I used to be bang up to date with all of my baby blanket making commitments, but this is not the case any more! I have four ends left to sew in on the blanket for the soon-to-be-born brother of the Pink Daisies blanket which is a big tick off my to-do list, but I have not yet reached the half way point of the second Big Elmer blanket I am making, this one for Katherine’s new little boy. I am very behind schedule with this one seeing as he was born at the beginning of December! I am enjoying pootling along with that one though and I know Katherine won’t mind that it is late.

Last night I started the blanket for my 3rd post-TTB baby. A friend from work is due to have a little boy in a couple of weeks time so I doubt the blanket will be ready first but making a start is better than nothing. I wasn’t sure what colours she wanted and offered her the choice between “boy” colours or bright like a rainbow. She opted for boy colours since so many of the clothes that she has been given are cream, white or yellow! I took inspiration from TTB’s curtains and picked what I felt was a “boaty” colour scheme. I’m using Stylecraft Special dk again, it’s perfect for baby blankets as it is soft but more importantly it washes really well and dries ever so quickly.

From left to right on the top row: Lipstick, Turquoise and then the grey one is either Grey or Charcoal (lost the ball band ages ago, sorry) (It’s Grey, thanks Daisy!) and then on the bottom row there is Cream, Cloud Blue and Aster.

I am using Attic 24’s Summer Garden granny square pattern but making them in solid colours. I am still a bit taken with solid colour granny squares but I do have a multi colour square blanket plan brewing away in my head. Very excited about it I can tell you.

I so look forward to the hours after 7pm at the moment. TTB goes to bed at 7pm and then that time is mine mine mine! I decided a while ago that I am not going to do “working” after TTB goes to bed and that it would be my time. I can do the washing up the next day and if I want to slob about and scroll through ebay or pinterest than I will. At the moment though, I crochet crochet crochet and I am loving it. Hooky freedom!


21 thoughts on “Boaty

  1. Ricki says:

    Good thinking, Heather! You’re on for 24/7, so you’ve got to take your me-time when you can get it! And it just feels more right to get
    those ‘work’-things done during the day, doesn’t it? Have fun and enjoy your beautiful crocheting!

  2. Anna-Marie says:

    Hi Heather, Boy! You sure are busy, busy.busy. How do you make time for anything? Babies usually take up all of ones time. Well done, you obviously manage your time perfectly. Love your blog!!!

  3. Hi Heather !
    Just to clarify the colour – it’s “grey”. Charcoal is much darker :-) I know for sure, I have three balls of charcoal waiting for me in my knitting basket :-)

    Love the colour scheme for that baby blanket :-)

  4. Carrie says:

    just love your blankets, they are an inspiration, and me time is so important to Mums who never really get any time off. I remember fondly when my youngest first went to nursery 2 hours a day, and I would rush home, make a coffee and read read read and sometimes knit or crochet. One of the blankets I made then is still proudly displayed on my spare bed 28 years later x

  5. Sarah says:

    Good for you Heather! Enjoy your evening time. The baby blanket is looking good to. I never tire of Stylecraft colours and love seeing the different colour combinations that everyone in blogland uses. Am just finishing one for a friend’s first grandchild. So thats what I’m off to do now!xx

  6. Sue says:

    I think the colours are perfect for the boaty blanket.

    I always sat down in the evenings when my children were young. You have to have some rest and me time.

  7. As ever, your productivity is impressive, especially with TTB. It is wonderful when they get into the habit of early bedtime. I do the same as you and let the mess fester of an evening – this is my time! Abigail x

  8. One-oh-four says:

    Love that you are still getting time to crochet and also (more selfishly) that you are still getting time to blog on a regular basis. I click on your blog and say to myself “she’ll have been faaaar to busy to post” and then it’s such a nice treat to see another lovely update! I adore the colour combo in the new blanket, the creamy yellow is very effective with the blues and reds.

    Am still in awe of your snowflake pictures from a few days ago – we had them too but they were very difficult to photograph….

  9. With regards to losing the colour bands… I don’t have a shop that stocks stylecraft close to me, so I ordered a colour chart from Masons, and its brill!! Now I won’t have to worry about keeping track of the bands as it has a little sample of every colour of special DK and only cost £2. :-)

  10. elaine whyte says:

    hi just discovered little tin bird and i love it. am returning to chrochet after about a 20 year absence and am all fired up. thank god for your tutorial “how to do granny squares” and how to sew them up. keep up the good work and thanks x

  11. Helen Williams says:

    Lovely blanket beginnings – I’m sure no-one will mind waiting for your super creations! Looking forward to seeing your ta da moments (whenever they happen!) :-)

  12. Heather, to be precise, that dark grey we both called charcoal is actually graphite :-))))) I’ve just checked on website and on my labels :-)))
    Nevermind, your grey is “Grey”

  13. Heather, to be precise, that dark grey we both called charcoal is actually graphite :-))))) I\’ve just checked on website and on my labels :-)))
    Nevermind, your grey is \"Grey\"

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