I’m not a huge fan of snow. I think it is beautiful and I always want to feel really excited and leap around dancing and cheering “It’s snowing! It’s SNOWING!!!” but in reality it’s wet and cold, people get stuck in it, I can’t get out easily and then you get all of the “snow panic” on the news and people get in a tiz because THE SNOW IS COMING and go and panic buy milk. It took my sister three hours to do a 12 mile journey on the bus yesterday, after my mum rang her work at 10am and said that the snow is really bad and she needs to head home NOW. She managed to get the last bus they were running.

However. When I know that my family is safe inside and we don’t have to go out anywhere and we have food and milk, I LOVE watching the snow fall. I love sneaking peeks out of the window to see how much has fallen and I love the soft “thud thud” noise it makes as it falls. It’s a special kind of noisy snow silence. I also love the blue, blue sky that comes after snow. It’s such a cold blue. Ice blue.

On Friday, we walked to the shops for weekend food and I snapped some snowy photos. Surprisingly we don’t really have very much here (not that I’m complaining). I would have liked to go exploring a bit further with my camera but it’s tricky with a pram and a small baby. We’re not very practised with the baby carrier yet (he is not a fan) and I don’t feel comfortable using it in such slippery conditions. Our hill is very steep too, not a good mix with ice.

On Friday night, Andy and I looked out of the window. Oh to my joy, the snowflakes that are falling are ACTUALLY SHAPED LIKE SNOWFLAKES! As in, 1mm across and perfectly stereotypically snowflake shaped. I’ve never seen them like that before. Me and Andy stood and watched them for ages. They don’t look real. I love them.

20 thoughts on “Shhhnow

  1. The snowflakes in that last photo are aMAZing!! We had proper snowflakes like that too when I was waiting for the bus with a friend. We stood in amazement looking at the actual proper snowflake shaped snowflakes on our coats. They’re just so pretty! xxx

  2. OM says:

    You mean that last photo is real? That’s amazing!

    Here it doesn’t snow much, and when it does I get all giddy and excited because “Yay, snow!”. But I can count with my fingers how many times I’ve seen real snow (I do not count the one that vanishes as it touches the ground as snow, no no), so I guess that explains it.

  3. I love snow, probably because I don’t work outside the home and my children’s school is at the bottom of the road! We have had proper snowflakes too and they just look so special. Your photo of them is amazing.

  4. Heather, that last photo is just amazing indeed….was wondering first of all did you sneak out and put some embellishments on top of it but on a second look no, it is real crystals….to even bother to take the photos while wheeling a pram and keeping your footing safe was exceptional.
    In two years or so you’ll be out building a snowman in similar conditions!

  5. Wow … I love the snowflakes, so beautiful!! I did a bit of panic buying myself … wool!! Well I thought this weekend would make a perfect excuse for some crochet! So I ignored all the projects I have and brought wool for two more I want to do!! One day I will actually finish one of them!! … Erm!! xxx

  6. Sue says:

    Wow those snowflakes are beautiful.

    I am not a fan of snow and we had a fair amount here in Dorset. Sadly we had to travel to north London on Friday as we had an important hospital appointment. We were very grateful that south west trains ran their trains and that the tube was working, the latter was partly overground. The tube was very cold as was Waterloo station.

  7. Flick says:

    I absolutely LOVE those snowflakes in the last photo – my sister thought they weren’t real, but they are aren’t they? I love them. I had no idea you could actually see snowflakes sometimes, I thought you always needed a microscope, but that’s amazing. It’s making me want to go outside in the snow with my camera and have go myself!

  8. Kate says:

    Wow, I had to double check that last picture when you said the snowflakes were real – so beautiful! We have had hardly any snow here and it turned to slush very early in the morning.

  9. Brenda says:

    Hi heather, like everyone else I am amazed by your last photo, incredible. Not living where it snows I love snow, it looks magical, but I can understand it would be difficult to live with. xxBrenda

  10. Oh the snowflakes are just beautiful!! Wonderful pic’s Heather.
    Here it is hot and lots of fires around, looking at these pic’s
    helps me feel cooler ☺

  11. I’ve only ever visited the snow. Hard to imagine living somewhere where it does. Looks so magical. But I’m guessing like here with the heat – it’s best to be home and indoors :-).

  12. Nanita says:

    We’re having a LOT of snow here in Belgium now, but I have never seen those stereotypically shaped snowflakes as in your last pic – oh wow! I will be paying attention when I go out later! :-) xxxx

  13. WOW!! How did you really manage to get a photo of snowflakes looking like textbook snowflakes?! Did you run out and chuck down some of those Christmas sequins??? Did you? Did you?

    Seriously, kudos to you – brilliant. Do you live on that very steep street?!

  14. Anne Marie says:

    That’s a really steep street. Have you got any Trax to put on your shoes, so you don’t slip and slide and injure yourself? They’re in all the shops and if you don’t have any, I’d advise you seriously to buy some.

    The snow LOOKS beautiful but no, I don’t really like it apart from if I am walking in it in the park of countryside. It causes chaos and accidents and is OK if you never have to go out in it or take a car. That sounds like a kill-joy but there’s too much traffic around to be truly comfortable driving in it.

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