am an IPad-aholic. Some things about it drive me crazy (e.g. the way it likes to autocorrect a real word to one I’ve never heard of….) but I have to be surgically removed from it at bedtime. Good for you, you deserve a treat:)

  4. Nina says:

    Looking forward to hearing about it, i’m campaigning hard for one for my birthday (getting everyone to chip in, and I didn’t really have a xmas pressie), but dh wants me to get a full size one so that he can use it for work from time to time. Such a lovely photo of the two of you!

  5. Denise says:

    What did I ever do without my ipad- it goes everywhere with me. We had to have two- sharing one is not an option!What a lovely boy too.

  6. I’ve read your blog from beginning until now over the past week or two and I cant help but notice similarities (making the move from south to north, the crocheting, the lack of wanting to spend uni life going out and getting drunk… the little things) and EVERY post makes me want to read more and more!

    So I thought having stalked your entire blog I should probably say hi….

  7. Gosh TTB has changed in looks, growing quickly, he looks so sweet and happy. Good on you for spending some money on yourself. I cannot afford much myself as a single mum and not the biggest wage with rent to pay, however my son gave me some money before Christmas (twice) and with vouchers was able to buy a Samsung note and a Galaxy phone. My other phone was very old, am loving what I can do with the new phone and love Instagram, lots of blog friends are on it.
    xx Sandi

  8. He’s so beautiful! And congrats on your new toy! My son loves our phones and iPads, too…drives me batty! But there are some Amazing free apps out there that he loves!

  9. Sarah says:

    Dear Heather the lovely Mr A has an ipad and it is great to use. I like enlarging pictures on the screen. Great for seeing the detail.
    I think that babies always make for the items they see the grownups using!!

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